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'My Side, Your Side'

Elliot was lying in bed next to Olivia. Although it was dark in the room the full moon outside lit it up enough that he could see Olivia's face a little away from his, her head resting on the same pillow.

She had her hands together. They were sandwiched between her face and the pillow.

They were both laying on their sides facing each other there bodies close enough to be feeling each others body heat. Olivia's eyes were shut and she looked to be in a peaceful sleep.

He couldn't help but stare at her. "Stop it." She said smiling but keeping her eyes closed. He began laughing. He'd love to know how she always seemed to know when he was staring at her even when she had her eyes closed, or her back to him.

She smiled again and playfully kicked him. It didn't hurt him but he said 'ow' anyway and continued laughing at her. "Stop laughing at me..." She said, still keeping her eyes closed, in a childish 'I don't want to go to school today' kind of voice.

"Yes I am." Elliot said simply, unable to wipe the smile of his face. "Why?" She asked, sounding sleepy, still she didn't open her eyes.

"Because I love you..." He thought out loud.

Now she opened her eyes and looked at him. He'd told her this before but for some reason this time it sounded different more like it was his heart speaking and not him.

"Really..?" She asked, when she thought about it no one had ever really told her they loved her, not her mother, not anyone, except for crazy people like Andrews or drunken perps.

"Yea…" He said without hesitation. He could tell by the look in her eyes that she doubted him. He shuffled closer to her in the bed. Now his whole body was touching hers. He draped his arm over her waist and stroked her back with his fingers.

"I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to be able to hold you and protect you and take care of you when your ill…and I want to be able to hold your hair and rub your back when you have morning sickness from the babies I think we should have." Elliot said.

Olivia had to smile, she loved the fact Elliot was thinking about all this. "Olivia Benson will you marry me?" She pushed herself up onto her elbow and looked at him. At first she was unsure whether she had heard him right. Her heart began to pound less and she was able to hear what her head was screaming at her. "Yes." She told him.

He began to smile and it made her smile. She moved off her elbow and kissed him hard on the lips. He wrapped his arm around her body and held her closer to him and kissed her back whole heartedly.

"Thank you." Elliot said. It was a cliché but she had just made him the happiest man in the world.

"No problem." She said with a smile but then she changed her expression. "Just one thing..." She said sounding serious.

"What?" he said.

"I sleep on the left, which means you're on my side." She said trying to stay serious but unable to stop the smile that was forming across her face.

Elliot sighed then wrapped his arm securely around her waist and flipped her over him gently so she was now on the left. They were both laughing. "You know, I know I said I sleep on the left but I'm not tired." She said suggestively.

"Well in that case." Elliot said as he shifted so his body was almost fully on top of hers. They began to kiss, he kissed along her jaw line and down onto her neck. It felt like heaven to her. Suddenly the phone rang.

She reached her hand out and picked it up from off the cupboard next to her. "Benson." She said. "We'll be rig…Err yea I'll be right in. Sure I'll tell Elliot." She said then hung up.

Elliot carried on kissing her neck, not that he had stopped, even as she spoke on the phone. "That was Cragen. 17 year old rape victim just walked in. He needs us." She said.

Elliot stopped kissing her neck and rested his head on her shoulder and sighed. They were both a little disappointed at the timing.

"No worries we got the rest of our lives to be together." Elliot told her as he rolled off her. "Oh by the way, I loved the subtlety on the phone. 'We'll be right in'…" Elliot said mocking her.

"Well I was a little distracted. You' know you could have stopped that thing you were doing…" She said as she got out of the bed and walked into the bathroom.

He just watched as she went. He hated having to get up but their job and the victims were still their lives. Plus he knew now that they had the rest of their lives to be with each other. Andrews was now locked away behind bars and he and Olivia could be happy together.

The End.


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