Okay, this one plot wouldn't leave me alone, so here's the first chapter of the story that bloomed from it. Highschool, yeah, it wouldn't leave me alone. o-o It won't be as good as Genesis, I don't believe, partly because I've never been to highschool...
It's not meant to be a funny story, but funnier than Genesis. If that makes sense.
Dedicated to FearDePucca 'cause she's an amazing friend and helps me a lot. And she was nagging me to put this up.
Um, warnings...OOCness. Oh yes. A lot of that. And shounen-ai. If you don't like shounen-ai, go away.
Ages are mixed up for the sake of the plot, and...highschool...yeah. Orochimaru is the only Sannin who's not an adult. 'Cause he helps with the plot. I guess. o0; Probably a cliché plot, but eh.
So...here we go.

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Deidara slammed his locker shut, putting his books under his arm and stalking to where his first class was supposed to be. Supposed to be.

Dammit, this is going just great…first day of high school in a new school and already I can't find where I'm supposed to go… He thought to himself, looking much like an irritated tiger. I've walked around this stupid place three times already and– His visible baby blue eye locked onto a door, nestled quietly in a corner. Oh, give me a break…who the hell puts a classroom in a corner?

Closing his eyes, he reached the entryway, sliding it open and announcing, "Sorry I'm late–" The pool of blue opened slowly, met with the torso of the teacher.

"Ah, Deidara-kun, we've been waiting for you!" Hatake Kakashi exclaimed, grabbing the boy by his shoulders and pulling him into the classroom. He gestured towards the blond, announcing, "Class, this is Deidara, the new student. If you see that he needs help or anything in the hallways…"

"We will help him," the students replied in a monotone unison.

Kakashi smiled through the mask on his face. "Good." Turning to Deidara, he said, "Let's see…you can sit next to…Itachi-kun."

"Itachi-kun?" Deidara repeated, turning his head towards the rows of seats.

"Itachi-kun! Raise your hand!" Kakashi called out, answered by an arm towards the middle of the sea of people rising.

Deidara took this as a cue to saunter over to the raven-haired boy, a bored look dragging onto his face as he sat down.

"Okay! Since this is everyone's first day, I'll let you relax and talk quietly," Kakashi announced, walking over to his desk and propping his feet up.

"Meaning he's going to read some perverse book…"

The blue-eyed boy turned at the mutter of the student he sat next to. "But isn't he a health teacher? I…Itachi…san?"

"Get used to it," Itachi replied in his indifferent tone, tilting his head to get a good look at the boy he was speaking to. "I heard from someone else that he'll give you a whole week off from teaching just to read one of those books."

"Who, un?" Deidara inquired, blinking.

Itachi raised an eyebrow at the other boy's words, but merely answered, "No one important."

"Un…" Deidara looked around the room, eyes soaking in the images of his classmates.

"Let me see your schedule."

"What?" He turned at the sound of Itachi's voice before retrieving the paper and sliding it to him.

"Do you know where half of these classrooms are?" Itachi asked, scanning the print.


"Didn't think so." Itachi sighed slightly, eyes briefly closing. Turning to Deidara, he continued, "Look. You have health here, with me first. Then you have…math with…her."

Deidara looked to where the Itachi was pointing: a pink-haired girl who was busy giggling and blushing with her blonde friend.

"And then…Physical Education with Kisame…"

"Wait a second, un!" Deidara cut in hastily. "You mean I have to stalk these people?"

"Not stalk. Follow."

"Then who's Kisame?"


The blond turned and looked behind him to see a blue-skinned boy with darker blue hair. He blinked before a grin broke his face. "Then I'll see you again in gym or whatever, un?"

Kisame smirked in return.

"…You have science with my idiot brother," Itachi interrupted, the tone of his voice flat.

"Brother, un?" Deidara echoed, redirecting his attention back to Itachi.

"You can't miss him," was all Itachi replied, before he quickly read over the paper and handed it back to Deidara. "You should be able to find all your other classes easily. Follow people."



"Sh-She's inhuman, un…!" Deidara shuddered as he came out of the gym, stealing a glance backwards and immediately regretting it.

"I know…" Kisame muttered, peeling his hand from his forehead.

"You wimps better toughen up for next time, you hear me?!" The gym teacher shouted at the disappearing students.

"Yes, Mitarashi-sensei…"

"Sensei!" The brunette girl named Tenten ran up to the violet-haired woman and thrust her outstretched finger towards the exit, desperation etched into her voice. "Hidan killed another squirrel!"

Deidara turned to the blue-haired student. "Hidan, un?"

Kisame looked exasperated. "Don't even go there."

"You there!" Anko bellowed, marching over to the door and yanking it open. "How many times have I told you to stop killing unnecessarily?!"

The blond's blue eye locked with shark-like ones, questioning curiously, "Follow?"

A sigh was the response, and the two teens cautiously poked their heads around the corner to see out the glass door.

Kisame winced, muttering out, "I should've known it would look like this again."

"…That's disgusting, un." Deidara fought to keep his tongue in his mouth at the sight of the silver-haired teen standing outside the glass entryway.

The once white school uniform was speckled with flecks of red, Hidan glaring knives at the gym teacher. The slicked-back silver hair had patches of crimson dripping from it, and his hands were coated with the red substance.

"I don't give a damn if these dumb things are 'your neighborhood, happy rodents that live on top of trees and only eat nuts!' No shit, they eat nuts! This stupid thing tried to eat mine!" he snarled, fist clenching around the bloodied carcass of the squirrel and whipping all over the place.

"Is that any way to talk to your superior, you little pansy?!" Anko countered, oblivious to the corpse.

"Is that any way to talk to your student?! Seriously, woman, you've got major issues!" Hidan shot back, stomping a foot.

"Hidan, stop flinging the squirrel around."

"Stay out of this, Kakuzu!" Hidan snapped at the masked male behind him, spinning around and shoving the decaying rodent in his face. "I'll do whatever I want to this little fucker!"

"Hey! Don't ignore me!" Anko broke in.

"Oh, will you just shut up already?!"

"Hidan, it's dead. Leave it alone."

"I said stay out of it, Kakuzu!"

"You ripped off its head."

"You little wimp, I'm gonna–!"

"I don't care!"

"With your teeth."

"Yeah, because it bit my nose when I was reprimanding it for disobeying the direct order of God!"

"You're not supposed to reprimand a squirrel, you idiot."

"The little fucker was saying his God was better than Jashin-sama!"

"Squirrels can't talk."

"You're ignoring me again aren't–?"

"Seriously, he was so insulting Jashin-sama, Kakuzu! Yeah, well you hear this, you little fleabag? Your stupid heathen Squirrel God can go shove it up his big, furry–!"

"Enough! Listen up, you brat, you're going to see Principal Tsunade this instant!" Anko screeched, voice spewing out like lava.

"Will you shut your Goddamn mouth already? Seriously!" Hidan flipped around and flung the unrecognizable lump of flesh at the teacher, spinning around afterwards and stomping off.

"How doesn't he get in trouble for all that, un?" Deidara inquired, eye twitching as the purple-haired woman sprinted after the escaping boys.

"He's been like that ever since I've known him," Kisame answered, sighing slightly. "If he didn't come, then the school would become…boring, as some might put it."

"So the teachers let him go because it would be boring here without him?" A blond eyebrow rose skeptically.


"You two! Get to class immediately!"

The two teens flinched, turning around to see Morino Ibiki standing there with his usual stony face.

"Y-Yes, sir…" Deidara muttered quietly, eye twitching slightly.

The teacher's eyes widened briefly as he stepped towards the blond. "You're Deidara, correct?" Without waiting for an answer, he continued, "You're in my science class. Come with me. Kisame, you can take your leave."

"O-Okay…" Kisame held up a hand in departure as he left, leaving Deidara alone with his teacher.

Ibiki merely glanced at the student before he began his walk. "This way."

Deidara nodded, following next to the older man until they reached the classroom, where he slammed open the door.

"Alright, everyone: this is the new student, Deidara! Some of you might already know him already!" he boomed, pointing at the stunned Deidara. "You can sit next to…Uchiha!"

Uchiha? Itachi-san? Deidara's ears perked, face slightly falling as he saw whom the teacher was now pointing at…definitely not Itachi. He slowly made his way over to the dark-haired male and sat down, barely paying attention to the lecture Ibiki was shouting out. A light gasp reached his ears, and he looked to his right, seeing the same blonde girl from his first class.

Ino's lips formed words as her face stained in red, blue eyes sparking slightly.

You…get to sit…next to…Sasuke-kun…? …Unfair…? Deidara gave the girl an odd look before mouthing back, 'Who the hell is 'Sasuke-kun?''

The blonde female gaped at him for a few seconds before Ibiki stopped her from responding.

"Yamanaka! Repeat to me what I just said!" he ordered, crossing his arms over his chest.

Deidara quickly looked away from the girl, met with all-too-familiar dark eyes.

"You." Sasuke whispered bluntly as Ino struggled to answer the demand. "Do you know my brother?"

"U-Un…?" The blond mumbled back, watching as Sasuke's eyes glinted slightly.

"That bastard…I will defeat him one day!" he hissed, fingers curling into a fist.

"Why do you hate Itachi-san?" Deidara questioned, without a doubt in his mind that Sasuke was the brother Itachi had spoke of earlier.

"Because he's an asshole!" Sasuke snarled softly, dark irises flashing. "He constantly beats me in arm wrestling no matter how hard I train!"

"Arm wrestling?" Deidara's eyebrow rose. "So you're…weaker than Itachi-san?"

Sasuke's eyes narrowed, hate gleaming in his eyes. "Only because he's a Goddamn cheater!" He paused after his outburst, continuing with his usual aloof, uncaring demeanor. "I'm pretty sure he's on some kind of drug, Deidara-kun. Like steroids or something. But I will defeat him. No matter what."

"Itachi-san isn't on steroids, un," Deidara male argued, stealing a look at the teacher, who had moved from Ino to Hyuuga Hinata.

"Hmph." The black-haired boy turned away, folding his arms over his chest. "You're not his brother. I know Itachi is cheating somehow."

Deidara felt his eyes start to roll, turning his attention to the front of the room just in time as the teacher began his lesson on the human body. I'm going to have so much fun in this class…


"Hey, hey, Deidara-kun, do you want to sit with me and the others at lunch?" Naruto asked the other blond.

"Maybe tomorrow, un." Deidara replied hesitantly. How did this guy get so attached to me already…?

"Aw…" Naruto looked crestfallen. "Sakura-chan isn't eating lunch today either…it won't be fun anymore…"

"S-Sorry…!" Deidara walked out of the classroom, head turning to look for the exit out of the school.


He scowled slightly. Why was everyone trying to talk to him today? Turning towards the voice, he saw Kisame and all distaste flooded off his features. "Kisame?"

"Deidara, have you seen Itachi-san?" Kisame asked, still looking around for the black-haired male.

"Itachi-san, un? No…" Deidara blinked.

"Oh." Kisame sighed before asking, "Where'd you just come from?"


"With Kurenai-sensei?" Kisame questioned, answered with a nod. "I'm sure you had lots of fun."

"Un. Delightful," the blond spat sarcastically.

"I just had art with Orochimaru. Asuma-sensei spent the whole class trying to–"

"Art, un?" Deidara was fully alert at the word.

"Yeah, you're just lucky you don't have him in your class," Kisame warned, turning his head to look for Itachi one last time.

"Do I need to ask why?"

"Better if you didn't."

"Un…so where's the exit to this place?"

"You're not going to eat lunch?"

The blue-eyed male shook his head.

"It's down the hall, then to your left."

Deidara nodded. "Thanks, Kisame."

Walking down the hall as the directions stated, he vaguely heard all the gossip that fluttered about the crowded hallway about relationships and school fights. Finally, he saw the door leading outside, eye squinting slightly in the brightness as he ran out.

Everything outside was happy and upbeat, and he found himself frowning slightly at the quiet. It was too quiet. Until a female scream pierced the air like nails on a chalkboard; Deidara's head snapped towards the sound, sprinting towards it moments after.

"Damn you! If you hurt her again, I'll personally see to it that you go to hell!" Ino screeched, detest glazing over her eyes.

"…?" Deidara blinked, arriving to see the pink-haired girl leaning into Ino's lap and sporting a bloody nose. His blue eye locked onto the one who had caused it, widening.

"Ino…i-it's fine…just leave him alone," Sakura coughed out. "He's with them, after all."

"No way, Sakura!" Ino protested, sending a glare at the redheaded boy staring callously down at them. "He has to learn that it's not right to hit a girl! He has no right to call himself a man!"

The boy's lip curled as he turned around and stalked off.

"I'll get you for this, Akasuna!" Ino called after him, before returning her attention to Sakura.

Deidara felt himself tense as his visible eye caught a glimpse of the silver ones of the other boy: they were cold and uncaring, impassive and indifferent. Time seemed to stand still as the redhead strode past him, paying no attention.

Even after the other student had left, Deidara stood frozen, paralyzed by the overwhelming weight of hatred from the other teen. He swallowed, his eye wide with fear.

End chapter 1.
In this story, the romance'll move pretty slow. That is, if my patience holds out that long.
Haha, Sasuke-Itachi arm wrestling thing...random, I know. I couldn't think of anything else. Sue me. Hidan and squirrels...yeah, same thing.