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"Well, this is rather interesting. Sitting around in an empty apartment-"

"-stop insulting my décor, Sakura-"

"-staring at the wall."

"It's not my fault that the bartender asked us to leave. He should have asked Naruto."

"Uh-huh. And some part of you didn't think that Naruto would react badly to you making out with me, not that I minded, right in front of him when he wasn't inebriated?"


"Yeah, that's what I thought."

"Look, it's not my fault that Naruto is really overprotective of you."

"No, but you should have some idea of that fact and what his reaction would be, Kakashi. Remember, you're a ninja? Good at adapting, noticing your surroundings?"


"I give up."

"Well, there are very many things that we could do in my, ah, empty apartment."

"Could I paint?"

"…no. I was referring more to making out."

"Because of previous events, I am now intimidated by kissing. I am now terrified that Naruto is going to pop up and destroy the surrounding area."

"You're just asking for it, Sakura."

"I am, aren't I?"



"That was a welcome distraction."

"Isn't it?"

"And Kakashi?"

"Yeah, what?"

"If you want to be a witness when I beat up Naruto, that would be interesting."

"I think it would be an entirely pleasant way to spend the afternoon."

"Actually, I was planning on waking Naruto up really early, because you know how much he despises waking up before noon, and then beating him up. ON my honor, of course."

"Of course. I will be the witness to say that you were cruelly provoked into the act, that your poor, innocent- get that?- date was attacked by Naruto with no justification for his- Naruto, I mean, Naruto's actions."

"That sounds good. I'm sure Tsunade-shishou will see it our way."

"Are you positive? I don't know if she'd approve."

"Er, she actually sort of guessed a few days ago, after we kissed. From the extreme shade of red I kept turning whenever I mentioned your name, she sort of guessed that something was up, right? And she says that if you screw up she's throwing you into the Hokage monument."

"I see."

"But you're not going to screw up, right Kakashi?"

"Of course not."

"Good. Because if you did, after Tsunade-shishou threw you into the Hokage monument I'd knock you out but punching you into the Forest of Death and then get Tenten to use you for target practice, and Hinata to practice her techniques on, and Tenten might bring Neji. And Ino would kill you with her fingernails."

"Okay, tell me something Sakura."


"Is it Threaten Kakashi Day? Because everyone is, and it's getting a little depressing. And bad for my overall mental health."

"Well. I'm sure that I could find some way to make it up to you…"

"Oh you do, do you?"

"Of course."