Well, this is my new PotC fanfic, and it's Sparrabeth. The summary sucks, but I hope the story doesn't. Enjoy!
Title: Something More Than Before

Summary: Elizabeth finally acts on what she feels for Jack, lust. They start a passionate affair. But with complications and obstacles along the way, can they face the truth about what they really feel? JxE.

Rating: PG-13.

Rated for: Language, possible violence, implied sex.

Something More Than Before

Chapter 1 - I Understand

Elizabeth looked down at the compass in her hand, and watched its arrow swirl around in circles. When it finally stopped, she followed its path with her eyes. She looked up to the helm and saw Jack standing there, peering through a telescope. Elizabeth refused to accept this. She was in love with Will. Wasn't she?


Jack put his telescope back in his coat, and smiled. Oh, yes, he had seen Elizabeth out of the corner of his eye, as he had lowered the telescope. But he wasn't going to act on impulse and confuse the girl's emotions, like he normally did. This was a choice she had to make herself. And make it she did.

A few minutes later, Elizabeth was just behind him.

"Jack?" she said quietly.

"Yes, love?" Jack smiled.

"I've been thinking," she started. Jack waited for an expansion on this, glancing back over his shoulder to look at her. "And there's something I've been meaning to do for ages..." she went on flirtatiously.

Jack turned around to face her fully. "And what's –"

But he was cut off by Elizabeth's lips upon his. He was further surprised when she wrapped her arms around his neck. He responded by pulling her closer with his arms around her waist, and he kissed her back. He thought that she would be gentle and tender, but he was shocked when he realised that her kiss was full of passion and want.

When they finally broke apart, Elizabeth had her eyes closed, and she smiled as she opened them. He grinned back.

"I guess I was wrong when I said it wouldn't work out between us," Jack chuckled.

"What are you implying, Captain?" Elizabeth said seductively.

"I think that our journey is going to be much more..." Jack said mysteriously. "...satisfying."

"I can't help but agree," Elizabeth smiled, and leaned in and they kissed fiercely again, not caring if anyone saw them.


Meanwhile, oblivious to his fiancée's actions, Will Turner was on board the Flying Dutchman. He had just seen his father for the first time, who had then, against his will, lashed Will, on the orders of the Captain, Davy Jones.

"I need to find this," Will told his father as they walked together below deck. He pulled out the picture of the key that Jack had supplied him with. "The key."

Wyvern, a poor sailor who had become so much a part of the ship that he was now part of the wall, opened his eyes at the mention of the key.

"Open the chest with the key, and stab the heart...no, don't stab the heart! If you stab the heart, then there's no-one to have the key. The Dutchman must have a captain," Wyvern said wisely.

"Where is the key?" Will asked desperately.

"Hidden," Wyvern told him.

"Where is the chest?" Will asked.

"Hidden," Wyvern said again, and with that he disappeared back into the wall behind him.

Well, that helped, Will thought miserably.


Jack and Elizabeth had parted once again, and Jack had gone back to his cabin, leaving Elizabeth standing out on deck. Norrington approached her with a knowing smile on his face.

"So," Norrington smiled. "I thought you were faithful to Will. I guess I was wrong."

"Don't be absurd," Elizabeth said. "I trust Jack, that's all."

"With your tongue?" Norrington challenged, before walking away, and Elizabeth was thankful he did, for she had no comeback.


Jack sat at his table, which was littered with many maps, and empty rum bottles. He was trying to work out why Elizabeth had suddenly done that. Jack knew how much she cared for Will, so why was she beginning to be unfaithful? Had she finally realised that the eunuch didn't offer a life of adventure for her?

Oh, who was Jack kidding? Elizabeth just needed a bit of action while her dearly beloved was away. Unfortunately for Jack, though, he needed some too. And a man in his position, with few to no women on board, would take whatever was available and jump at the opportunity. It just so happened that Elizabeth was the only woman there.


Elizabeth had decided to investigate Jack's sudden retreat to his cabin. Had she scared him away by being too forward? She slowly drew closer and eventually, when she summoned up the courage, knocked on the door.

"Who's that?" she heard Jack ask suspiciously. Elizabeth considered not answering and she turned to walk away, but it was too late. Jack had gotten up from his desk and answered the knock personally.

The door opened, making Elizabeth jump. She turned back around and smiled.

"'Ello, Lizzie," Jack smiled back. "Somethin' botherin' you?"

"Well," Elizabeth started. But Jack held up a hand to silence her. He moved aside and beckoned her inside.

"Come on, I don't bite," Jack joked. "You should know that." he added.

Elizabeth smiled coyly, and proceeded into Jack's cabin, him closing the door behind him, and following her.

She sat on the other side of his table, and waited as he sat down opposite her. He grabbed a half-full rum bottle, and pulled the cork out. He took a swig and placed the bottle back on the table.

"So," he said after swallowing, "what's on your mind?"

Elizabeth sat and fidgeted for a while, not looking at him. She could tell he was scrutinising her closely. When she looked up at him, for the first time since she had first laid eyes on him, he had a look of deep thought on his face.

"Jack, about what happened before..." she said, not knowing how to go on.

"What about it?" Jack asked, taking another drink. "You feeling guilty because you know that your dearly beloved would never do such a thing behind your back? Because I agree."

"I –" Elizabeth tried.

"He plays the game too safe," Jack told her. "He isn't daring, he doesn't take risks, and to be perfectly honest, he couldn't have rescued you from Barbossa and his crew of miscreants if he didn't have an experienced pirate with him."

"So you're saying that you were the main component in the operation?" Elizabeth asked, shocked by Jack's opinion.

"Not at all," Jack corrected her. "I'm merely suggesting that Will didn't have the guts to go all on his lonesome."

"So now you're saying that he needed a bit of company?"

"And someone at the helm," Jack said, nodding before having another drink.

"You're despicable," Elizabeth spat at him.

"You've told me that before," Jack said, "Get some new words."

"Oh, I have a word or two," Elizabeth said, beginning to rise from her chair.

"Well, go ahead, say them!" Jack shouted, standing, and knocking his chair to fall over behind him. Elizabeth was shocked; she had never seen Jack like this. It scared her a bit.

Jack was still standing, breathing heavily. It looked as though his sudden outburst had shocked himself a bit. He stopped glaring at Elizabeth, who now looked positively terrified, and cast his gaze down at a map.

"Jack?" Elizabeth said tentatively. She began inching her way around the table to stand beside him. He was a bit startled when he felt her lay her head across his back, and wrap her arms around him. She, in turn, was surprised when she felt his warm, calloused hand on hers.

"I'm sorry," he said sincerely. "I don't know what came over me."

"It's alright Jack," Elizabeth said softly, "I understand."

So, how was that for the first chapter? That wasn't actually the beginning of the affair, by the way, it was a one-off in Jack and Elizabeth's minds. The affair comes a few chapters later.

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