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Edward POV

The plane had just landed. I waited until my parents and sister had gotten off the plane to follow. I could not believe we had to move. This was unreasonable. Why would my family have to move because my father's boss had decided to relocate his business location? My life back in Chicago was arranged; my high school, colleges I would apply to close to home, and my major. Did I really have to change all this because of one man's whim?

My parents walked over to the baggage claim, and I followed without a word. Once we had all our luggage, we walked to the doors to find our car already out and waiting for us. It was raining. Of course it was. The days in which it did not rain were a rarity in Forks, Washington.

My father, Edward Sr., had been given the choice of moving with his boss and his new business center in Forks or being fired. My mother, Elizabeth, had opt for the first choice. I had no say in this situation. Naturally.

My little sister, Emma (who was a mini-replica of my mom), was sad to be leaving home but was ecstatic to get to meet more people and make new friends. Did she truly not see how horrible this was? She was barely starting third grade and was bound to make friends easier than I would. She was a friendly person by nature. She knew nothing about what was waiting for us here.

I never really knew that much about Forks - I had never lived here before. What I did know I knew it from the internet. I looked up pictures, touring places (not that there were any) and population. That was the one that disappointed me the most. After living in such a huge town like Chicago, living in Forks would be my own personal Hell.

The drive home was quiet except for the murmur of my parents discussing the greenery and Emma counting every tree she saw. I just stayed in the back and took in what would be my home for the rest of my life.


We pulled up to a driveway in front of a big, beautiful house. It had two floors and lots of flowers adorning the driveway. Next to it I saw a house similar to our own. I had heard from one of my father's conversations with my mother that we would be living next to the Town's Chief of Police. Great.

I walked into the house and it looked as beautiful inside as it was outside. I went up to my room and walked Emma to hers. She gasped and plopped herself on the bed we had shipped here a couple days before we came. We started rearranging her things immediately - she loved remodeling things to her taste. "Wow, Eddie! Don't you love this place? Its just like home!" I could tell she was excited to be here.

I chuckled softly and walked over to my room. I threw my luggage on the floor and walked over to the window. This is your new home…I thought to myself as I starred into the rainy forest. I caught a glimpse of a girl walking into the house next to us but I couldn't really see her face since she was wearing her hood all the way up to block the rain. From what I could tell she went to the same high school as I would be. I can't wait I thought sarcastically as I went over to my luggage and started putting everything in its place.


Once I was done I decided to turn on my computer, which had been shipped over along with the other things, and listen to some music since my piano hadn't arrived yet. After a little while I heard my mom calling me.

"Edward?" she called.

"Yes?" I answered. I walked out of my room and downstairs but not before seeing Emma poke her head through her door and smirk at me.

"Eddie is in trouble," she said in a sing-song voice. I smiled and ruffled her hair playfully. Silly Squirt I thought. I found my mom in the kitchen arranging everything in the cabinets.

"Oh, there you are! Edward, your father and I just wanted to tell you that we are sorry you and Emma have to suffer the consequences of your father's work. We know this isn't exactly your idea of a the best place to live in but we wanted you to know that we appreciate you coming along without complaint. Come with me, please. I want to show you something." She said as she walked out of the kitchen and stepped outside. I followed suit.

Outside, along with my dad, was the last thing I expected: A brand new, shiny silver Volvo. "Edward, since the high school you are going to now is a bit father than your old one, we decided that if you are going to be in a new town, you should at least have your own transportation. We hope you like it." she said as my dad came up to her and put his arm around her waist.

I was dumbstruck to say the least. I was immobilized for a second until everything they sad sank in. This was my new car. My own car. Yes!

"Alright! Thank you so much Mom and Dad!" I said as I ran up to hug them. I heard my dad chuckle and felt him put something in my hand. I looked down to see a silver key on the palm of my hand.

"Why don't you go give it a test drive?" he said. He didn't have to tell me twice. I jumped into the drivers side of the car and turned on the ignition. It purred to life. I put into reverse and drove away. I was on the road - going a tad bit over the speed limit - when I saw an open space in the middle of the woods. It looked like there was a path leading somewhere, and curiosity got the better of me. I found a spot to park close by and walked out to follow the path.

I walked on for about ten minutes when I saw a bit of light coming from the end of the path. I picked up and pace and within a little while I had come to the end. I walked out to find a beautiful meadow. It was perfectly circular, as if someone had cut it out themselves. There were wild flowers all over, and I could hear a river nearby.

I sat down at the edge of the meadow and leaned against a tree. I sat there for an immeasurable amount of time until I noticed the time it was. I got up and started heading home but not before I made sure to memorize how to get here again; I had a feeling I would be coming here often.

Once I got home I walked into find my piano already set up in the living room. I saw my parents discussing which set of curtains to put up and I walked up to them to tell them I was home. After that, I went to sit at the piano bench and started to play my mom's favorite. I got into the music and before I knew it I had stopped playing that one and moved on to a new piece. This one was strange to me, and it wasn't even thought out. My fingers just moved off their own accord. It was a rather dull piece, showing pain and hurt. Why was I playing this? I didn't know but as I tried to find an ending to the melody, I could come up with nothing. It was as if something was missing to make this piece complete. I shrugged it off and wrote down all the notes to the piece.

After practicing for a while I saw that it was late. I went to get ready for bed; I would be starting school tomorrow. I said goodnight to my mom and dad and Squirt and I went to bed. Tomorrow would be a long day.


I woke up to see fog outside the window. Not surprising. I got up and went to the bathroom to freshen up. I walking into my room and pulled on my black shirt with some jeans; nothing too fancy. I didn't need anything more to draw attention to the "new kid."

After some breakfast I grabbed my book bag and the keys to my Volvo and drove to school. It was nothing how I expected it to be. There was nothing about it that told me it was a high school except for a sign. I parked my car and walked over to the main office to find two kids already there. One was a guy who was easily three inches teller than me who looked like he worked out. The other was a small, pixielike girl with black spiky hair. The two were talking to the receptionist and I picked up the words "new," "schedules," and "McCarty." Were these new students, too? At least I would be the only one starred at, then. They thanked the receptionist and left, but not before giving me a small wave. I waved back and walked up to the secretary. Mrs. Cope, her name tag said.

"Good Morning, Mrs. Cope. I'm Edward Mason. I'm new here and I need my schedule, please," I said pleasantly, giving her a small smile. I swear I saw her cheeks turn a slight shade of pink.

"Of course, here you go," she said, handing me several pieces of paper. "This is your schedule. This one is a map of the school, and this one is a sheet I need all you teachers to sign and you must return it at the end of the day. I hope you like it here," she said, giving me a smile that was clearly a dismissal. I walked out and back to my car to look for a space to park my car and I saw a blonde girl walk into the office. Was she another new student, as well? If she was, then Forks high would get one hell of a show today.

I drove around for a while until I found a parking space right next to a red truck. I noticed that my car was a bit newer than the others. What a way to blend in. I walked out and immediately felt eyes on me. I ignored it and walked to my first class, Calculus.

Once I walked in everything quieted down noticeably and I heard a few gasps. I shrugged it off and went up to the teacher, who's name was Mr. Smith.

"Hello, my name is Edward Mason and I am new here. Mrs. Cope said you had to sign this," I said and gave him the sheet.

"Hello, Edward, and welcome to Forks. You may take a seat in the back next to Ms. McCarty," he said giving me the sheet back and pointing to the pixie girl from the main office. I thanked him and walked over to the girl, ignoring the many stares boring into my back.

"Hi," she said, with a surprisingly large voice for such a small person. "I'm Alice, I'm new here as well. Your not alone." she said in a comforting voice.

"Hey Alice, I'm Edward. Its nice to meet you," I responded. And it was true, Alice seemed like a person I could become friends with easily. Mr. called the class to order. I had already learned all this, so I started early on the homework sheet he had passed out. I finished a couple minutes before the bell: one last thing for homework. The bell rang and I walked out of the classroom and headed for my next class: Government.

Government was fairly easy, but uneventful. I didn't really pay attention, but I caught one girl looking at me and, when I caught her, she turned away but I could see her blush.

English and Gym passed in a blur. Before I knew it, it was time for Lunch. Mike, I think his name was, came up to me as I was putting my books in my locker.

"Hey, your Edward, right?" he said. I nodded. "Hey, I'm Mike, you wanna sit with us for lunch?" he asked.

"Sure," I answered and followed him to the lunch line. We paid for our lunches and he walked me over to his table. When we got there, everyone starred at him and then turned to me. I recognized Alice and the weight lifter next to her. Mike introduced everyone.

"Edward, this is Jessica, Lauren, Angela, Ben, Tyler, and Eric. These are Alice and Emmett, who are new here, too, as well as Rosalie." For the first time, I noticed the blonde girl that was sitting in front of Emmett and next to Jessica. "Everyone, this is Edward. He just moved here." he said, and I recognized Jessica as the girl I caught starring at me. She blushed and looked down. I chuckled softly.

"Hey, Alice," I said as I sat down across from her and next to Mike.

"Hello Edward, this is my brother, Emmett. Emmett, this is my friend Edward," she said, nodding towards me. I extended my hand and he shook it.

"Hey, its nice to meet you, I'm a Senior, we just moved here from Ohio," he said.

"Its nice to meet you, too. I just moved here from Chicago," I said and turned to Rosalie. "Hello, Rosalie, nice to meet you," I said and extended my hand. She shook it.

"Same here, I just moved here from Rochester. My father got moved," she said with a pout on her face. I laughed.

"Me, too," I said. I continued eating and scanning the room until my eyes fell on a girl sitting by herself, and another boy at the end of the table. The girl was gorgeous, to say the least. She was extremely pale, as was I. She must also be Albino, I thought. Her hair was a beautiful mahogany color, and from what I could see, her eyes were a soft chocolate brown color. I had never seen anyone more beautiful than her.

"Who's that?" I asked Mike, nodding towards her.

He knew who I was talking about, no doubt, but still looked at her. "That's Isabella Swan. Bella. She's as antisocial as they come, but she's really hot, isn't she? She's the Chief's daughter so I think that's why she never talks to anyone. She probably thinks she's better than us. But don't get your hopes up; everyone has tried to get to her. Never opened up to anyone." he said, with a hint of remorse. So she had turned him down, had she?

"Who's the other guy?" I heard Alice ask.

"Oh, that's Jasper Whitlock. He moved here from Alaska about two years ago. He never talks to anyone here. Girls practically throw themselves at him but he's never given anyone a second look," he said, and I saw Alice's face fall out of the corner of my eye.

So, I lived next to Bella Swan. Maybe living in Forks would be so bad, after all.

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