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Paper Saucer

Chapter Six: The Closure

Stan was not able to tell if it was the low temperature that made him numb, or the information he had just been given. He stared at his redhead best friend, his eyes as wide as the saucer he signed on. The world spun around him as if he was drunk, and he quickly leaned on a red car that was parked behind him. The slight movement caused the old vehicle's alarm to go off, but Stan heard none if it as he kept on staring ahead.

Kyle looked just as shocked, with his pale face and the hand that refused to leave his mouth. He stared back at Stan, yet it was obvious that he didn't see him.

Some stupid agreement. Those words repeated over and over again in Stan's mind, swirling in his head as the scenery that spun around him. Obviously, Kyle had no interest in him. Kyle had no interest in him, and now he probably knew it was not the same case with Stan. Kyle now knew that Stan liked him.

He ruined everything.

The alarm stopped, only to be replaced by the sound of high-heels hitting concrete. Neither of them turned to look, though. "Don't hit him!" Sarah yelled as she neared them, probably misled by the scene in front of her. "He didn't do anything wrong!" she cried as she grabbed Kyle by his shoulders.

Kyle blinked at the touch, suddenly becoming aware of his surroundings. "Sarah…" he whispered.

"Don't hit him, Kyle!" she said again, tears springing to her eyes. "Whatever he said, he was probably speaking the truth."

Kyle gaped at her, his eyes blinking rapidly as he tried to grasp what he had just been told by the woman, who he thought liked him. "You kissed him?" he asked, his tone flat.

She nodded. "I'm so sorry, Kyle," she said. "I… Stan and I took a course together in college. I always had a thing for him, and then you mentioned his name-"

"Idiot!" Kyle yelled, cutting her off mid-sentence. "You girls are supposed to see those things from miles away, don't you?" she raised her eyebrow and bewilderment. "Stan is gay, Sarah! There is no way he could like you!" Kyle finished.

Sarah opened her mouth to say something, but closed it promptly after, reconsidering her words. She pinched her chin as she mulled over what Kyle told her. "Is that true, Stan?" she asked, now turning to him.

Stan, now realizing he's being spoken to, shook his head in order to clear his mind. "I… wha?" he asked.

"Is it true that you're gay?" she repeated.

"I… yeah, I'm gay," he replied, looking at Kyle in puzzlement, as he wasn't listening to the conversation that had taken place before him just seconds ago.

"Why didn't you tell me?!" she asked, blushing with embarrassment. "God, I made a fool out of myself!"

Stan really had no idea what to tell her, as he realized that whatever it will be, it will probably result in him slapping her. He turned his gaze to Kyle, who looked like he was debating the same thing.

"I'm glad that he didn't," Kyle said. "You and I are through."

Had Stan not been so worried, he would have probably been gloating. That is what he wished for ever since he heard about her, and now that they finally broke up, his hopes had been crushed.

"I'm sorry," she said. She was about to give Kyle a last hug, but he held his hand in front of his chest, signaling for her to stop. She sighed heavily, turned around, and left them alone once more.

The alarm went off again.

Kyle looked at him sadly, trying to tell him something with his eyes. Stan, though, was not able to decipher what he meant. "Kyle, wha-" he tried to say, but just as Kyle stopped Sarah from hugging him, he had stopped Stan from trying to understand him. And just like Sarah had done, he turned around and jogged towards his car.

Stan was left standing in the parking lot by himself with only his fears, worries and that annoyingly loud alarm to keep him company. He sighed heavily and walked towards his car, dejected. He took his keys out of his back pocket and unlocked the vehicle, sat in the driver's seat and glared at the steering wheel. Punching it and causing a shrill horn to sound through the lot, he started the car and drove off.

When he was about to take the right turn that would lead him to the road that would take him to his street, he stopped the car abruptly. Stupid Kyle acted like a female, just going off instead of dealing with the current problem! Well, Stan wasn't about to let him get away with it! He may have just ruined their friendship, he may be doing a grave mistake, but he needed to know what Kyle thought about the agreement. He could not allow him to avoid the subject and leave him in the blue!

And so, he turned around and drove off in the direction of Kyle's apartment.

He knocked once. He knocked twice. No answer. He pulled down the handle and was half-surprised to find the door open. He peeked inside. "Kyle?" he called timidly. The living room was dark, the TV providing the only dim illumination as blue and red colors bounced off the walls. Stan entered and closed the door behind him. "Kyle, are you in here, dude?" a grunt. Stan smiled slightly.

He approached the couch and spotted Kyle, sitting as if he was sick, with the blanket wrapped around him and a mug of tea on the table in front of him, staring at television, which at the moment was set on CNN. Stan frowned. "Dude, why are you watching this shit?" he asked, his voice wavering slightly. Kyle merely grunted in reply and Stan plopped down next to him.

They sat in silence, both of their gazes turned to the television as reporters droned about meaningless news. Stan fidgeted in his seat, searching for words, but coming up with none. He sighed. "Kyle, we… I think we need to talk…."

Kyle grunted yet again. "What about?" he asked.

"About…" Stan turned his gaze to look at him. "The agreement." Kyle sighed. "I thought you didn't remember."

Kyle turned the television set off and turned to look at his best friend, who sat next to him. "I didn't, really…" he replied, and as Stan frowned, he elaborated: "You know that Joe's closed down about three years ago, right?" Stan nodded. "So one day, about three months ago, I met Joe at the bus, and he asked me if you and I married yet. I didn't understand what he meant, so he told me about the saucer thing. I…" he stopped to collect his thoughts. "I remembered… various things which I wasn't able to connect, and then, when he mentioned it… suddenly it all fitted together."

"Why didn't you tell me then?" and upset Stan asked, voice wavering even more.

"I…!" Kyle held his head, hiding his face from the raven-haired man. He shook it fiercely, as if trying to clear it. "I was… I was scared, Stan! I didn't know what I wanted… I didn't know if you remembered, even!" Stan looked at his distraught friend, finding himself at a loss of words. He brought his hand to caress his back slowly, wondering if it was the right thing to do.

"Even if I didn't remember, you know I wouldn't have minded," Stan said. "We're best friends…"

Kyle removed his hands from his face, glaring at Stan, who was surprised to see moisture in his eyes. "But can we be more than that, Stan?" Kyle asked, voice quivering. "Can we be more?" Stan stared, dumbfounded.

"You know…" Kyle continued, whispering and looking away. "The thoughts of the sober are the words of the drunk. I've been thinking about that ever since Joe reminded me about the whole ordeal. You were seeing Drake then, and I didn't want to bring it up. I figured that you didn't remember, and if you did, then you were obviously avoiding it." He was playing with his hands, and Stan smiled at the notion that he and Kyle were apparently very much alike.

"You know," Stan said, his hands now stoking the red curls on Kyle's head. "I thought the same thing when you started seeing Sarah." Kyle stared at him, surprised.

"I only started seeing her because I thought you didn't remember," he replied. "That's why… that's why I was kind of mad when I found out you broke up with Drake without telling me. I couldn't just dump her then! But then… then you gave me all kinds of clues… like hating Sarah, or that story you wrote!" Stan laughed. "I only read it out of boredom… but… it was us, wasn't it?"

"Kind of," Stan said.

"Yeah, so… I realized that you probably remembered. But I didn't know if it was a good idea to… you know… to be more than best friends."

Stan sighed heavily, stopping in mid-stroking. "You know," he started. "To tell you the truth, I wanted to throw it away, but always forgot to do so. I decided to keep it when I realized that… I've always loved you. So I said to myself, why not? But I didn't know what you'd think of it." He chuckled then. "That's why Drake and I broke up, too. He saw that stupid saucer…" Kyle chuckled, as well. Then Stan realized something he missed, and his eyes widened. "Thoughts of the sober… wait, you… you've been feeling something, too?" he asked.

Kyle shook his head slowly. "I was… I dunno if feeling, per se, but… there was something. But I still… I still don't know if… being together is a good idea."

Stan's hand moved to caress Kyle's cheek, feeling euphoric, almost. "Kyle," he whispered, inching closer. "You and I… we've been best friends for about twenty years, haven't we?" he asked, voicing his current train of thought. Kyle nodded, and Stan inched closer. "We've been through everything together, haven't we?" Kyle nodded again. "We've always, in a certain sense, dated each other, haven't we?" Kyle seemed to ponder it for a second, and then nodded again. "So," he was now mere inches from Kyle's face. "What makes you think it won't work?"

"Well-" Kyle started, but Stan already figured that even thought he immensely disliked Sarah, he could still learn a few things from her, and silenced Kyle with a kiss to his lips. He was happy to note that a few seconds later the Jewish male returned it.

When he pulled away, his heart sunk as he noticed the tears that streamed down Kyle's face. "Kyle…" he breathed, "Why are you crying?"

Kyle shook his head, looking at Stan with a huge smile, sniffling. "I know it sounds horribly gay, but I'm really… really happy right now." Stan smiled back and wrapped his arms around his best (boy)friend tightly, refusing to let go as Kyle sobbed in relief on his shoulder.

The End!

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