Hello. This is Goldilox07. Haha. I just wanted to let everyone know, that this will probably be the last chapter. I know, I know. You guys just love it sooo much. Haha. Just kidding. Well, my reasons for stopping are these.


-i really think that what i wrote at the ending was perfect for an ending point.

-i am writing a NOVEL yeah thats right, a novel. And i have been working on that and i want to get it finished before the end of the summer, which is like two months away. So i have to really work!!

-i really dont know what else...to tired maybe.

But dont get me wrong guys, writing is my passion, and i love to write these little fanfictions, it makes my day when i see u guys reviewing them. I love to write, but i really want to focus on my novel. If i get it published, i want to be successful and i want people to buy it!!

my name is Emily Norden. So if u see my book on the market or the book shelf, pick it up and buy it. Lol. I promise, it is really good. So far anyways, well, it's about time travel and it involves sexy viking warriors for all u ladys! Haha. And it is a romance. Sorry, i decided not to put lemons in it, but there still is plenty of gooshy mushy romance in it. Lol.

If u want...read it. It would make me very happy to see people who want to read it. I have been working my butt of on it, so if it turns out to be a fluke, i will go crazy!! and trust me, it is WAY better than my fanfictions, so if u guys like those, then u will DEFINATLY like my novel. Dont know what it's called yet, but you have my name. Haha.

Thanks for the opportunity of being able to write for all you crazy kids. I guess im a kid too...dang it. Haha.

Emily Norden (aka: Goldilox07)

P.S. Hey you guys wanted to know if Jacob remembered Lily in the end??

ANSWER: Yes, he did. Somehow when he saw her, everything that had happened between them before Aro erased his memory, somehow popped back into existence. I love making things like that work out! Haha. Thanks for asking. It's my pleasure to clear things up.