A/N: Well, it's been nigh on forever since I've really written anything... or updated anything... but I'm trying to get back into my fanfiction writing, and not just my typical silly, random stories. I have many plans for more serious works, which hopefully I'll be able to execute well, but we'll see.

But, for now, here's another random little tale, the idea of which came to me when I was watching a Star Wars movie...

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars.

What's In A Name?

"How about... Evil... Monster?" Palpatine suggested, tapping his pen annoyingly on the pad of paper in front of him.

Vader sighed impatiently. The Emperor had already suggested that. Three times.

"Ooh, I know! The Bad Boy! And we could spell 'bad' with two d's. Badd Boy!"

"And that makes it better?" Vader said condescendingly. "We need something that will strike fear into their hearts at the very mentioning of it!"

"Death something. Death always scares people."

Palpatine nodded seriously. "I like death. Death is good. Death what?"

"Death... Machine? No, no..." Vader tapped a finger against his mask.

"Death Planet! No..."

"Death Bird!" Palpatine blurted excitedly.

"Death Bird. Really."

"Okay, not that... Death Stapler!"

Vader sighed for the six hundreth and forty second time that day.

"Death Sky... Death... Stealth Death! Deathly Stealth! Stealthy Death?" Palpatine rambled. Vader was thinking.

"Death by Nachos... Death by Toothpaste... Death by Scarlet Fever..." Palpatine muttered to himself.

"Aha! I have it!" Vader smacked his hand on the table as people are apt to do when they are sure they have the perfect solution to a significant problem.

"Death by Gum-chewing... Death by Looking In The Mirror... Death by Mailmen..." Palpatine obviously had not heard his apprentice, being caught up in his own thoughts.

"Ahem." Darth Vader cleared his throat rather loudly. "AHEM." Finally, Palpatine looked up at him.

"I have it. And it's perfect." Beneath his mask, the dark lord was smiling.

Palpatine was on the edge of his seat, on the verge of falling off, actually, his eyes round like a child's.

Lowering his voice to make it sound sinister, Darth Vader uttered two words.

"Death Ducky."

Well, they did agree on that for a while but after some weeks (filled with not a small amount of teasing) the name 'Death Star' came to Vader and, after convincing Palpatine that it had been he, not Vader who had come up with the name 'Death Ducky', they officially changed it. And so the name was born.