I wrote this for Tenzuki on DeviantArt, because she wanted more SoraRiku, and I was happy to help. This is my first attempt at a drabble I guess, and it pretty much wrote itself once I got it going. This takes place after KH2, but I don't think there are any obvious spoilers...

I don't own Kingdom Hearts or anything related to it, although if I did, I'd make Sora and Riku get together a lot more often.
Appearances could definitely be deceiving.

To look at Sora and Riku, an innocent bystander who knew nothing of the duo's history would think that they were the very best of friends. One could hardly see one without the other, that togetherness extending from the most innocent of things, like going out to a local fast food restaurant, to some things that most people associated as "couple activities". Since when did two boys enjoy underwear shopping together?

Some had put the facts together, while some had blindly turned an eye on what was right in front of them. Sora and Riku were most decidedly a couple, but that realization disturbed a few of the older generation, the generation before visitors came from other worlds and brought new ideas. Not that those visitors were obvious. A man here, a woman there, who had unraveled the mystery of the path between worlds and paid others a visit. Riku knew a few of those people, though before that time he hadn't realized why, exactly, they were different.

Outside forces aside, everyone who was asked would agree that of the two, Riku was the most likely to take the lead. His quiet demeanor hid a forceful attitude that demanded he be listened to, and he demonstrated it often enough. Sora had an impulsive nature that only Riku seemed to be able to reign in. At the same time, Sora was able to draw Riku out into the open a little bit more, make him interact with others in a way he hardly did, Selphi, Wakka, Tidus, and Kairi the exceptions.

What most people didn't notice was how, when they didn't think anyone was looking, Sora was the one to take the lead. While Riku was the moderating voice of the two, it was Sora that made all of the decisions. Those had landed the two into many an awkward situation, diffused by Sora's cheery attitude and kind words. And when they were alone, Sora took the lead in other activities, and Riku had nothing to complain about.