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Haruka killed the engine to her bike after she had pulled up in front of a small four story apartment building. The blonde racer got off her bike and removed her helmet, pushing her fingers though her messed up hair. Tucking the helmet under her arm she grabbed the brown paper bag that had been in the compartment under her seat. She walked into the building and up the elevator and pressed the button. The doors opened almost immediately and she stepped in and pressed the button for the fourth floor which was the top floor of the building. She had been living in this building for the last 3 years with her best friend Michiru Kaiou. They liked the building because while it was a small building that meant that each floor held only one apartment and because they were on the top floor it was nice and quiet. The bell chimed indicating she had reached her floor. Once the doors opened she stepped out into the hall and walked down the hallway stopping in front of the door that had 401 on it in gold numbers. She fished her keys out of her pocket and went through the arduous task of finding the right one for the door. She really needed to find a way to organize all her keys. There were way too many… one for her car, motorcycle, school locker, track locker, storage locker, garage, two for the apartment building… and other random ones. It wouldn't be so much of a problem if they most of them didn't look same. She tried one, but it didn't work. She growled under her breath as she tried another. Still no luck. She was close to just kicking the damn door down when it flew open revealing her aqua haired roommate Michiru.

"Still can't figure out the keys?" she said in a mocking tone. Haruka scowled playfully at her.

"Hey it's not my fault they all look the same." She said as she put the keys back in her pocket. She walked past Michiru who was still giggling at her. She went to the kitchen and put the bag and her helmet down on the table before turning to go back out into the hall to hang up her jacket. Before doing so she pulled a DVD from the inside pocket. "I got that movie you wanted to see so bring the food and let's settle in for a night of absolutely nothing." She went to put the DVD in the DVD player and as soon as she had pushed play Michiru walked in with two plates of spaghetti, garlic bread and Caesar salad. She set them down on the coffee table and went back to the kitchen returning with two glasses of red wine which she set on the table as well. She sat on the couch next to Haruka who had picked up the two glasses of wine handing one to Michiru. "To Friday nights." Haruka said as she raised her glass. Michiru giggled as she did the same with her glass, lightly tapping it against Haruka's.

"To Friday nights." They both took a sip of the wine before digging into their meal and watching the movie.

When the movie ended Haruka looked down at the mass of Aqua hair that was resting on her shoulder. It looked like Michiru had fallen asleep. Haruka wasn't surprised. Michiru had gotten up early that morning for a last minute rehearsal, gone to school and then had another rehearsal after school. It was already 8 when Haruka got back with the food making it around 10 right now so it was understandable that the violinist would be tired. She sighed as she continued to stare at her. Haruka wished she could finally utter those three words to Michiru, but she knew her feelings would never be returned so instead she just settled for being her friend. It had its benefits such as the situation right now. Still it hurt every time she had to look into those beautiful aqua orbs and gaze upon those soft pink lips that she so desperately wanted to kiss. Sighing Haruka gently shook Michiru to wake her.

"Michi… Hey Michi wake up."

"Hmmm? What?" Haruka had to laugh at how cute she was.

"A little tired are we?"

"I guess. Sorry about that. You rented that movie and I think I slept through most of it."

"That's alright. I understand. If my day were as busy as yours was I'd probably be passed out by now too."

"Well I suppose I should go to bed then. I don't want to be tired for my concert tomorrow. Are you coming?"

"Of course I am. I won't be able to drive you though because I'll be at the track for practice."

"That's ok. Takashi offered to drive me." And there it was… The boyfriend. Michiru had been dating Takashi for a little over 3 months now and to be perfectly honest it was driving Haruka insane. It's not that he wasn't a decent guy, he seemed quite nice in general, but there was something about him that Haruka just didn't like… aside from the fact that he was dating the woman that Haruka had been in love with for the past 3 years.

"I see. Well then we should both get some sleep."

"Agreed." Michiru said as he stood up and started to pick up the dished. However Haruka placed her hand over Michiru's stopping her.

"I'll do that. You go to bed. I don't think I'm as tired as you are." Michiru smiled at Haruka.

"Thank you Ruka. I'll see you tomorrow then. Good night."

"Night." Haruka watched as Michiru walked down the hall into her room. She sighed as she picked up the plates and brought everything into the kitchen. She washed everything, dried them and then put everything away. After she was done she walked out onto the balcony that connected to the living room. She stood there enjoying the cool autumn breeze that danced through her hair. She leaned on the railing and thought about all that she and Michiru had been through together and how many times she had wanted to tell her she loved her, but could never seem to actually go through with it. Haruka cursed herself as she turned around slamming her fist into the wall in frustration. When was she going to get over this? Michiru would never love her. She doesn't like girls. She has a boyfriend and would never see Haruka as more then just a friend. Haruka sighed as she went back into the apartment and into her room. She lay down on the bed still thinking to herself as she stared at the ceiling… 'Tomorrow's going to be a long day.'

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