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Summary: Elliot and Olivia are chasing down a perp, when he leads them into a derelict building at a boat yard. What none of them now is the building is dangerous and full of corrosive chemicals. Suddenly the building blows up Elliot and Olivia are blown in different directions.

When help arrives at the scene, they pull only one body from the wreckage, the perp's, so where's Elliot and Olivia?

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The Chase.

David Massey ran faster than he could ever remember running in his life, he knew they were not far behind him he could hear her heels stomping on the concrete.

He never ran away from a bitch, usually he would stalk them then rape and mutilate their bodies however Detective Benson was not your usual bitch. She was a smart-ass cop and her attitude was as bad as her partners, Detective Stabler.

David considered himself a tough man but Detective Stabler was much tougher than he was and he wasn't ashamed to admit it which was why he had no intention of sticking around to take another beating from the SOB, which was also why he was now running as fast as he possibly could.

Elliot's heart pounded in his chest. He was healthy but was beginning to think not healthy enough and was seriously considering taking up jogging.

Olivia was a little ahead of him, he had to wonder where her stamina came from, they had been chasing Massey for at least twenty minutes and she had been ahead of him the whole time, and showed no signs of slowing down, and she had heels on.

The perp however was slowing down, and they were beginning to close in on him, they had entered the boat yard a couple of minutes before, Olivia had shimmied up the metal gate like cat woman and Elliot had to admit he was impressed.

"Freeze Massey!" Elliot yelled as loud as his rattling lungs would allow him.

David took no notice and carried on running he knew they were much closer. He could see a building just up ahead, it looked out of use, the windows were all smashed in and he figured if he could just get in there he'd be able to give them the slip and make a quick get away.

Olivia saw him turn and start running up a ramp that led to an ugly abandoned building. She was running so fast she wasn't sure if she's be able to slow herself down enough to make the same turn. Just up ahead was another ramp that she could see led to the rear of the building, she decided to head for that.

"Elliot I'll take the back way!" She informed him as she ran past the first ramp. Elliot took her lead and ran up the ramp after Massey.

He got inside the building, it was pitch black the only light was that of the moon shining in through the broken windows and some of the light from the lights around the harbour.

He heard clanging up ahead and decided to go in that direction…

Olivia entered the building she took her gun out and had it aimed and ready. She was trying desperately to make out her way through the darkness. She could hear things clatter below her feet and wondered what the hell she was standing on.

Something caught around her boot and she fell onto the floor, her gun slid out of her hand and she knew in this light she would never find it. She felt her side, hoping to find her cell but that too had slid away from her as she fell. "Great…" She muttered through the darkness and silence.

Her palms hurt, and going by the amount of crap she could feel below her she came to the conclusion that she must have cut them on something sharp.

She became aware of the smell of the place, it was a really strong gassy smell, not what she would have expected for a building on a boat yard. She started to cough, the smell was really bad and strong.

She realised her best shot was to go back out and head round to the front and look for Elliot. She was no sooner out of the door when a blast of hot air forced her off the veranda of the building and into the water below.

Munch and Fin where driving along a back road that was also in the boat yard, Elliot had told them to cut off Massey up ahead. Fin slammed his foot down on the brake as he saw a huge fireball flare up into the nights sky, parts of the building contained in it flew off into the water beneath it.

What scared them more than how it had started was the fact that they had just seen Elliot and Olivia enter it after the perp.

Fin picked up his radio. "This is Detective Tutuola we need urgent back up and medical assistance at the boat yard in queens. I repeat urgent, we got two officers down." He yelled unable to help it, it was the fear and worry in his voice.

He put the car into drive and sped towards the building, hoping they wouldn't be too late.


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