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Twelve: Epilogue-Home Once More

Danny, Amethyst, Sam, and Tucker all stood in the Fenton's basement in front of the open Ghost Portal. Amethyst was going to head home to the Yokai Ghost pits.

"Don't worry about me, you stupid halfa," She sniggered, "I'll go live with the Yokai Wolves or something. Give up fighting for a while. I like how you humans live. I guess there's more to life than fighting."

Sam smiled at her and Tucker sighed, shaking his head. Danny grinned and crossed his arms, un-crossed them, and then crossed them again. Then he let them hang at his sides.

"I hate good-byes…!" He grumbled, "Really, really hate 'em…!"

"I'll visit." Amethyst promised and then paused, reached behind her neck, and unclasped the silver chain the held her precious violet gem, "Here."

"What?" Danny took the necklace from her, "But…this is…I can't…"

"Shut up." Sam muttered and Danny closed his mouth.

"If you ever need any help," Amethyst had turned her back on them and was facing the open portal, "Just step into the Ghost Zone, hold that close to your heart, and call my name. I know it sounds corny but…" She smiled over her shoulder, "See you guys. Bye Tucker! Later Sam! Take care Danny!" And she leapt into the swirling green opening and vanished.

After a moment or two Danny closed the portal and turned to face his two best friends, "Here Sam," He handed her the necklace, "I'm not carrying it around. I'll look girly."

"And like I want to…!" The Goth muttered playfully but put it on anyway.

"Hey, who's up for a round of Ratchet: Deadlocked!?" Tucker called, already at the foot of the stairs.

"Bring it on!" Danny shouted back, chasing his friend up the stairs, "I'll take anyone down!"

"Count me in!" Sam shouted, following them, "And don't you two dare change the language on the game like you did last time! That wasn't funny!"

"Yes it was!" Danny snickered, dodging Sam's fist, "The look on your face was priceless!" He laughed as they all moved down the street, "Ah, the good times…!"

"Indeed…!" Tucker replied, swinging his arms around, "And the perfect day!"

"Weirdos." Sam said but couldn't keep the smile off her face.