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Bella's POV

This last month's been really hectic. I thought everything was going to be great, until I found out how much work planning a wedding is.

We did the flowers and much to Alice's dislike, I picked pink roses.

Then we had to work on the bridesmaid dresses. I figured a pink color. Finally after a ton of shopping, we found the right ones. They weren't too short, but they weren't too long.

They were just right. The dresses were pink with a belt hook that separated the top from the bottom. The bottom was really uneven. They were really pretty. (Pic on my profile)

Then we had to find the wedding dress. I wasn't sure about the wedding dress, because I wasn't sure what I wanted. But when I found this dress, I knew it was the one. The one I love. (pic on profile)

Then came the planning of the wedding itself. First, it was going to be at the Forks chapel. There was going to be all my friends from school, the Denali clan, my family, and Charlie's friends.

It was going to be a huge wedding.

After that, I stopped and Alice took over. She got the rest of the things needed and everything was great.

Tomorrow is the wedding and I'm nervous. I swear, I'm gonna trip or something. Even though I'm not as clumsy as I was, I'm still gonna fall. I know it.

Jasper was drug away for the bachelor party and I was stuck here with girls.

Of course, they had their fun.

We played have you ever, truth or dare, and a few other games. They just loved to embarrass me.

"Have you ever told someone they looked hot, but probably looked even hotter naked?" Rose said laughing.

"Yes," I replied very slowly…hoping it went over their heads, but it didn't.

"Wow Bella," was all Alice said.

After that last question, I decided to go to bed. After all, I have a long day tomorrow. I'm getting married!!!

I drifted into sleep thinking about Jasper and what has happened the last year.

"BELLA! BELLA! BELLA GET UP NOW!" I heard someone, which sounded a lot like that annoying pixy, shout.

"What Alice?" I said just coming to.

"It's your wedding day. You wouldn't want to be late would you?!?" She screamed jumping up and down.

I looked at her and put my head under the pillow. I am really scared for today…

That wouldn't do for her though. She made me get up and start to get ready. Then she drug me to her room to play Barbie doll.

After applying make-up, she worked on my hair for hours. Her and Rose did hours worth of work. All of a sudden, my mom came in.

My mom had come in about 2 days ago, but she was staying at the hotel. She hadn't seen me this morning, so when she walked in, she stopped breathing.

"Mom…breathe." I said laughing.

"Oh…my...gosh Bella, you look beautiful." She said stuttering. I laughed and got up to give her a kiss.

"Thanks mom. I take after my mother." I said smiling. She cried in my shoulder. Thankfully I had a coat over my shoulders. That was because Alice didn't trust me with the dress.

After a few minutes, we got ready to go. By that time, I was really freaking out. My wedding day. I never thought it would happen.

We got to the chapel and everyone was waiting. They got me ready and Charlie came out to help me down the isle.

"Are you ready Bells? Is this what you really want?" He asked unsure. I could tell this isn't what he wanted…at all.

But oh well, this is what I wanted so this is what I'm going to do. He agreed to support my decision.

I grabbed his hand and walked down the isle.

I met Jasper…he looked very handsome. I was ready to spend the rest of my life with him.

I tuned it out until the minister asked me, "Do you, Isabella Marie Swan take this young man whose right hand you now hold to be your lawfully wedded husband; to love him, to cherish him, in sickness or in health, in prosperity or adversity, for better or for worse; do you promise to be true to him, forsaking all others and cleave unto him and him only until death do us part?"

"I do." I said smiling.

He then asked Jasper the same question.

"I do." Jasper replied matching my smile.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife…you may now kiss the bride," He said as Jasper kissed me.

We stayed that night and had fun with the family. We did our first dance as man and wife and then I danced with Charlie. That was quite awkward.

After that we went around and talked to everyone we knew. Everyone asked the same questions about what happened, but we had fun talking to everyone.

Later that night, we set out for our honeymoon.

That was 10 years ago. It was now 10 years we've been married. In the time, I've studied in college and have lived my life with Jasper. We love Canada and have grown really close to the Denali clan.

As for Edward…well he and Jess started getting along. They are dating. It's been about 5 years since they started dating and he's happy. I'm happy that he's happy.

Alice has been dating this guy she met that was coming to the Denali clan to visit. His name is Matt and he is really cute. She fell in love with him and seen herself with him for a long time.

I think they are about to get married…I know she loves him more than Jasper.

The rest of the family is the same. They are really happy to see us happy and happy to be a family. It's almost time to move away and start our life somewhere else.

As for me…well I got my fairy tail ending. Jasper and I are happy together and will be together for eternity.

This truly is my fairy tail ending.

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