The Prom

It was a beautiful day in the Feudal Era. Everyone was at Kaede's village. Shippo and Kilala were playing. Sango was helping Kaede. Miroku was watching Kagome pick her stuff up & put it in her bag.

"Kagome what are you doing?" Asked Sango looking up from the herbs she was cleaning.

"Well I have to go back home today & stay there for a few days." Said Kagome with her eyes sparkling

"Does Inuyasha know?" Asked Sango

"No." Said Kagome

"He will be mad." Said Miroku

"He'll get over it. Said Kagome standing up and puts her big yellow backpack on her back as she walked out of the hut.

With Inuyasha

"Kikyo." Said Inuyasha

"I see you found me." Said Kikyo

"Yeah I did." Said Inuyasha

"I've missed you so much." Said Inuyasha going to her.

With Kagome

I hope Inuyasha doesn't see me leave. Are those Kikyo's same collectors? Inuyasha is probably with her.

Kagome walked into the clearing, and saw Kikyo pulling at his shirt, Kagome could feel the tears in her eyes but didn't let them fall.

Inuyasha thought he smelled something familiar, Kagome ran to the well and jumped in.

Kagome's POV

I can't believe him. I wont do this, I wont let him ruin my night. This is a big night. I am not going to let him do this, not to night.

Normal POV

"Kagome is that you?" Asked Mrs. H.

"Yeah mom it's me." Said Kagome in the doorway.

"You better hurry and get ready." Said Mrs. H.

"Yes mom I know." Said Kagome

"Do you need any help?" Asked Mrs. H.

"I don't know so." Said Kagome

With the Others

"Where is she?" Asked Inuyasha

"Who Inuyasha?" Asked Miroku

"The witch." Said Inuyasha sitting down.

"Kagome went home." Said Sango

"WHAT!" Yelled Inuyasha

"Inuyasha she had something to do tonight." Said Shippo

"Like what?" Asked Inuyasha

"She didn't say." Said Sango

"Who do you care anyway?" Asked Miroku

"None of your business." Said Inuyasha

"Were you going to do something?' Asked Miroku

"Shut up Miroku." Said Inuyasha

"Just tell her already." Said Sango

"Tell her what?" Asked Inuyasha

"We are not stupid Inuyasha." Said Sango

"Fen." Said Inuyasha

"Why do you think kagome was so happy?" Asked Miroku