Yumi looked up from her papers, at Touko. Touko was sitting at the end of the table, at an arm length from Yumi. Just far enough away for them to not get their different paper mixed up.

Touko looked pale to Yumi, and a concerned pang ran through her. She quickly got out of her chair and bent next to Touko, pressing her forehead to Touko's.

"You don't have a fever? Are you alright Touko?" She looked her in the eyes with her big eyes deep in concern.

"I want to make love to you... to me... I mean...eh... I want to be with you, Onee-s..." Her words trailed out, as she gazed into the now surprised look in her Onee-sama's eyes, just a few inches from her own.

Touko suddenly had more colour in her head than could be suspected of a healthy person. She quickly looked down at her homework.

"My!" Was the first exclamation coming out of Yumi's mouth. It was followed by one more. "My!"

She shook the surprise, sending her pigtails flying. Then she knelt down, putting a hand on Touko's arm. "Touko?"

Touko seemed to be in a state of emergency. There is no way you just did that! Her insides were screaming. It had been almost a full month since the 'incident' in the grove. The kisses at White Day that had shown her a glimpse of heaven.

She had been feasting on the memories as if they were water in Sahara. But, it had just as much been the words of Yumi just before she had left her there: "Maybe you could think of something other than a kiss for Christmas?" The titillating words that could deliver her to heaven time and time again when she was alone at night. What she hadn't done with those words...

Touko was definitely gay. She had found out for sure already after the first time she had kissed Onee-sama. The feelings she didn't quite know what to do with before. Well, she certainly did now. And as she embraced her budding awareness, so to did her need to know and feel. The kisses had kept her going for a while, but now though...

And every day, as she was with Yumi, the woman of her dreams, her feelings and desperation grew. There was no way on Gods green that she was trying to split Sachiko and Yumi up. They loved each other with a passion not seen since Adam and Eve. No she just... She just wanted to feel a... tiny... fraction. And to do that, she wanted... no; had, to be with Onee-sama. Be with her for real.

But from there, to actually saying the words... She was feeling nauseous.

"Touko?" Yumi called her again, very gently.

Touko looked at her. Embarrassment burning bright on her cheeks.

"That's very sweet of you Touko. But you know that my partner is Onee-sama?"

"I didn't mean it like that, Onee-sama." Touko jumps to life. "I didn't want for you to break up or anything, I just..." She looks down, setting new standards for blushes. "I just want to be with you... once. Make love with you... once... Touch you... just once." the trail of her words found quicksand.

Yumi looks at Touko for a second. Then moves a few strands of her hair before she cups her cheek gently.

"Is that what you want for Christmas?" Yumi smiles gently.

The small nod as Touko finds her eyes is a little shaky.

"Why me Touko?" Yumi's eyes only holds affection and love. No hint of mirth or rejection.

"Because I love you... And... and I wanted my first time to be with one that I love." Touko tries not to let all her love and emotion flow through the plea in her voice. She simply doesn't do a very good job at it.

For a moment Yumi looks at Touko, then her words are spoken softly and carefully. "That might be a wish I cannot grant you Touko. Would you let me think about it for a bit?"

Touko manages a little nod.


"She what!?"

"She wants to have sex with me dear. The stuff we do every night before you scream my name in pleasure?"

"Absolutely not!!"

"Oh? Why is that?"

"Why!?" Sachiko's voice hit falsetto.

"Honey, Onee-sama, listen to me carefully. I told her I would think about it. I haven't said yes, and I haven't said no."

"What's there to think about? You are my girlfriend!"

"Honey listen. The first time can shape a person's entire life. Right now she is worth nothing since she has no girlfriend, and all she does with her new awareness, is racing her mind around that and nothing else. In the end she might go and do something stupid with a complete stranger just to saturate her curiosity.

As her Onee-sama I would rather see her have a good first time, and ease her into adulthood without the scar this could bring her.

"It sounds as if you already made up your mind?"

"Well, maybe I did. But I want you to agree with me." Yumi made the move to lie completely on top of Sachiko, looking in her sapphire eyes.

"Look, she's family to both of us. If we weren't to help her in this, then who?"

"That just sounds... wrong, in every way possible.

"You know what I mean. She has no one Sachiko, but us."

"She is sooo not getting a Christmas present from me you know..."


"I will grant your wish."

Touko didn't seem to comprehend. Then suddenly her whole being froze and her eyes went impossible wide.

Yumi smiled a little, and then bent to Touko's ear, whispering softly, "Does that please you, Touko?"

It took Touko two seconds to nod once.

"Good." And as if an afterthought. She leaned in and gave her a big, soft kiss. Then she winked at her and turned to open the door to the room.

"Gokigenyou everyone." She said as she walked in. She had let the door open for Touko as she hung up her coat.

"Yumi?" Sachiko said. "Why haven't you closed the door?"

Yumi looked at the door for a full second, then smiled gently. "I'm sorry Onee-sama. I just forgot." And then she gently closed the door, leaving the comatose Touko outside.


"I think this is the first time I have ever been in your room?" Yumi looked around, rather curious about the private surroundings of her petite soeur.

"Y-Yes" Touko was standing very self-consciously behind the closed door.

Yumi turned and looked at her for a second before understanding.

She smiled at her gently. "Touko? Do you have a nice bath?"

"Huh?" Touko not quite following.

"A Bath? Somewhere nice to shower and wash?" It was a superfluous question. This place was big and probably had ten.

"Ah... eh, yes. This way" And she opened the door and opened the one right outside on the left, revealing a big roomy bathroom with both shower, tub and everything else you would expect from this place.

"Wonderful!" Yumi exclaimed. "Let's take a bath." And she dragged Touko inside.


Yumi turned and drew Touko in close. She held her long enough for her to feel some of the tension leave the girl. Then she leaned back a bit, and looked Touko in the eyes. Her hand went to cup Touko's cheek, and it didn't take long for the, by now, expected reaction, of Touko closing her eyes, leaning in to her palm.

"Touko?" Yumi said softly. Touko opened her eyes, slowly, her eyes a little glazed. Yumi caressed her cheek gently, then raised her hand to Touko's hair, and untied her ribbon, first one, then the other.

"Now you." Yumi had spoken softly, but after a split-second Touko raised her hands and a little shakily did the same with Yumi's.

Then Yumi began to slowly unbuttoning Touko's shirt. When she had all the buttons loose, Touko helped her get it off. It dropped on the floor.

"Now you. Yumi said softly. And a little fumbly, Touko did the same. Yumi then gently took her in so she could get her arms around to open her bra, she whispered in Touko's ear, "You too". And as they parted, they too, fell to the floor.

Touko had beautiful small breasts, but not quite measuring up to Yumi's, being a year older and all.

Yumi reached up and stroked her cheek gently. "Feel my breast, Touko." Her voice; always gently, always soft.

Touko's eyes were glued as she ever so carefully reached up and cupped one of Yumi's breasts.

Yumi closed her eyes by the touch and let Touko feel, it only took a moment before she felt Touko cup the other as well. Yumi opened her eyes and slowly put her hands on Touko's. "How do they fell?"

Touko tried to speak but had to swallow. "W-Wonderful... They feel wonderful" Her eyes were the size of teacups.

Yumi smiled and gently put her hand on Touko's lower chest. She let it slide caressingly down to the edge of the skirt, and glide slowly around the rim until she could unbutton it.

Yumi bent in her knees and followed the skirt down. Then let her hands run on the outside of Touko's legs up until she reached the small white panties which she gently pulled down. She couldn't help but notice that they were almost soaked to the point of dripping, and smiled tenderly.

Yumi stood up. "Now you." And she felt Touko reach for her skirt, which dropped in a pile and then began pulling her panties.

"Touko?" The words soft. When Touko looked up at her, she smiled and said. "Gentle."

"I-I'm sorry, O-Onee-s..."

"It's okay Touko. Relax. Now take them gently, and pull them down slowly. That's right. There you go, and Yumi stepped out of the small soft blue panties of her own.

"Now then, why don't we start filling the tub while we take a warm shower?" Yumi smiled reassuringly.

The shower was nice, touchy and exploratory. Each one in turn, washing the other from head to toe. And as they climbed in the tub, there wasn't a single spot the other one hadn't touched. They lay in the tub for a long time, kissing.

Touko was timidly following a naked Yumi hand in hand to her own bed. Yumi climbed in and in a quick movement yanked her in and with and squeal and a laugh had her pinned underneath. Both girls were a little breathless as Yumi let her body slowly lie on Touko's. As the breathing settled down, Yumi was gazing into those eyes, so overflowing with love for her that she couldn't help but marvel and think; what ever did I do to deserve that?...

They kissed for a time, slowly, gently, until both girls felt completely at easy with the touch and nakedness of each other.

Yumi eased along Touko's cheek and bit her ear, then softly whispered "Where", making Touko laugh. It was a reference to the kiss in the grove.

"Anywhere." She smiled.

"I see..." Yumi kissed her a few times, burning holes in her wake on her way to Touko's breast.

"How about here?" She whispered, and kissed her breast softly.

"Yes..." Touko whispered as she let her head fall back in pleasure. "Anywhere..."

Yumi smiled and bit the nipple gently while squeezing the other breast. The sudden intake and slow moan spoke for itself. Yumi smiled and switched breast.

"How about here?" And kissed.

Touko's reply was more a whispering staccato of sounds than a word really, as her "A..ny..whe..re.."

After a little kissing and biting, Touko's breasts weren't really big enough to suckle, she let her tongue slowly lead the way to her belly button.

"And here?" Yumi was grinning through her kiss, as she felt Touko's sensitive skin, jerk a few times.

"Yes..." Touko's head came back, and they locked eyes. "Anywhere, Onee-sama" Her eyes were slightly glazed as Yumi then let the tip of her tongue let the way south.

To say Touko was excited and wet, would be an understatement. Her lips were already large and spread and her clit out and about, so to speak.

Yumi looked her in the eyes as she kissed the top of her vulva. "Here?" she whispered.

Touko's eyes were big as she nodded.

"And... here?..." Yumi kissed her just over the clit hood itself

"Kiss med there. Onee-sama." Touko was practically pleading.

Yumi smiled at Touko's zeal. "Here?" And with wet lips she kissed the clit gently.

Touko threw her head back, eyes rolling back and a deep sated guttural sound escaped her.

Yumi almost laughed. But instead she concentrated on the task at hand. She wanted this to be a first time Touko would cherish, so she used all her learning's from the time with Sachiko and went to work.

Staying dry was simply impossible as Touko was overflowing, and after a few minutes Yumi was looking like a messy eater. Touko on the other hand was having the time of her life. At least the part where she was conscious and not in some private paradise of hers.

Yumi had started off by tracing the labia ever so gently with her tongue, and for every trip from bottom to top she slowly used the toungue to part them a little further, until she had complete access. It was a dance of delicate movements around the clit and small kisses, to the deep exploratios with her tongue in the girl herself.

When Yumi finally eased two fingers slowly in, she did it with a teasing "Here". Touko just trust her chest in the air as she pressed her shoulder blades down. The sound coming from her had nothing to do with anything understandable, so let's skip that bit.

It didn't take long when Yumi first found a steady rhythm, reaching for the G'spot with two fingers every thrust. In a matter of minutes Touko came, and it was with a power Yumi couldn't have imagined. Her pelvis flew in the air, juices gushing, and her scream was one to wake up neighbours.

The climax of Touko lasted longer than anything Yumi had ever tried, and she felt quite envious.

And when it was all over Yumi eased her fingers out, and with a little kiss to the clit and thigh, she crawled out of bed. Touko reached for her arm.

"Don't worry, I just need to clean up" She smiled fondly at the spent girl.

Having done that she came back and laid down next the Touko.

"The girl you are going to end up with, are going to be sooo lucky" Yumi smiled and kissed her softly. "You were so beautiful."

"This... That was..." Touko was still flushed and slightly out of breath.

"Yes it was..." Yumi chuckled. "We need to change the sheets."

Touko blushed further "I-I'm sorry, Onee-sama..."

"Sorry?" Yumi drew her head back and looked at her quizzically. "What on earth for?"

"For the... for making the sheets...wet..." She looked away.

Yumi laughed. Which made Youko look back in surprise.

Yumi leaned back and plopped her head on Touko's chest. "Sweetie, it's a good thing. If I could make Sachiko come like that every night, I would."

"A good thing...?" Touko blinked a few times.

"Yes." And while they got out and changed the sheets, Yumi told her a thing or two about the woman's lower anatomy, and sex in general. When they snuggled back in bed, Yumi was underneath. They lay comfortable for a while, Touko halfway on top, resting her head on Yumi's chest.

"I wish this could be always..."

"Well, we are only halfway done." Touko smiled at the words, and crawled up so she was on top; she lowered slowly, and kissed gently and whispered.

"Where?" And they both screamed in laughter. But after that Yumi guided her through half of their love making by gentle soft words such as 'not there', 'that's right', 'now kiss gently' and so on and so forth.

And when time was right. Yumi made a make-belief orgasm so as not to disappoint the younger girl. It wasn't because she didn't do it right, it was simply because Yumi saved her climaxes' for someone else.

"Was that okay?" Touko asked nervously as she came crawling back up.

"Yes..." Yumi said a little out of breath "That was perfect." And Touko's face lit up in a smile as she snuggled down on top of her. For a time they lay in comfort, talking some, not talking some.

"Some say that true love making is the transition to adulthood." Yumi was fondly running her fingers through Touko's auburn tresses.

"That makes me a woman now?"

"Following that line of thought yes."

Touko turned her head slightly. Closed her eyes and and let the feel of Yumi's soft skin on her cheek, and the sound of her heart burn to memory.

"Will you stay?..." The words were nervous.

Yumi caressed Touko's cheek a bit. "Would you like that?" Her voice, soft, gentle.

"...yes..." And the tiniest of nods.

"Okay, just for tonight then."

And so they fell asleep.



Well it is the only thing she wants for her birthday dear.


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