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For girls

Shows them sitting in class and Kelly jumping

'Hi Kelly, Channelle, Ash, Miley what's new?' asked Fellinda

'NOTHING, OH NEW SHOES, BLING BLING!!' the four girls screamed at the same time as they started to laugh.

What happen after years of friendship.

The four of them turning away from each other

Flashes to Channelle, Kelly and ash.

'hey what's your problem. Are you jealousy because I have a boyfriend and you don't?'

'no were not, were just tired of you going off to jay all the time, Miles juts run pass crying and your going off to make out with her brother I cant believe you who are you ash where is my sis that I loved and cared about bye'

In one day it can change your life for ever

'I have a boyfriend'

'I haw a date!!'

'I'm not a virgin'

'Dear dairy

I love him'

Will anger win over love??

Was there ever love?

' I can not believe I have to be with you for 2 WEEKS with a pervert like you AAGGHH' screamed Miley as the walked to music.

'hey at least I'm hot and not a geek, oh and you look really hot in that skirt wink. So what do you in music.' said Jayden showing his nice and soft side.

Is she hurting from love?

Shows Miley in her room

I was alone in my room crying for no reason actually there was a big reason I was in love with Jordan now there was no stopping. All a could to was open my mouth and let it all out.

"Every time I look around .

Every thing is wrong.

Every time I look in your eye.

I see we don't belong.

Every time I walk around.

People steering at me.

What's wrong?

I don't want to be hurt again .

I don't want to you walk away.

I don't want him back."

Will he push her to far??

Shows Jordan and Miley in her house hallway

Jordan took Miley's hand and pined them to the wall (that now I was pined too) each on each side. It was confusing for me now I can I fallen for him ………..very hard.

Will there be any more action??

Shows ash and jay in his room

"my pleasure" he picked her up and thrower her on the bed softly. He got on top of her trying not to crash her with his weight he crashed his lips in hers, after a few second cloths were flying every where.

Shows Kelly and Mike in his guest room

He walked up to her and crashed his lips with her while slowly backing her up against the mattress. Soon a small kiss turned in to a make out season.

Shows Channelle and Ashton in the guest room

He walked up to her and crashed his lips with her while slowly backing her up against the mattress. Soon a small kiss turned in to a make out season.

Try and forget the past can not be easy.

Shows Miley running in the hallways while crying and remembering the past.

"you useless bitch why did you do that" he said as he slapped me.

"what did I do I loved you and you fucked her" at this moment his hand were holding my throat.

"don't ever talk to me like that, you're the one who didn't't want to have sex with me so she was better then nothing" he said tightening his grip on my throat.

"I …… cant ………breath" I said losing most of the air I had in my lungs. My body started to shake.

"you deserved this bitch, this is for all the cold showers I had to take" he said taking one hand of my neck to his pocket.

He token a knife out of his pocket and put it to my throat.

"any last words?" he said putting the knife harder to my throat.

"I loved you" I said. Tears streaming down my face.

More people start to care.

shows Miley running in the toilets.

"Miley what's wrong?? Said Katie as she made her way to me. I slipped pass all of them to one of the toilets.

"Miley what's wrong" I hared Erika say while banging on the door.

"just leave me alone" I said sliding down the door. I heard the door open and footsteps.

"hey. Where is Miley I so her run like she was dying." said Natalie as she walked up to the toilet door.

"I don't know she just run in, crying her mascara pouring down her cheeks but I think we should just leave her I mean she never cries" said Katie.

Will it be hate instead of friendship love?

Shows Kelly, Ash and Channelle with shocked look on there faces and Miley running out of school.

This will and has come in "High School in Mix School".