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Chapter 2: Surprise

Adrenaline pulsed through my veins, and my heartbeat picked up speed. Someone was in my house. The Volturi. They were coming to check on me? And I was, clearly, not a vampire. Yet. They would be dissapointed. Maybe even angry. Then they wouldnt care, and I would be writhing in pain and screaming as loud as my lungs would allow. For three days, for three days I would be tortured unintentionally, and I would never get a chance to say my goodbyes. Atleast I had said goodbye to Jacob. But Charlie deserved it too, and Renee.

I suppose that I had already almost said goodbye to Charlie, now that I was getting married. That was sort of like a goodbye. But this one would be much more extreme. Getting married just meant some last name changes, whats yours and mine is ours, and till death do us part. Married people could still visit with family members, engage in conversations, spend time with them. Becoming a vampire...well since being a vampire poses an extremely hazardous threat to any humans around said vampire, visiting, face to face conversations, and spending any amount of time with them would probably have a negative outcome. Vampires couldnt be around people, not for a while, of course, but still.

Renee never even got a goodbye. That wasnt fair. We took care of eachother for almost my whole life, my human life. Soon, I wouldnt have a life. It would merely be an existence. Renee knew already that I was engaged, Charlie told her. I knew he would. I expected that. Suddenly, I wished I hadnt been avoiding her. I wished that I could have talked to her, explained my choice, told her not to worry. Now she will probably think that Edward and I have eloped.

The top stair creaked, the unknown guest must have been curious as to who had just opened the front door.

Relief washed through me. A vampire wouldnt make any noise moving around. There would have been no creaky stair.

The footsteps sounded louder, and the sounds were spaced far apart, the person moving slowly down the stairway, hesitant.

My heartbeat slowed substantially, and I found that I could move my limbs around again. My temporary relief vanished after that, and panic resurfaced. It was ridiculous, and the visitor came to the bottom of the stairs, revealing their identity.


She breathed a sigh. "Oh, Bella." She smiled half-heartedly. "Its just you. I thought I would have had to call the police or something." She frowned, remembering who the police were. And whos house she was in.

"How did you get in?" How did you get here? Why are you here? Does Charlie know? When did you get here?

Renee laughed. "I took a plane in. I wanted to see you face-to-face." Lovely.

I just went and sat down at the kitchen table. Renee followed, and she deliberately looked at the yellow cupboards she had painted so many years ago.

"Nothings changed much, huh?" She sat down across from me.

"Nope." I looked around.

"You know why Im here, dont you?" She raised her eyebrows, but the parental look just didnt seem to fit her face.

I nodded, looking down at the table, and tracing a line in the wood with my finger.

She seemed to be expecting me to say something. When I didnt, she spoke softer, gently, "Bella, sweetheart.." she trailed off, searching for words to begin the lecture I knew was coming. "Bella, I-" she stopped again.

"Im making the same mistake you did? Youre dissapointed in me? You want to tell me that youre ashamed of me, and that you wont allow this? I can make my own decisions, Mom, whether you think its a mistake or not, whether you approve or not." My voice broke on the last word, and I stopped, rubbing my hand across my cheek. Tears, from sadness or anger, I wasnt sure. Maybe some of both.

Renees jaw dropped.I instantly felt guilty for going against her, I had never fought with her before, there was never a reason...

"Bella, Im not going to scold you." She laughed. Now my jaw dropped. "You are an adult now, you can make your own decisions, even if theyre wrong."

My eyes narrowed. "Im not wrong." I didnt mean to be defensive, from her perspective, I was choosing wrong. From mine, however, the love of my existence wasnt going to be put on hold.

The smile faded. "From each his own." She seemed to be trying to maintain peace. I grew suspicious as to how long she planned on staying, no one wants to fight for extended periods of time.

I dropped my glare, and I sighed, leaning back against the wooden chair. I didnt know what to say anymore.

"When does Charlie get home?" She asked me, no emotion in the question, just curiosity.

"An hour or so." I replied, mirroring her tone.

The silence stretched. I wanted to make up an excuse to leave, but I couldnt bring myself to it. I missed Renee, although I didnt particularly want to see her right now. I couldnt leave.

The phone rang, breaking the silence. Renee flinched, and I jumped up eagerly, thankful for the unexpected call. If it was a telemarketer, even after they hung up, I could be pretending to have an important conversation, atleast untill Charlie got home. Though he wouldnt be much help.

"Hello?" I asked brightly.

A musical laugh sounded on the other line. "You sound cheerful, " he noted.

"Yes, " I dropped my voice to a whisper. "Thankful, relieved...hold up." I thought back to Edwards attitude earlier, how he seemed so smug, how hed said 'Maybe later'. He knew. He knew Renee was coming. So did Alice.

"Traitor," I hissed.

"Bella," his tone was reproachful. "You had to do it eventually. You cant run from your problems."

"I can hide from them," I insisted, though I knew he was right. I wouldve had to tell Renee anyways, but I was procrastinating that, not entirely looking forward to the event.

Edward chuckled again. "Do you mind if I stop over? Or is now a bad time?"

I scowled. Would Renee be in the mood to see Edward? Was I in the mood to handle Renee and Edward in the same room?

"Ill decide myself then." There was a smile in his voice.

"Edward--" Dial tone. Dammit. I knew what he would choose. He would come. I didnt think it would be to aggravate me, maybe it would be for Renees sake. I also didnt think he wouldve come if he hadnt known the outcome. It mustve been okay, since he probably asked Alice, and she confirmed anything he wanted to know.

I stood by the phone, in no hurry to get back to Renee. I wondered if shed notice that I wasnt talking anymore, and then shed tell me to come back in there, or explain who it was. I didnt like either options.

Of course he would be here quickly. He was probably already on his way anyways.

The quiet taps on the door didnt surprise me, as I knew who it would be.