Finally!! Chapter 4 wOoT XxNyuuxX's return from a busy week of school

So here we go!

Ichigo's vision was blurred when she woke up. She saw Ryou standing over her face, almost too close for comfort. "R-ryou..." She said weakly. She attempted to stand up, but she couldn't because her stomach and back were compeltly wrapped. She was still in Mew form.

"Don't move too much," he cautioned. She looked at his icy blue eyes which looked concerned.

For a moment she just stared at his eyes. He tried to look away, but Ichigo still kept staring.

"I...Ryou," she studdered. She moved towards him, a bit. His eyes not even looking at her face.

"Ichigo, please..." He said grabbing onto her shoulders.

"Ryou...just why have you not ben able to look at me in the eyes? Ever scence Plum came here, you've ben acting distant."

"You wanna know why?" Ryou said slowly moving up towards the neko girl's eyes.

"Truth is Ichigo...I'm jealous."


"Yes, and a little hurt. You see...I really like you, I mean as more then a friend." His voice deepened with sadness

"I know she's Kisshu's daughter. You think I wouldn't notice those same eyes?"

Ichigo was stunned. Not even daring to move.

It was as if time had completly stopped.

"Ryou..I..." but before Ichigo could even think of what to say next, Ryou continued.

"But, I'm not gonna let my emotions get in the way. It's your happiness I want, and that's why I'll still be here if you need me." He got up, and walked slowly out of the room.

"R-ryou.." Ichigo was feeling guilty. Guilty about something she hadn't even done yet. What had her future self seen in Kishhu that could lead her to marry him instead?

Her mind tossed around these questions. Her mind had absolutly no answers. A sharp pain in her stomach jarred her back into reality. She laid back down on the bed, and touched her pendant to turn back ino her human form. (I'm just assuming that's what they do)

The pain in her heart and sotmach were too much, she had decided to try and rest all she could. She fell asleep again, for about an hour. She heard a voice that was all too familiar, but was she dreaming? She opened her eyes to see Kishhu again. This time though he was wearing his usual attire. "K-kishhu?"

"Koneko..."he whispered. It wasn't in the normal perky tone he usually used around her. This time it was sad. Almost as if he were feeling Ichigo's pain both psycial and emotional.

"What do you want this time?" She asked not getting up from the bed.

"You're hurt, koneko. It pains me to see you this way." His eyes looked like Ryou's, but he was looking directly into hers.

"I'm alright," she said rather touched by Kishhu's sympathy. "Umm...why did you come and see twice in one night?"

"Twice?" He repeated puzzled.

"Yeah, you came and told me to look for the person that was controlling the Death Beasts." She explained.

"You know about the Death Beasts?! I was hoping I wasn't too late before they got here. Dammit!" He yelled.

"Don't you remember you coming and telling me about someone who might be manipulating them? Come to think of were wearing diffrent clothes too."

Kishhu stood in silence, not having a clue what she was talking about.

"You might've just ben dreaming, koneko. I just got here."

"Ahh, I'm so confused." She cried grabbing her head.

"Don't strain yourself." He said holding onto her hands. Those golden eyes looked at her again. She couldn't help but stare back. Those eyes were almost hypnotic, almost like she could stare at them forever.

"It looks like it's almost morning" he noticed looking out the window. The inky black sky outside was slowly turning blue in the horizon.

"Oh no! I gotta get home before Mom and Dad wake up," she said. She got up from the bed, and tried to walk, but the pain in her back was too intense. For a moment, she thought she was gonna fall on the floor, when Kishhu grabbed her. Ichigo looked up at him as he pulled her back up on the bed.

"Want me to take you home?" He offered.

"Can you do that?"

"Yeah, I can just teleport you home. You're in no fit state to walk home." He said, lifitng her up on his back.

"Wow...has Kishhu gotten stronger scence the last time I saw him?" She pondered idly.

"You alright, koneko?"

"Y-yeah." She confirmed not daring to let go of him.

"Ok, let's go."

Ichigo shut her eyes and prepared for any effect of teleporting.

For a second, Ichigo felt really, dizzy like she was being thrown on circles a hundered times. Then, the dizzy sensation stopped. She opened her eyes and saw her room.

"Wow, that was really quick!!" She exclaimed mentally. Kishhu carried her all the way to her bed, where he placed her down.

"Umm...thank you, Kisshu."

"You can thank me with kisses." He winked.

"W-wha?" She disbelieved her own ears.

"Just a quick one," he said lifting up her chin and quickly kissing her on the lips.

Ichigo felt a sensation she had never felt before. It was like her heart had completly taken over her. She was feeling so happy in that one instant Kisshu kissed her.

Once he removed his lips, he smiled and said "sorry, koneko, but I gotta g-"

Ichigo's heart's impluses lead her to hug Kishhu.
"N-no..." she said without even thinkg about what she had done.

"Aww, koneko, you like my kisses that much?" He held her back. Avoiding too much pressure on her wounds.

"Don't worry, I promise I'll be back. You just rest now," He let go and laid her down on the bed.

Ichigo didn't say anything, but watched him blow a kiss to her then teleport out.

Her head had finally kicked and realized what she had done.

"What was that? Kisshu kissed me plently of times before, but were they that good?"

Ichigo was still confused over the day's events but decided not to worry about them. She was tired and wanted to rest for now. So she closed her eyes, and played Kishhu's kiss over and over in her mind till she fell asleep.