"Daniel Messer, I hate you!!!" Lindsay screamed through gritted teeth.

"I know you do, baby." Danny agreed, letting her grip his hand as tightly as she needed.

It has been 7 months since the attack. IAB had investigated the shooting of the attacker and found the shooting had been in self defense. After running tests on the body, they found a match for the DNA from Lindsay's first attack. He had been identified as Jared Lewis, a recently released inmate.

Lindsay held the guy off very well, no physical damage, they just wanted to make sure the baby was okay. Her nerves where very frazzled too, but she was a cop, a mother, and a very strong woman, so she felt no remorse defending herself and her family. She may feel bad later, but not now.

Danny still wouldn't leave her side, only when she made him get himself checked out. He had a pretty bloody face and some chest bruising from the tussle with the attacker. After his check up, he positioned himself on the side of the bed again; one arm draped around her shoulders the other stroking her abdomen. He wasn't doing it to be possessive or controlling, he needed to know they were okay.

A few days after Lindsay's release from the hospital, Flack told them they checked the guy's room at the motel he was staying. The walls where covered with pictures of her, her with Danny, and her with the boys.

Of course she was upset by it, but she ended it. She took back her life, the life she had with Danny and her children. She had come a long way in the last 20 yrs and she wasn't going to let some worthless person destroy her life or her family. She knew that if she ever stumbled, or needed anything, her family would be there for her, especially Danny. He loved her with everything he had, and she knew that. She felt the same towards him.

"We are never having sex again!!" She spat at him, her teeth still gritted. She breathed in and out, like they taught you in Lamaze class, the contractions were coming a lot closer together now. "I'm too old for this," she panted out trying to catch her breath.

"You're doing good, Montana. It's almost over," he assured her, he stood next to her, pushing her hair off her sweaty face. "You're beautiful, Montana. I love you," he tried soothing her.

"Sweet talk ain't gonna get you anywhere Messer. One of us is getting fixed, and I don't think it should have to be me," she gritted out, glaring at him.

God I hope she's kiddin'. "Anything you want baby," he agreed again, half-heartedly. He kissed the hand he held, ignoring the looks from her. She looked like she wanted to hurt him, bad.

"Mr. and Mrs. Messer," the doctor strolled in, too casually.

"Where the hell have you been?" Lindsay finally turned her anger to him, instead of Danny.

But the doctor, used to very angry and hormonal woman, ignored her and sat between her knees. "Let's see how we are looking." After being satisfied with what he sees, "Okay at your next contraction you can push."

A few minutes later, and a lot more threats, the room was filled with the sounds of a new pair of lungs taking in air and wanting their mother.

"Danny, she's so beautiful," Lindsay wept, snuggling her new daughter to her chest.

"Which means the boys and I are gonna be in a lot of trouble when she becomes a teenager," Danny commented, kissing his new daughters forehead. The moment he saw her, he knew he was gonna be in big trouble. He felt him self bend around her little finger, when she grasped his big finger in her little hand. Okay that's a lie, he was wrapped around her finger the day the ultrasound confirmed that she was a girl.

"Thank you," Danny whispered into wife's ear, kissing the side of her face, then her forehead and then her lips. He held her face in his hands, the tears escaping his eyes, "Thank you for giving me everything I didn't deserve and I never really realized I wanted until you came into my life. I love you so much Montana."

"I love you too, Danny," she smiled up at him. She gestured to him he could hold her if he wanted. He gladly took his newest child into his arms, almost afraid of breaking her though.

"Hey Aiden, I'm your Daddy. You're gonna have to give daddy some slack, here. See I've never had a girl to watch over, except for you're mommy, so if I mess up, you're gonna have to let me know. I love you baby girl," he kissed her forehead, cradling her against his chest, these new life that he was more than willing to give his life for if he had too.

Lindsay looked at them and fell deeper in love with her husband. She didn't think that was possible, after each of their children was born she loved him even more. "Danny, I love you," she repeated just because she could.

He looked at her, the sincerity in her voice and her face made his heart melt, he smiled that authentic Danny smile, bent down and kissed her softly, careful not to drop his new daughter, then leaned his forehead against hers, "I love you."

Aiden Joy Messer was a very lucky little girl. She wasn't even an hour old yet and she had already fought her way past one of the most brutal things that can happen to a woman. She fought her way past the second attack on her mother too. She was defiantly a Messer, not even an hour old and not afraid of a fight.

The end

The end has finally come, sorry it wasn't to everyone's liking. But stick around; I may still have more tricks up my sleeve. And Baby Makes 3 will be continued just not sure when, hopefully it won't be to long though.