A very very very belated holiday gift for the wonderful May, otherwise known as Rainstorm Amaya Arianrhod. I'm sorry that I took forever, May. Please forgive me. grovels Also a bit of a New Year's fic, but really just general holiday Evin/Miri cheer. With added rum.

Seven drinks ago, she'd challenged him to a drinking contest. Three drinks ago, her head was feeling quite fuzzy.

"Bottoms up, eh?" Evin toasted her as they downed yet another shot.

Five drinks later, Evin was trying to proposition Caerthyn, another Rider in her group (who was in a serious relationship) and failing and she, Miri, had decided that she had obviously won the contest.

"Come on, Ca- Caer- Carthyn," Evin was slurring unashamedly. "Y'kow that you want me and I'm good, y-you know."

"This is where I come in," Miri said, wincing apologetically to Caerthyn who smiled gratefully back at her. "Even. It's bedtime."

"With you?" He asked hopefully.

She smacked him lightly on the shoulder. "By yourself," Miri replied, then giving him a short, sharp tug on the ear. "Now."

Her comrade followed, but not before winking at a very disgusted Caerthyn. Miri dragged him to the Rider barracks, trying to ignore the fact that Evin's eyes were focused quite firmly on her chest. The stupid idiot had spilled his drink on her and drenched her shirt, of course.

"Inside, sleep, now Evin."

Evin nodded complacently.

"Yeah, uh-huh. But Miri?" he said, voice going up in pitch a little.

"Yes?" she replied.

"You- you're really pretty when…"

"When what?" Miri asked curiously.

"When you're drunk and annoyed at me and your shirt is wet and I can see through it."

So much for romantic.

"Happy New Year, Evin."

"Happy New Year."

"Now go to bed."