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Bella POV

It was after 4 and Edward just left to go hunting with the rest of the Cullen's besides Alice. I had just done dishes and cleaned the house and now I was out of ideas.

Maybe I should go see what Alice is up too….

I drove to the Cullen's thinking about how perfect Edward is and how much I love him. I turned the radio on and Before He Cheats came on. Haha, that would be horrible for who ever is cheating, I thought to myself. Finally, I made it to the Cullen's house.

I went to the door and knocked like I always do. No one came to the door, but I heard music so I just shrugged it off. Maybe Alice was listening to music in her room and just didn't see me coming. As I walked towards Edward's room, I figured out the music was coming from his room. That's odd, he's supposed to be out hunting I thought to myself. I stood there for a little while before I opened the door.

I opened the door to reveal………..

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