The First Shinigami-Hollow

Summary: There is a room in Hueco Mundo where no one can enter. And the only way to look in is through a little hole in the sealed door. In there lies more power than anyone can imagine, buried deep inside a body of a man that died thousands of years ago. Or did he really die?

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"Hollow speaking" (Mostly when Ichigo's Hollow nags and irritates him)


Chapter One: The ancient ruler of Hueco Mundo

It all started a long, long time ago, when the earth was fresh and the Shinigamis few. Soul Society was young, while Hueco Mundo was untamed. The Hollows roamed free in the real world, eating souls as they wanted.

But then there was one Hollow that was different. He looked like a human and stayed on earth permanently. One day he met a young woman dressed in a black kimono. They fell in love, unknowing he was a Hollow while she was a Shinigami. They had one child, but their happiness was short-lived. The woman was killed because she was looked upon like a traitor in Soul Society. The Hollow named his son to Ikari. The name stood for 'hatred' and the son was going to be a symbol of how much the Hollow hated Shinigamis of Soul Society.

Ikari grew up to hate Shinigamis. His father had told him how they had murdered his mother, who was a kind Shinigami that never wanted to harm anyone. Soon the boy had grown up to a man with the abilities of a Shinigami and with the abilities of a Hollow, and he left for Hueco Mundo.

The Shinigamis and Hollows would speak about him for so many years as he tamed the wilderness of Hueco Mundo and built a fortress. He was to be known as the First Ruler, Ikari no Tenma. Tenma meant 'demon' and that nickname was added by the Shinigamis. His name could be translated to 'Hatred of a demon'.

After he had ruled for many years, and the Shinigamis had grown stronger, they decided he was too dangerous and an assassination was planned.

3599 years had passed since he had been born, and then he was killed. His body was left to rot in Hueco Mundo, but there the Shinigamis made a huge mistake. All of his followers mourned his death and they plotted revenge.

Under the years he ruled, he had made ten people something like himself and they had been ranked from 1 to 10 based on their strength. They had been turned into the ancestors of the Arrancars and Vizards. When Ikari died, the ten had sealed themselves inside ten different rooms in a corridor only Ikari's most faithful servant knew, and swore that they would not listen to anyone else's call than Ikari no Tenma himself.

The lower followers to Ikari made a machine that would restore his body and give him life again when he was fully healed. His body was put in the tank of liquid that was called 'The Liquid of Life', and they sealed the room. One by one, the ones that had sealed the room died and soon there was no one in Hueco Mundo who could open the door again.

And for thousands of years, Ikari no Tenma slept.


Aizen Sousuke, former 5th captain in Soul Society and current ruler of Hueco Mundo, found himself standing outside the room again. The door that led to the room was sealed so many times and with so many different spells that Aizen had always thought it lied something dangerous inside. Until he found the opening that allowed him to see inside a bit. And the sight had made him gasp.

Inside, right in front of the door, was a giant tank filled with a crystal liquid. It hummed softly, indicating it was still working. And in the liquid there was a body curled up in fetal position. The body, which Aizen soon saw belonged to a man, had a breathing tube in his mouth probably down to his lungs, and Aizen wondered if it was a living creature.

After many times of looking at the man, he had seen above the tank there was a sentence. He had only been able to read "Ichiban Shinigami-Hollow". The first Shinigami-Hollow. Only then he had looked closer at the machine and realized it was indeed very old. The dust had to be thick inside the room. Curiosity always won over Aizen, and he began to wonder just who it was.

He had asked several Arrancars to come with him, but no one had felt any reiatsu coming from the body. Until one day…


One day he had been walking to the room with Gin. He had a lot of time since he had left Soul Society so he liked walking around in the fortress. He had stopped in front of the room and Gin had stopped as well. The white-haired man was confused, but did not question anything. Aizen realized Gin had never heard about his walks, and turned to explain why he had stopped by the door. Only to take a step back in confusion and fear.

Gin's eyes were wide open in horror and his body was trembling. Aizen whipped around and gasped. A transparent arm came out slowly from the room, with slender and long fingers but nails like a beast. It silently made its way to Gin, and Aizen screamed when the hand closed around Gin's throat. When most of the Espada had come, the only thing they could do was stare in terror as the arm picked up Gin from the floor and started choking him. The white-haired Shinigami tried to breathe and suddenly spoke:

"W… Who are y-you?"

They wondered who he was talking to, when Aizen saw he was looking towards the door. As on cue on the Shinigami's question, a distant voice, filled with hatred and chilling ice, answered:

"I'm the ruler of this fortress, the leader of them all. Tell me why there is a Shinigami within these walls?"

Gin coughed as the hand tightened and Aizen was desperate. He and Kaname had made their Hollow transfusion recently but Gin had yet to do that. Whatever it was, it only attacked Shinigamis? Gin opened his mouth and spoke silent words, a trickle of blood running down his chin and eyes glazed over. Kaname, even though not really liking the white-haired man, was ready to draw but Aizen stopped him. The blind man was a good swordsmen but the smallest mistake would cost Gin's life. Suddenly the hand loosened its grip on Gin and the man coughed. He was gently put down to the ground and the distant voice was heard again:

"A traitor of Soul Society? That is accepted. I wish you luck."

"What is your name?" Gin said.

The hand slowly let a finger travel along with the blood string and suddenly it was gone. Gin had later told Aizen he felt like a cool liquid had travelled inside his throat, soothing his sore muscles. Then it retreated a bit, and the voice was heard one last time, so faint it could nearly not be heard:

"My name is Ikari no Tenma, the worst enemy Soul Society has ever encountered."


Aizen thought back on that memory as he looked on the door. Was the spirit of the first ruler still inside that room? Was it even the body that was Ikari no Tenma? He had done quite a research but only found out that Ikari no Tenma built the fortress and ruled for many years. Apparently he was killed by Soul Society. He had killed numerous of Shinigamis through the years he had been alive according to the records Aizen had found. It had also said he had quite a passionate hatred towards Soul Society and their rules, but the former fifth captain had not found out why.


Ikari no Tenma had slept peacefully until Gin had happened to stop there with Aizen. Then he had become more restless, shifting constantly inside his tank. His body uncurled and curled up, fingers stretching and his neck was turned from on side to the other to ease his cramped muscles. He was waking up from his very long sleep but still not fully aware he was still alive.


It was night in Hueco Mundo as Ikari heard a cry for help. It was weak, sent without the person's knowledge but still there. Ikari opened his cold eyes for the first time in thousands of years as he heard the cry again and knew the name of the Shinigami-Hollow who was calling for him. He succeeded to smile and stretched out slowly inside the tank. His slender body would make any man go crazy of lust and it did not really help that he was naked at the moment. He absently fingered on the glass, thinking of a way to get out as he thought of the child that had called out:

'Kurosaki Ichigo… you're mine. You became mine the second you called out, child.'


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