The First Shinigami-Hollow

Summary: There is a room in Hueco Mundo where no one can enter. And the only way to look in is through a little hole in the sealed door. In there lies more power than anyone can imagine, buried deep inside a body of a man that died thousands of years ago. Or did he really die?

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach. But I do own the first ruler of Hueco Mundo, since I created him with my own fantasy. Don't take him from me!

Pairings: KagiIkari, GrimmIchiGin and Chad/Nobura.

Notes: Some are out of characters, since I want to have a nicer Aizen for once. Some of them I will try keep in character as much as I can, but I've warned you now.

And since I can't write like Gin speaks, I'll go with normal speech. You can imagine his speech if you want to.




"Ichigo's Hollow speaking"



First, a short description of all the Ten's shikai-release:

Kira – her entire right side changes with it, and she has a black wing on her left side. It may be indicated the right wing was ripped off. Where her arm was missing is a blade, shining like the sun.

Nameless – his zanpaktou becomes everything and still nothing. Most of the time he uses the air to get a blade to fight with.

Chibi – she has the tattoo for her weapon on her stomach. You never get to know how it looks like, or its name.

Nobura – he turns the smoke into his zanpaktou in sealed state and when it's in shikai it becomes a sort of fog he can travel in. He becomes a part of the fog, and can use it to slash through a normal Shinigami. Not Kenpachi though, even if he won against the man.

Akuma – forbidden to use his zanpaktou.

Hobi – a bigger scythe than the one in sealed state. She can send out a light that burns most Shinigamis, and have some other techniques else than that. And her speed increases.

Uzuru – the blade turns into mirrors, and with them he uses illusions.

Ningyo – you will never know the form of his shikai.

Gaunt – looking like an average blade, but this one can burn the flesh and gather the blood.

Mai – forbidden to use his zanpaktou.

On with the epilogue:

The woman discovered in Soul Society was a human-Hollow as Chad was and was very happy to see another one of her own kind. She had been locked up for nearly 2000 years.

Gouka fully healed from the wounds thanks to Ikari's Bankai and now the Espadas and the former three captains now understood why the Ten followed Ikari so willingly. He made a good picture of a saint. Ikari himself was not even exhausted of having used his Bankai form; apparently he could go further but choose not to. No one except for Nameless had seen Ikari's final form, and neither was keen to tell. And no one was interested in asking; the ruler was strong enough.

No activity was made from Hueco Mundo in five years, and the Shinigamis thought they had retreated. But they were wrong…

Karakura Town, five years later from the last battle:

Rukia and Renji were visiting Inoue and Ishida and the four was sitting in a café. It was a sunny day in July, and they intended to enjoy the weather.

Two men came inside holding each other's hands but they did not get everyone's attention. Homosexuals were not that unusual anymore and most people in the café only cast a glance. But the four cast more than a glance.

The taller man had blue hair, and dressed in a pair of slim black pants with a tight, black tank top. Some of the women looked after him as he went forward, blushing and whispering among each other but the four already knew who he was. Grimmjaw.

The other man was a bit shorter with long, white hair. He wore shades and his lips seemed a little vermillion. His skin was pale and he was dressed in a white Chinese dress with a picture of something akin to a Hollow on his left hip. Rukia stared openly and then whispered:


The two men were talking and the shorter smiled up at Grimmjaw. They ordered and then seated themselves by a window seat. The next seat to the four and so they could hear their talk:

"You sure you told him the right place?" Ichigo asked.

"Yes I did", Grimmjaw said. "If he doesn't find it, it's his fault."

"Don't be so harsh on Nobura", the white-haired teen said and stroke the Espada's hand with one finger. "Chad is keeping him busy you know."

"Busy", Grimmjaw snorted. "They're sometimes worse than us."

"Well, you guys wears me out sometimes like Chad do to Nobura too", Ichigo admitted.

Grimmjaw pinched the pale hand and said:

"Cheeky brat."

"I love you too, sweetie."

"Didn't we agree on not calling me that?"


"Oh, please…"

"Psychopathic killer with a need to destroy anything that looks at me twice?" Ichigo tried. Grimmjaw grinned. "Grimmjaw, I can't say that every damn time!"

"Call me Grimmjaw then."


"Fine, Grim."

The teen smiled a sunny smile and gave the blue-haired man a peck on the cheek. Grimmjaw glared at him slightly but was stroking Ichigo's hand gently with his thumb.

"Where's Ikari-sama this lovely day then?" the blue-haired man asked after a little while.

"He and Kagi insisted to prepare a surprise for my father", the teen said. "He hasn't seen me in some years, and wanted to. As long as Soul Society doesn't find out."

"So your siblings are alright?"

"I think so. Yuzu is still great at cooking, and Karin is hell of a good with soccer."

"Don't remind me about that…"

"What? Just because she 'happened' to aim between your legs."

Grimmjaw glared again and Ichigo hid a giggle. Renji and Rukia looked at each other; should they report this in…?

"You aren't worried Soul Society will find out one day?" the Espada said with a cooked head.

"Not really", the teen replied. "But if they do discover it, we just have to move on dad and the girls."

"No fighting?"


"Oh, right. I forgot that fighting with Soul Society is a big no-no", Grimmjaw said with a slight smile.

"Yeah", Ichigo replied. "Ikari just doesn't want any more problems. We stay on our side, they on theirs. Then it's fine. Truth to be told, I'll be glad if I don't have to fight against them anymore."

"I am already glad I don't have to fight", the sixth Espada said and traced the line of the table with one finger absently. "We still train but we don't fight for real; that's good."

"So different from before", Ichigo said with a small laugh. "You used to love fighting with everything and everyone."

"People change", Grimmjaw protested.

The door opened and this time some stared. After all, when do you see a small girl with green hair? Hobi skipped over to them and sat down.

"Hi", Ichigo said. "You ran away from Chibi-san?"

"Nope, she told me to wait here for her", Hobi replied. "And she told me I could get ice-cream!"

"Go and order then", Grimmjaw said and pointed. "It's just over there."

Hobi ran over to the disk and the men began talking again. The four looked at each other, trying to decide what to do. In the mean time a woman with blonde hair stepped inside.

"She looks beautiful", Renji said and was smacked by Rukia. "What? She looks beautiful!"

Half of the café's men must have agreed with the redhead. Their alarm grew though as she stepped towards Grimmjaw and Ichigo. The white-haired teen turned a bit and said:


With a start they realized it was the third seat of Ikari's the Ten. Chibi sat down and said:

"Where's everyone?"

"We're going to gather in the park later on", Grimmjaw said. "Everyone apparently had their own business to do."

"Or like Chad and Nobura, some time to make out", Ichigo muttered.

Chibi smiled at that. Hobi came back and bounced onto the seat.

"Chocolate ice-cream", she said happily. "I love that!"

The waitress came with Grimmjaw's and Ichigo's orders and asked if Chibi wanted anything. She shook her head and the waitress went to get Hobi's order.

"Maybe we should tell Soul Society", Renji whispered to Rukia. "They are killers, after all."

"Please", Inoue suddenly said. "Can't you hear what they said? They don't want to fight. Reporting this in will only force us to battle again. Leave them alone."

They looked at the four now. Chibi was cleaning off Hobi's face with a napkin while Ichigo was drinking his coffee. Grimmjaw held his lover's hand and looked outside. They did not look like killers. Or dangerous at all for that matter. For the second time in her life, Rukia decided to ignore orders and settled on keeping the other three busy.


Ikkaku and Yumichika were patrolling Karakura Town and were right now bored. The bald man looked down at the crowded park and yawned. Yumichika was looked up the sky when Ikkaku said:

"Look at that!"

Yumichika looked down and stared. In the park was a very tall man with a ponytail.

"Isn't that the freak that attacked us, Akuma?" Ikkaku said.

Behind Akuma came another man, looking exactly like Mai but with arms.

"Where the hell did they get gigais from!"

Meanwhile, Akuma looked back to make sure Mai was with him. He was not comfortable with having the man behind him; he preferred having Mai on his arm since then he knew where the smaller man was then. Mai touched his arm slightly and said:

"I'm fine."

Akuma nodded and continued to walk. He had spotted Kagi and Ikari not far away; one of the advantages of being tall.

"Ah, Sado-san."

Mai's voice made him turn and he nodded to Chad. The teen, now man, nodded back with his shades firmly in place. Akuma looked down and Nobura looked back at him. One of Chad's hands held the smaller man on his feet.

"He looks exhausted, Sado-kun", Akuma pointed out. "What did you do to him?"

Chad did not answer, but a small blush came over his cheeks. Akuma smiled and said:

"Ikari-sama is waiting."


When the four from Hueco Mundo left the café to head for the park, the other four decided to follow. Rukia and Renji walked first, with Inoue and Ishida behind them. Hobi was riding on Grimmjaw's shoulders and Ichigo moved a little faster than the two others. Chibi kept her pace calm and light and they could not believe she was the ruthless killer they had seen.

They came to the crowded park and suddenly Ikkaku and Yumichika came forth to their friends. They were in gigai forms as well and looked a bit worried.

"The whole fucking squad is there!" Ikkaku hissed.

"Squad?" Renji asked.

"Ikari and his guys! Even Aizen and some of the Espadas!"

They ran through the crowds until they got sight of them. Ikari was sitting and talking to Aizen about something, Kagi not far from them. They gasped as they saw Chad and Nobura underneath a tree, the smaller one seated in his young lover's lap. They must have cast something so humans would not see, because they were devouring each other. Nobura left Chad's mouth and began nipping at the strong neck. Chad stroke the small back and pressed him closer.

To their surprise when they looked away from the pair, Gin was now sitting with Ichigo and they were kissing. Grimmjaw held one arm around the teen's waist and nipped on the pale neck, leaving red marks behind. It seemed like people did not notice them as well.

Akuma and Mai were sitting on a bench with Chibi and Hobi; the small girl was eating on yet another ice-cream and Chibi had her supply of napkins with her.

The four Shinigamis almost drew and attacked when they saw Kira; she had been responsible for many of the Shinigamis' deaths. Right now, she was dressed in a T-shirt and a knee-long skirt. She had both of her arms this time, and she was speaking to a woman they had not seen in normal condition.

It was the human-Hollow, which they heard had been named Atae. (A/N Atae means Godsend) Uzuru was sitting next to his partner, reading a book about family traditions.

Then there was two men they did not recognize, all until Rukia saw the smile on the taller man's face.

"That's Ningyo!" she whispered. "Then that must be this Gaunt!"

They took a look at the two of them, and realized with a pang that this is how they must have looked before Soul Society destroyed them. Gaunt had a pale face, a hairstyle similar to the one he always had, but now it did not cover any of his eyes. He had a nice smile and beautiful green eyes. His body was not so bony but still small.

Ningyo had spiky, green hair and grey eyes. His smile was exactly the same but it was the only thing that had remained. The rest of this look was gone. They were both dressed in shorts and T-shirts, and looked to enjoy themselves in the sun.

Nameless was sitting just behind Ikari and had shades on himself. Eyes could apparently not be replaced. He had spiky, red hair that travelled behind his back to end somewhere near his waist. He was wearing a pair of black pants with a white shirt. He looked relaxed as he was leaning back and warming his face in the sun. He leaned over to the ruler and said something. Ikari himself had still his black hair, but no third eye. Only naturally of course. He was dressed in a red Chinese dress with a pattern of black flames. He smiled to Nameless and said something back.

They noted Ulquiorra not far away, speaking to Nnoitra. Both of them looked quite different but some things you could still recognize.

"Look! Isn't that Ichigo's old man!"

They turned and Ikkaku was right. Isshin walked calmly towards this strange group, dressed in a simple white shirt with some jeans.

Ichigo spotted him and rose up slowly. Grimmjaw and Gin looked as well, and said something to him.The white-haired man squeezedhis hand while Grimmjaw nudged him.Theycould see him mouth the words 'Go to him',and the teen looked down at them with a smile.Ichigo thenbegan to run towards his father witha smile creeping up on his face. Rukia looked on as Isshin began walking faster, a smile coming onto his face as well. She saw no hatred, no pain or anger in the man's eyes; she saw relief and happiness.

Isshin caught his son as the teen threw his arms around his father in a hug he had never given before. The man held Ichigo tightly, something he had never been allowed to do in the past, not even when the teen had been a small child.

When the Shinigamis and two humans looked at Ikari, he was smiling as he looked at the reunion of the father and son.

"Let's go", Ikkaku said. "I don't like them, but they aren't trying to hurt us anymore. Reporting this will only cause troubles for all of us."

The others agreed and withdrew silently. Ikari looked where they had been and Kagi tugged on his sleeve.

"What's wrong?" the soul asked.

"Nothing's wrong, Kagi", Ikari replied. "Everything's perfect, just like I always wanted."

Soul Society never got knowledge about this, and never would.

They owed Ichigo that.

The End

The end has come, and I hope that everyone that read this fic liked it.

Until another time,