A/N: This is my first story! It was based off a dream... but I am going to end it way differently then the dream did... the dream was to sad. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, and I'll try my hardest to make it good!

Title: My Hime

Summary: "But-but you can't be you!" He cried. "Oh, but I can." Neji/Saku

Rating: T (A/N: Just to be safe... I'm not sure what's going to happen! Well... we'll just have to see how the cookies crumble, or the chips fall, or whatever those clique sayings are...)

Anime: Naruto

Pairing: Neji x Sakura (A/N: I might not be too good at this... but please bear with me! They will both be OC... no complaining!)

CAG: -claps hands together in delight- Now to start my first story!

-Naruto pops up-

Naruto: Am I in it?

CAG: …No…

Naruto: What?! Why not?

CAG: Because this is a Neji/Saku story.

Naruto: What!? Sakura belongs to me!

Sakura: Hey! I don't belong to anyone! –hits Naruto on head-

Naruto: …Ow… But can't I be in the story? Please? –does puppy dog eyes-

CAG: -sighs- Fine, as long as you're quiet.

Naruto: Yay!

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto -pouts-


The moon hung high over the land, and although it was slightly hidden by drab gray clouds, its soft radiant light still shone through.

The rest of the sky, however, was a dark, taunting, luminous black, making the whole scene, despite the moon and scarcely visible clouds, a hard shadowy canvas.

Although, if you looked closely, you would be able to see a girl's emerald green eyes gleam in the moonlight as she jumped from branch to branch, a black cape concealing the rest of her identity.

Her breathing was ragged, and she seemed to be forcing herself forward, but her speed and chakra supply were depleting quickly, soon she wouldn't be able to jump any farther.

And luckily, just before her body would have gone into shock from the overuse, she stopped.

Her left hand was pressed against her lungs as she breathed in and out quickly. Her eyes were beginning to cloud over, and she could feel her self submitting to unconsciousness.

The rest was blurring, as she fell to the ground in an awkward position, but even as she fainted, she tightly grasped a silver necklace in her hands.

If only she had stayed awake a minute longer, she would have seen a large group of men coming toward her, a malicious look glinting in their eyes.

If she had stayed awake she would have felt the strange jutsu they put on her, erasing all of her memories.

And if she had stayed awake, she would have seen one of the members come back, a pitying look conveyed through his red eyes.

End Prologue

CAG: So... how is it?

Sakura: Um... well, it's just the prologue... I can't tell yet...

CAG: I wasn't talking to you! I was talking to the viewers! By the way, viewers, review ple-

-Naruto pops up-

Naruto: I wasn't in it! -anime tears-

CAG: This is just the prologue, even Neji wasn't in it yet!

Naruto: But-but you promised!

CAG: Did I ever actually say the words, "I promise"?

Naruto: ...No.

CAG: Exactly.

Naruto: What about the next one?!

CAG: -rolls eyes- Itachi?

Itachi: Yes?

CAG: Shut Naruto up.

-Itachi pulls out a butcher knife-

CAG: Don't kill him! I need him for the story! And coughtorturecough.

Itachi: But I want to kill him!

CAG: Itachi! I said no!

Itachi: Fine. -sighs-

-Sasuke arrives-

Sasuke: I'm going to kill you, Itachi!

CAG: No fighting!

-Sasuke charges at Itachi-

Sasuke: Die Itachi!

CAG: I said no fighting! –grins evily- Unless it's with Naruto!

Naruto: Um… I'm going to go get some... uh... ramen... yeah, ramen! –runs away and Sasuke and Itachi run after him-

Naruto: How can I get out of this!

CAG: Tell the viewers to review.

Naruto: Please review before I die!-hides behind ramen stand-

CAG: That's enough for today, Ita-kun and Chicken Ass.

Itachi: Fine... -grumbles-

Sasuke: Pfft... bitch.

CAG: -eye twitch- I'm going to kill you now! -chases Sasuke with a giant sword-

Sakura: Well... um... sayonara minna-san! Don't forget to review!

Ja ne,

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