this is a spin off story of Azvees. so a few things are the same in our stories.

disclaimer: i do not own POTC or any other caracters

Chapter 1- Tortuga

"Barbossa, we need the map to get to the fountain!" Stephanie Brown exclaimed.

"I know that! We need to find Jack, so we can retrieve the map. Get the crew together. Tonight we are going to Tortuga to find the map," Barbossa said to his new, pretty, female first mate. She nodded and went to complete his orders.

Stephanie POV

I can't believe I am the first mate on the ship I want to captain. Maybe I can get to be captain soon. Does Barbossa know the word hygiene?

Normal POV

When the Pearl got to Tortuga, the crew walked down the gangplank. Then Barbossa turned around and said, "All right, men and first mate, we all know what needs to be done."

"Aye!" the crew answered him.

"Find Jack Sparrow and get the map. Kill him if you have to," he paused before going on, "You know what, kill him no matter what he does. Now go!"

The crew rushed to obey him; then he added, "Steph."

"Yes, captain?" she asked.

"Come with me," he ordered.

"Aye!" she exclaimed falling into step with him.

After a few hours of looking they went into a tavern where they saw Gibbs as drunk as can be.

"Steph, wait here by the door," Barbossa commanded.

"Aye, captain," she replied.

Barbossa walked over to Gibbs and said, "All right, Gibbs, Where is Jack?"

"Shure (hic) I'll tells ya where Jack is buddy," Gibbs answered as he leaned forward slightly, "Hesh long gone. Went off in a rowboat thish morning to find a fountain. Silly huh? Oh wait!" Gibbs yelled as Barbossa started making his way across the tavern.

"What is it?" Barbossa asked turning around.

"Don't tell Captain Barbossa 'bout what I said. OK?"