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A Kiss

It had just been a quick touch of lips. Why was she so upset about it?

But she just couldn't get it out of her mind. Every which way she turned, there was Yumi, waiting; with her happy smile, her adorable confused look, her big beautiful mocha eyes, and her soft, sweet, wet, lips. Argh!"

She should just never have given her a Valentine's present. She should have just forgotten the whole thing. But she had so wanted to give her Onee-sama something, anything really.

The two new blue ribbons for her hair were some she had been saving, maybe not specifically for this occasion but definitely for Onee-sama. But as the day had drawn nearer, she had had second thoughts about the whole thing. She didn't want to intrude upon Yumi and Sachiko's love. She saw how wonderful it was... She just, maybe, wanted... just wanted Onee-sama to know that she... that she was there too, maybe, a little.

She was being selfish she knew. Yumi gave her plenty of attention and time. She was a wonderful Onee-sama. She was the best Onee-sama one could hope for. It wasn't like that. She was just so frustrated. Frustrated that she didn't know what these feeling where and didn't know why she wanted... just wanted. Needed?

She had given the little present to Yumi almost at the end of the day, she had been going around with the silk wrapped box on her all day, feeling it get warmer and warmer as the day wore on. And when she had met Yumi alone on the landing between first and second floor in c-building, she had just suddenly whipped it out. Her cheeks had been so warm as she had said happy Valentine. And Yumi had been so happy, so so happy. Her whole face had been so beautiful. Beautiful... and when she saw the wonderful ribbons, she had had tears in her eyes, and she had thanked Touko profusely and then, and then she had kissed her, just a happy quick touch of lips before she had bolted for class yelling thank you once again. And she had just stood there. Chocked.

And now... now Touko couldn't sleep.


"What did you do to Touko?" Sachiko looked inquiringly at Yumi.

"Huh?" Yumi looked at Touko in the kitchen area. "Why, Onee-sama? Is something wrong" She looked at Touko with sudden concern.

"She gets all flushed and fidgety around you. It has been like that all day" Sachiko looked at Yumi, then back at Touko who was washing up.

"Did something happen yesterday?" She asked.

"Happen?" Yumi looked at her with eyes deep in thought.

"Well... it was Valentine's Day, and she did give me those wonderful ribbons I'm wearing." She looked at Sachiko pointing to her pigtails. "Maybe it's seeing me actually wear her present that has her a little emotional?"

"Hmm, I wonder... You did say thank, did you not?"

"Of cause Onee-sama, I gave her both a hug and a kiss and told her I was very happy. And I really am. I have never had ribbons this wonderful before."

"You kissed her!?" Sachiko exclaimed with big eyes.

Yumi looked at her quizzically.

"Yes. It was just a kiss to say thank you. She did go to all that trouble. They are from France you know. Just look at them" And Yumi pointed at her pigtails again "Aren't they just wonderful?"

"You kissed her!?" Sachiko's eyes hadn't exactly gotten any smaller.

"Onee-sama... are you sort'a kind'a jealous?" Yumi started a good leering grin.

"Jealous?" Sachiko was frozen with a weird twitch in her eye.

"Will you relax Onee-sama? It was just a kiss. There's no harm in a kiss. It's a show of affection and appreciation. And I really do appreciate her efforts... Besides" Yumi chuckled and leaned in to Sachiko. "I have more than enough appreciation for one person you know."

Sachiko gave in and calmed down a bit. They had been mulling over papers a few minutes when Sachiko broke the silence,

"I don't like being jealous."

Yumi stopped and looked at her stupefied. Then broke in a splitting laugh.


"I don't know what to give you for White Day?" Yumi looked up at Touko, who was pouring tea.

Touko sat the pot down. "Why?"

"Well you gave me those wonderful ribbons, and I want to repay you with something really nice too..."

"No, I meant; Why are you asking me?" Touko looked at her incredulous.

"Come on Touko!? Anything. I'm just a complete blank. Pleeease, I will do anything?"



"Then I want a kiss."

For two seconds the rose mansion was completely and utterly silent. Then Yumi slid her chair back and stood up. She gently took a step towards Touko, breaking her personal boundary. She slowly, gently cupped the girl's cheek with one hand, and slid her other hand gently around her. From the back, she pressed, so Touko's abdomen was pressed against her own. Then she leaned in for a slow, soft kiss. And when she separated, it was just for the tiniest fraction of a second before she kissed again, and again. And as she felt and heard Touko parting her lips and let out a small moan, she went deeper, letting Touko taste her. And for each time, the kisses were more passionate, open, and more demanding. When Yumi finally did break off, minutes later. Their lips were red and swollen, and their cheeks flushed.

"How was that?" Yumi asked softly, gently.

Touko didn't say anything, but blinked a few times as her eyes began to focus again, she just looked at Yumi.

Yumi smiled gently, caressed Touko cheek ones and said "I'll take that as a yes? Good, why don't I give you one of those on White Day and that will be my thank you for the ribbons then." Yumi turned, and sat back down.

"Oh! There's no more sugar Touko. Would you mind getting some for the tea?"


"What's with Touko today? She all flushed and fidgety and...! Yumi!?" Sachiko snapped around with big eyes.

"Huh!" Yumi looked up from her homework. It was math and somehow she was grateful for the intrusion.

"You didn't!?" Sachiko was looking at her with larger-than-life eyes and her pencil suddenly snapped in two.


"What.. did.. you.. do.. to.. your.. petite.. soeur?" Sachiko spoke every word so as not to confuse the young woman, who apparently seemed rather confused at the moment.

Yumi looked at her with big eyes. "O-Onee-sama?" And she looked over at Touko in the kitchen corner. She looked back at Sachiko as if not comprehending. "Onee-sama? She looks just fine to me?" She blinked a few times.

"Have you kissed her again?" Sachiko's voice was dripping ice.

"Oh, yes." Yumi made a little sigh as if being sad, because; if that was all One-sama wanted, she had to get back to her math already.

"Yumi!" Sachiko kicked her under the table.

Yumi looked up in chock "Y-Yes!"

"You can't just go kissing your petite-soeur all the time!" She looked as if she was ready to smack Yumi in the head with all fifteen hundred pages of school safety regulation she had in front of her.

Yumi looked at her incredulous for a second, then broke out in a leering grin. You don't seem to have any problems with it, and she winked at Sachiko.

Sachiko seemed encapsulated in glue, only thing moving was a twitch in her right eye.

"Onee-sama-love please. Hove many times before we became a couple didn't we show affection towards each other? A kiss on the cheek, the forehead, a hand. Listen, Love of my life. I also have deep affection towards my petite soeur, and I also want to be able to show this to her..." And she raised her finger when she saw that Sachiko wanted to butt in. "in what ever small way I see fit. That means; I decide if I can kiss my petite soeur. Not you, me."

Sachiko seemed to think a second. "You are doing this to make me jealous again...?"

"No Onee-sama. She got her kiss because she deserved one. Sometimes Touko actually does something nice, and this time it was really nice. Now, read your regulations. You can have 'your' kiss tonight." And Yumi beamed her a smile.

They had been sitting for just a minute when Sachiko asked "I really can't decide?"

"No love, you really can't decide." And Yumi laughed.


"Are you ready for your kiss Touko?" Yumi asked softly

Touko just stopped. Body, mind and soul.

"Today is White Day. The day of your present." Yumi smiled amicably and put down her pen.

"Or did you perhaps change you mind?"

Touko snapped out of her unconscious state. "No." She said very low, looking down. Her cheeks were crimson.

"Very well then. And where would you like me to kiss you Touko?"

Touko's head snapped up, and she looked at her with very big eyes, she blinked a few times. "W-W...Where?..."She finally managed to croak.

"Yes" Yumi said and slid her chair back. She stood and walked slowly over to Touko. Then she raised her hand and cupped her cheek. She leaned in a bit, looking her in the eyes.

"Where... would you like me to kiss you Touko?" She almost whispered the words, with only a few inches between them.

A second went by, then another. And finally Touko managed another croak. "A...A-Anywhere you wish, O-Onee-sama" She swallowed.

"Ah..." Yumi spoke softly. "I see..." ...Then she took a step back and said briskly. How about the grove then? It's been a while since I was out there."

Touko just blinked a few times. Trying to get her mind straight. "Huh?"

"You said anywhere right? Let's go to the grove then. You can have your kiss there." And she turned for the door, leaving a confused Touko to catch up.

Entering the wooded area down behind the sports arena and the school grounds proper. They quickly found their way to the little secluded grove, with the big oak in the middle. Yumi had taken Touko's hand along the way, and they were walking hand in hand as they entered.

Yumi pulled Touko in close as they came to the tree, putting an arm behind her.

"O-Onee-sama" Touko was somewhat nervous. A walk like that, with a kiss like that on your mind all the way, seemed to make you a little nervous... and excited.

For a few seconds Yumi looked her deep in her eyes while caressing her cheek. Touko's eyes softened by the touch.

"Anywhere... you said?" as she Yumi leaned in a bit, running her nose ever so gently along Touko's cheek.

"Yes," Touko whispered, swallowed and wet her lips. "Anywhere."

"I see..." Yumi took Touko's earlobe in her mouth and bit gently. The action brought a small whimper from Touko and her eyelids began to close. Her breathing was shallow.

"Are you wet, Touko...?" The words were spoken so soft as to be mere flutterings in the wind.

Touko drew a quick breath and her eyes went wide for a fraction of a second. Then they mellowed. "Yes..." Her voice a rasp.

"I see..." Yumi placed her free hand, fingers spread, over Touko breast, and squeezed gently.

Touko moaned as her head flew back her eyes rolled back in her sockets "O-Onee-s..."

Yumi bit in to Touko's jugular before placing a big soft kiss on the spot, then let her tongue, lead her back to Touko's ear where she traced the rim.

"Where..." She whispered as she let the hand on Touko's back slide down.

Touko moaned deep before rasping "Anywhere, Onee-sama... Kiss me anywhere..."

Yumi placed small kisses along Touko's jaw line. About midway towards her mouth, Touko's head dropped back down as she desperately sought Yumi's mouth with her own.

Yumi welcomed her with big, hungry, giving kisses. Kisses there to saturate hunger and kisses there to ease need. The small moans from Touko in-between kisses told of her apparent arousal. Then as the kisses began to slow in intensity, so too did the feeling of desperation, and the kisses were nice, sweet, long and tender.

When Yumi drew back, she caressed the girl's cheek a few times. "That was very nice Touko" She said gently. She looked the girl lovingly in the eyes as she came to.

"I think I better go back first." She said with a little smile. "Just take your time." She cupped her cheek, and leaned in and gave her a little soft kiss. "Maybe you could think of something other than a kiss for Christmas" She whispered. Then she turned and left the grove.

Touko dropped in a heap. Her knees simply buckled under her.


"You kissed her again!?"

"Well, it was the only thing she wanted for White Day"


So? what about that Christmas present? Hurry on to chapter two, maybe, just maybe we find out ;)