I got this up before midterms! At least… ›‹;
Dokusasori means poison scorpion.
Takes place during lunch (Their really longish lunch period…lol).

"…" Hidan blinked. "So you two're…"

Deidara frowned a little and moved closer to Sasori.

"Hah! Eat that, Kakuzu!" Hidan suddenly turned to Kakuzu, grinning. "Pay up!"

Kakuzu grudgingly took out 1000 yen, which Hidan wasted no time in snatching up.


Sasori glared. "You bet on us?"

"No, we bet on you, redhead!" Hidan corrected happily. "Kakuzu thought you'd stay with Uchiha, but I knew you'd choose Deidara-chan in the end!"

"Tch." Kakuzu gazed sharply at Itachi. "You should've kept him, Uchiha."

"I hope you're fully aware that one can't keep a bird caged forever, Kakuzu."

"Aah, so you admit you were caging him, huh, Itachi?"

The Uchiha merely sighed a little before looking away.

"Just drop it," Sasori said, giving Deidara an impatient glare.

Said boy merely smirked and nuzzled him, kissing his cheek softly.

"Aww, you can do better than that, Deidara-chan!" Hidan teased. "We all know how much you wanna–!"

"I can't."


"I promised I wouldn't today."

"What the hell is wrong with you redhead?" Hidan stared at Sasori in bewilderment. "You've kissed Deidara-chan already, so what's the deal?!"

"I just got together with him," Sasori replied, an 'it should have been obvious' tone dripping from his voice. "I need some time to…adjust."

"Adjust to what?" Hidan snorted and looked between the two. "Seriously, if we locked you two in a bedroom you'd be going at it like fucking rabbits!"

Both Sasori and Deidara glared at him and growled simultaneously, "Not."

"Don't deny it–!"

"That's enough, Hidan."

"Tch! All I'm saying is that they don't need to 'adjust,' Kakuzu!"

"Hmm…" Deidara looked at Sasori, who looked back before scowling.

"Don't you even think about it, brat–"

"But he does have a point, danna," Deidara interrupted, grasping Sasori's chin and pulling him close, their lips barely touching. "Why do we need to 'adjust,' un…?"


"Because why?"

"Because I said so!" Sasori glared, squirming a little at feeling people staring at him.

"That's not a reason…" Deidara brushed their lips together, smirking in amusement as he saw Sasori redden.

"It's my reason. Get used to it!" Sasori hissed, squeezing his eyes shut when Deidara kissed him. He could practically feel everyone's eyes on him, and he could most definitely hear everyone, especially Hidan's cackling. When Deidara pulled back, he scowled, before glaring down at the table, blushing.

"Whoa, Akasuna's with Deidara now? Wasn't he with Itachi?"

"Didn't they fight each other earlier on?"

"Dude, that doesn't matter, just look at Akasuna's face! He's head over heels for the new guy!"

Sasori's scowl deepened, and he turned to Deidara, wrapping his arms around him and burying his face in Deidara's neck, trying to hide his flushed face.

Upon seeing this, Hidan laughed more, causing Itachi to sigh and Pain to rub his forehead.


"How cute! He's embarrassed!"

"Haha, this is Akasuna when he's embarrassed? I never thought I'd see the day!"

"They're not mocking you, danna," Deidara murmured, gently stroking the shorter boy's hair. Sasori merely grunted at this, to which Deidara chuckled and nuzzled him.

"Now isn't that cute!" Ino smiled, cupping her chin in her hands. "They finally got together!"

"Ah…yeah…" Sakura forced a smile. "They're very…nice-looking…together."

"Look, Orochimaru-sama!" Tayuya smirked, turning to the dark-haired male. "Art Fuckers are together, just like you wanted!"

"Indeed…" Orochimaru watched the two with amusement.

"Hah, now Zombie, Art and practically God are together," Tayuya sneered. "Better watch out, Orochimaru-sama, or Tigershark will get together as well, and then you'll have to start all over again!"

Instantly, Orochimaru grabbed her blouse, expression changed into one of anger.

"Don't ever say that again," he warned, golden eyes sparking, "Tayuya-kun."

"Nng–" Tayuya scowled and slapped his hand off of her. "Fine!"

Orochimaru swiftly fixed his gaze onto Kisame, smirking bitterly.

"Deidara, please refrain from making a scene like this from now on." Pain held his forehead while Konan patted his shoulder.

"Yeah, yeah." Deidara waved a hand idly in recognition of the leader's order.


"…What is it, Tobi?" Itachi's frown deepened slightly as the younger Uchiha's voice reached his ears, signaling his arrival.

"I thought you didn't want Deidara-senpai to touch Sasori-san like this."

"That was then," Itachi said, closing his eyes briefly.

"…Why are you here?" Deidara asked, bringing his fingers through Sasori's hair.

"I didn't get to have breakfast today." Tobi shrugged. "It doesn't hurt to see you once in a while either, though!"

Sasori's expression darkened, and he glared at Tobi, pulling Deidara closer.

"…!" Deidara blinked before smirking, tightening his hold on the shorter male just a little bit more.

"I think redhead's the jealous type," Hidan whispered to Kakuzu, grinning. "He's forgetting he doesn't like this kind of attention in public!"

"Jealousy splits people apart." Kakuzu rolled his eyes. "Soon, Blondie will be put off by it so much they'll break apart and Akasuna will go back to Itachi. And then I get my money back."

"Fucker, are you blind?" Hidan scoffed and gestured to Deidara. "Look at him! Deidara-chan enjoys redhead's jealousy!" He froze as he realized that his outburst had attracted the table's attention to him, but he merely smiled sweetly and continued, "Right, Deidara-chan?"

"…I think it's flattering," Deidara replied, giving Sasori a smug look.

"I'm not jealous."

"Right, right, you just keep telling yourself that…"

Sasori gave him a dirty look, to which Deidara snickered at.

"–And how art is eternal. You're cute when you're in denial, un."

"Idiot, true art is eternal."

"True art is fleeting, danna."

"You're so misled."

"That's you."


Everyone turned to Konan.

"Man, now this picture's useless!" She pouted slightly, holding the photo out.

"Wah!" Tobi exclaimed as he caught a glance of it. "It's Deidara-senpai and Sasori-san!"

"When was this taken?" Itachi asked, looking at the photo.

"When Hidan pushed Sasori at that party."

Itachi's eyes shot to Hidan instantly. Hidan smiled innocently and waved in return.

"He was drunk, Itachi," Kakuzu cut in before Itachi could say anything.

"…I'm gonna go through your lunch," Sasori said, ignoring the others and moving so he was sitting on Deidara's lap.

"Why, too lazy to bring your own, un?" Deidara snorted, but wrapped his arms around Sasori's middle and rested his chin on Sasori's shoulder.

"Maybe." Sasori paused. "You have dango?"

"Oi, don't–" Deidara started to say, but Sasori had already pulled it out. He turned to Kisame with and exasperated expression, to which Kisame only shrugged and smiled sympathetically. "Danna!"

"Don't worry, I'll let you have half." Sasori waved him off carelessly.

Deidara sighed in defeat and merely nuzzled Sasori's neck.

"Mn…" Sasori faltered just slightly, his face turning a light shade of red. "Brat…"

"…" A sly smirk pulled at Deidara's lips. He kissed Sasori's neck softly, holding him tighter.

"Nn…" The blush darkened. "…Stop…"


"I said so…"

"What, that again?"

"Just stop…not in front of other people…"

"Deidara-chan's really pushing redhead's limit, Kakuzu!" Hidan snickered quietly. "How much longer 'til he gets stung?"

"Not long."

"I said stop!" Sasori scowled and jabbed the stick backwards, stabbing Deidara in the cheek.

"Ow–!" Deidara flinched back and rubbed his new injury, glaring at Sasori. "Bastard!"

"Sasori-san, that's mean! How could you do that to Deidara-senpai?" Tobi made as if to intervene, but Itachi caught his wrist and gave him a warning glance.

Sasori stared for a few moments before averting his gaze back to the table and continuing to eat, muttering, "You deserved it…"

"You're an ass," Deidara said, resting his chin back on Sasori's shoulder. Suddenly, he reached up and grabbed the dango stick, forcing it to jab into Sasori's cheek.

"Wha–Ow!" Sasori turned and glared.

"You deserved it," Deidara replied, letting the food fall to the table and looking at his nails dismissively.

"You're such a brat."

"You're such an asshole."

They glowered at each other for a few moments before Deidara took the initiative and leaned forward, claiming Sasori's lips. He threaded his fingers through Sasori's hair and held him closer, Sasori turning fully so he was straddling Deidara's hips.

"Do you really have to make out in front of us?!" Hidan snapped. "…Wait a–Fuck, Kakuzu, they're worse than we are! Let me sit on your lap!"

"Hell no."

"Think this is because of all that pent up tension they had before?" Konan asked, tilting her head.

"I think Sasori needs to realize he's in public, and not blame someone else when he comes to his senses," Pain scoffed.

"He won't blame you, Pain." Itachi ran his fingers through his hair and removed a tangle. "He'll most likely blame Deidara."

"But Itachi-san, that's not fair to Deidara-senpai!"

"…Nn…" Sasori pulled back, flushed. "You can't kiss, brat…"

"Could say the same for you, danna." Deidara smirked before kissing him again.

"What the hell, not more!" Hidan clucked his tongue. "They break apart for two seconds to only go back and suck face some more afterwards!"

"You wanted them to do this," Kakuzu reminded.

"I was kidding, asshole!" Hidan scowled and leaned forward to catch Sasori's collar, pulling him back. "Oi, redhead! Face-sucking time is over!"

Sasori frowned as he was suddenly tugged backwards, away from Deidara. He quickly understood what was going on, however, and curled his lip, thrusting his elbow behind him to ram it into the side of Hidan's head. "Leave me alone!"

"Sasori!" Pain covered his eyes with his hand as the redhead pulled Deidara closer before glaring at his leader, Hidan grumbling as he sat back down. "You do realize you're in public, don't you?"

"Of course I do," Sasori growled. "I wanna get over it."

"Honestly, you're such a child…" Pain sighed and ignored the dirty look he was getting. "Deidara."

"Fine…" Deidara untangled his arms from Sasori, shrugging as Sasori redirected his glare to him.

"Stupid brat, listening to Pain…" Sasori reluctantly sat back down in his seat. "Itachi, make him leave."

"But Sasori-san–!"

"You're standing behind my chair, watching the table and not even saying a lot!" Sasori snapped, turning to glare at Tobi. "You're creeping me out!"

"I think you're just too touchy," Deidara mumbled, cupping his face with his hand and looking away from Sasori.

"Aah?" Sasori glared at him and grabbed a fistful of his hair. "What was that, brat?"

"Ow–ow–ow–!" Deidara hissed. "Stop pulling, dammit! Ow!"

"Sasori…" Itachi put a hand on Sasori's shoulder. "Stop it."


"Sasori, are you whining now?" Pain rubbed his forehead. "Fine, do what you want."

The silver-eyed boy smirked in satisfaction, wrapping his arms around Deidara and nuzzling his neck.

"…You're evil," Deidara muttered, rubbing the sore spot on his head.

"I know how to get what I want." Sasori shot a glare at Tobi before smirking again.

"I thought you couldn't understand how anyone could act so childish," Deidara commented, playing with a lock of red hair.

"I'm not being childish."

"You acted obnoxious."

"Obnoxious doesn't mean childish."

"When you act obnoxious on purpose to get something you want, then yes it does, un."


"Dude! Oi, damn leader!" Hidan turned to Pain. "Don't let them snog again, seriously!"

"…" Pain looked at the two.

"…Is that a warning look?" Deidara asked, the corners of his lips twitching upwards slightly. "Even though you told him he could do as he likes?"

"Don't act like that to me, Deidara." Pain narrowed his eyes.

"Heh." Deidara stood up. "Fine, we'll leave then."

"–! Deidara–" Sasori blinked as he was forced to follow Deidara out of the cafeteria.

"You really have to suck face that badly?!" Hidan called after them, making a face.

"This is your fault, you know."

"Fuck you, Kakuzu, no it isn't!"


"So what happened?" Deidara asked as he and Sasori walked through the halls to the exit.

"What do you mean?"

"You didn't want me kissing you."

"Nn…changed my mind."

"…Right." Deidara glanced at him skeptically. "You were against it, and then suddenly after Tobi came–" He abruptly stopped before smirking.



So he's both possessive and jealous. What a combination… Deidara walked outside, giving Sasori a quick look before going over to the wall and leaning against it.

Sasori went over to him and kissed him again, clumsily.

"Mm…" Deidara wrapped an arm loosely around Sasori, pressing him a bit closer. "You sure like kissing me…"

"'Cause you're mine…" Sasori mumbled back.

"This again?" Deidara sighed. "Was…Itachi yours?"


"Then why am I?"

"…Just 'cause. You are."

Deidara snorted, nosing Sasori's hair. "Not."

"Mn…" Sasori tensed a little and gripped Deidara tighter.

"…!" Deidara winced. "Ow, ow, nails…!"

"…Sorry…" Sasori let go instantly, hesitating before shyly nuzzling Deidara's cheek.

"You're still not used to this kind of stuff, danna?" Deidara rubbed the smarting spots on his shoulders.

"Depends," Sasori replied, pushing down on the uninjured parts of Deidara's shoulders so he was forced to sit down. "I'm alright with like, sitting on you and stuff, it's just…touches, and…"

"That makes no sense." Deidara reached up and pulled Sasori down to sit on his lap. "I can stroke your hair without you–"

"Fine, figure it out on your own then!" Sasori almost scowled, reddening a little as he moved his leg over Deidara's body so he wasn't straddling him, and sat facing sideways.

The blue-eyed boy smirked at this. "You had no issues straddling me in the cafeteria. What's wrong with it now, un?"

"Shut it," Sasori snapped, reddening more.

He's not trying to suppress his emotions, Deidara noted contentedly, lifting a hand to trace his fingers lightly over Sasori's cheek. I doubt he's forgotten about it, but…

"…I never got it," he said out loud, tugging Sasori a bit closer. "Why are you called 'Akasuna?'"

"Nn…because someone just decided 'Akasuna no Sasori' sounded…menacing and whatnot, and it just spread." The feeling of being held so intimately like this made Sasori shiver slightly, now trapped between Deidara's torso and bent legs.

"Huh. Well, I wouldn't want to get involved with someone called Akasuna no Sasori," Deidara said, grinning a little at Sasori's reaction to him pulling his legs up. "And it does sound better than 'Dokusasori.'"

"Idiot, you already did." Sasori glared, causing Deidara to chuckle.

"I didn't want to. I was…pressured. You know that."

"You should've said no, if you didn't want to ask me out."

"What idiot would ever want to ask you out?"

"The idiot whose lap I'm sitting in."

"Oi, I never asked you out for real. You called me up, told me to sit on this bench in the park, walked up, sat next to me, grabbed my shirt and replied 'yeah' when I asked if we were going out, un."

"So you never wanted to ask me out."

"Of course not."

Sasori scowled.

"Hah." Deidara smiled smugly. "My win, Sasori no danna."

"As if. Don't screw with me, Deidara."

"You're just sore that you got offended before I did."


"Don't deny it when it's true." Deidara brought his fingers through Sasori's hair.

"Stupid brat…"


"You're mine."

"You wish."

"Don't deny it when it's true," Sasori countered, letting out a mn when Deidara tugged a lock of his hair.

"Don't use my lines back at me."

"You did so before."



"Shut up."

Green-nailed fingers rose slowly to gently brush against Deidara's long blond bang, and Sasori pushed it aside to lean a bit forward and brush their lips together.

"Did you see Pain's nails in there?" he asked, cupping Deidara's cheek. "They were red."

"Of course he'd choose a nice color for himself." Deidara snorted. "Leaves me black…gives you green which complements you, un…"

"Tch, I'd rather not wear girly-nail polish."

"You don't have to."

"Pain would be down my throat, probably."

"What's the deal with you and Pain? I thought you were old friends, or something."

"…That's between Pain and me. It's none of your business."

"Fine…" Deidara wrapped his arms loosely around the other boy.


"Remember when you told me not to get my hopes up?" the blond asked. "That I'd gotten your attention, and shouldn't try my luck any more?"

"When you were all fair and whatnot? Yeah." Sasori shifted slightly. "Glad I snapped you out of that annoying stage…"

"Heh, well, I got you anyways." Deidara nuzzled him. "And you kept denying your feelings for me."

"Quit thinking about the past," Sasori mumbled, face heating up a little. "Just…think about now."

Deidara chuckled. "Sure." Like you have any right to say that.

The shorter of the two grunted and pressed their lips together, moving his hand from Deidara's cheek to his shoulder. "We should get back…lunch's probably almost over…"



"Ah…hey, it's redhead and Deidara-chan!" Hidan exclaimed as he saw the two reenter the cafeteria. "You two snog enough out there?"

Sasori glared slightly while Deidara made a face, and they both sat down.

"Why do you always notice someone coming in before anyone else?" Deidara asked, slightly annoyed. "Your voice isn't exactly something I look forward to all the time, un."

"Fuck you!" Hidan snapped while Sasori covered a smirk. "I sit facing the door, dumbass! Of course I'm gonna notice people walking in first!"


"It's true, damn you!"

"He left?" Sasori asked Itachi, ignoring Deidara and Hidan for the time being.

"Soon after you two did," Itachi replied. "He didn't follow you, did he?"

"No…not that I know of." Sasori played idly with something on the table. "But…mn…"

"If he followed you, I'll speak with him."

"Thanks, Itachi."


"Yeah?" Sasori looked over as Pain called his name.

"We were thinking of using jackets, rather than tattoos, what with the new uniforms and all."

"Sounds fine."

He's so much more bearable now, Pain observed with a slight twitch of his eye.

"Wait, new uniforms?" Deidara stopped his verbal fight with Hidan to look at Sasori in confusion.

"Principal Tsunade decided to use newer ones, since, well…" Kisame faded off.

"She noticed how these current ones get all ripped and dirty and all easily," Sasori finished bluntly. "Stupid, don't you read your mail?"

"No, as a matter of fact, I don't," Deidara shot back, glaring. "'Parents do." He realized his small mistake and nuzzled the redhead lightly. "Sorry…"

"Fool…" Sasori said, not meeting blue eyes.

"Don't you dare fucking snog again!"

"Wasn't going to!" Deidara snapped. "Anyways…" He turned his attention to Kisame. "What do these new uniforms look like, un?"

"Red blazer, white shirt, black pants…"

"The girls' look basically the same as they do now," Sasori cut in.

"…Why did you look at the girls'?"

"Because they were on the same side of the letter." He gave Deidara a dirty look.

The blond smirked. Before Sasori could retort, though, Kisame asked out,

"Would you mind switching seats with Itachi-san, Deidara?"


"I kind of feel like…y'know, an extra leg, with you and Sasori-san…"

"Ah…" Deidara blinked. "Okay…" Shooting a sharp glance towards Itachi, not noticed by Sasori, he stood and picked up his things.

"Talk," he muttered under his breath as he walked by Itachi. "After lunch."

Itachi closed his eyes in response and merely sat down calmly.

Silver eyes watched as Deidara sat back down.

"What?" Deidara raised an eyebrow.

"Nothing." Sasori looked away.

"Right…" Deidara sent a questioning look to Pain and Konan; Pain merely gave him a look back that said 'just ignore it' while Konan laughed quietly.

Sasori watched from the corners of his eyes. Frowning a bit, he turned and leaned over in front of Deidara, purposely letting his hair brush against Deidara's face. "Konan, give me that photo."


"Which one?"

"You know which one!"

When Deidara tried to pull back, Sasori put one hand on his shoulder, holding him in place to steady himself.

"Wait a–Danna–" Deidara scowled, before catching Pain's eye.

…'He wants you to do something'? he thought, reading Pain's lips. He rolled his eyes slightly and coiled an arm around Sasori, grumbling, "What do you want."

"That picture."

"No, what do you want me to do?"


"…" Konan watched in confusion.

"Bullshit. Let me pull away from your hair then, un."


"Why the hell not?"


"He's not gonna tell you what he wants. He's gonna make you guess," Pain said, earning himself a venomous look from Sasori.


"…You want me to stroke your hair? Is that what you want?" Deidara asked, indicating the fact that Sasori wouldn't let him pull away from it.


"Should've just told me…" He shook his head and smirked a little, lifting a hand to do so.

"Be quiet," Sasori replied sourly, and slowly straightened to sit back in his seat.


"I think all Sasori wanted was attention," Pain cut in, to which Konan laughed at.

"Probably," she agreed, grinning mischievously. "Aww, poor Sasowi, feeling all neglected because Deidara had his attention focused on other people?"

"Shut it, woman," Sasori snapped back irritably, though his face heated up a bit and his retort only made Konan laugh more.

"At least he didn't want to suck more face!" Hidan commented, turning to Itachi. "Right, Uchiha?"

"Sasori can do what he wants as long as it's within limits," Itachi said, locking eyes with Pain for some sanity.

"Get the stick outta your ass, Uchiha! Seriously, we're supposed to be having fun, making fun of redhead!"

"Why you…" Sasori glared daggers at him, redirecting them to Deidara as he heard the blond chuckle. "Deidara…"

"Don't use that warning tone with me." Deidara tugged his hair lightly, to which Sasori snorted at.

"Can do what I want. Stop making fun of me."

"I'm not."

"Mh." Sasori paused for a moment before leaning against Deidara, shutting his eyes briefly in contentedness.

Another look to Pain. 'Why is he so…attention-craving now?' Deidara mouthed, moving his hand to Sasori's bangs so he wouldn't see.

The leader only shrugged and pointed to Itachi.

Reluctantly, Deidara looked over to him.

'…He's being made fun of,' Itachi answered.

'Then why didn't he do this with you when he was being made fun of back then?'

Itachi's frown deepened a little.

"Oi, oi! What's up with all this silent speaking, seriously!" Hidan stood up and placed both hands on the table, only to have Kakuzu push him back down.

"None of your business," Deidara said, as Itachi turned back to resume speaking with Kisame. He felt Sasori move a little, and looked at him as he pulled back.

"What's he talking about?" Sasori asked, giving Deidara a mistrusting look.

"No idea." Deidara grinned awkwardly.



"Just go to class, danna!"

"Why do you have to talk with Itachi?" Sasori asked, putting a hand on his hip and not moving an inch.


At Itachi's voice – and realizing that it was practically useless to argue against the both of them – Sasori 'tch'd. "Fine."

They waited until he'd stalked out.

"…So." Deidara turned to the other. "Why does he call me his?"

"He's possessive. I thought you would've–"

"Don't give me that!" Deidara interrupted. "He told me himself that you weren't 'his!'"

"Maybe he feels more strongly towards you than he did me."

"Maybe he never felt 'strongly' towards you in the first place."

"…What are you trying to say?" Itachi's eyes narrowed.

"Why did he want my attention when he was being made fun of, un?"

"Perhaps he just wanted your attention. He did want it before they started to make fun of him"

"You said that it was because he was being made fun of."

Itachi sighed.


"He obviously cares for you more."

"He obviously cares for me in a different way than he does for you!"

Itachi's expression darkened.

"Wanna prove me wrong?" Deidara smirked mockingly. "Then say it. Say that you care for him like a lover would, un!"


"…And then say that he feels for you the same way."

"I can't."

"Why not?"

The Uchiha closed his eyes and said, "Because Sasori is like a brother to me."

"I knew it."

"When did you figure it out?"

"Today. When he gave me looks that weren't anything like the ones he gave you. When he told me you weren't ever his. When he wanted my attention whereas he always got mad at you for attempting it." Deidara glowered. "Why would you do something like this, un?"

"…Sasori's parents…went missing when he was very young."

"…! But he told me–"

"They died?" Itachi stared Deidara straight in the eye. "Because that's the least painful option he could think of."

"What are you…"

"He has an over analytical mind, as you've probably noticed. What do you think he'd do as he grew up, knowing nothing about their 'death,' nothing about their location, mostly nothing about them at all?"

Blue eyes widened.

"He'd think of all the possibilities of what had happened. That they could've started a new family elsewhere. That they could've hated him and left because of that. That they could still be alive. That they could've abandoned him."

"B-But that's–!"

"Do you really put it past him to think of all those things?"

"When he was in that state, he told me that I couldn't die 'again!' He told me they died, and–"

"Because he wants them to be dead."

Deidara could only stare with widened eyes.

"You can't believe how he'd want the ones he cared for most to be dead?" Itachi asked. "Don't you think having them dead would be better than having them alive somewhere else…raising a different child?"

"But they wouldn't–"

"It doesn't rule out the possibility."


"Can you imagine how it feels, to be wishing the death upon those you care for? When all you want is for them to come back? Of course he wants them to come back…he just doesn't want them to come back if they're not going to be his parents."

"And…" Deidara took a moment to process all the information he'd just been given. "And so why…did you 'date' him, un?"

"You know he doesn't trust easily, don't you?"


"And you know Orochimaru betrayed Akatsuki."


"…He and Sasori…were on good terms, due to their fascination of eternity. He had even managed to get close to Sasori to an extent. And so when he left, just because I wouldn't go out with him…how do you think Sasori felt?"


"You've seen how he acts towards Orochimaru now. Bitter. Cold. He wouldn't admit they had been 'friends' even if you pressured him to. The last thing Sasori needed was another betrayal. And so I 'dated' him. I wouldn't let anyone untrustworthy get close to him."

"But he only thinks of you as a brother!"

"He doesn't know the difference, whether it's family affection or romantic affection. He lost respect for Chiyo a long time ago. He lost respect for Pain a long time ago. He doesn't know whether he can still love his parents."

"So you took advantage of that and made him think that his feelings for you were romantic?" Deidara's lip curled.

"Until he found someone he'd actually developed feelings for. Even if he would come to hate me later on for misleading him, as long as it would keep him safe, I would do it."

"…" Deidara narrowed his eyes down at the floor. "…You're a fool." He turned and started walking towards the exit, glancing back only once, to see Itachi heading towards the other way out.

As he walked into the hallway, his eyes widened as he saw Sasori, leaning against the wall next to the door, headphones covering his ears. Deidara walked in front of him, letting their eyes meet.

"…I wasn't eavesdropping," Sasori said as he moved his headphones down to around his neck and paused his music. "I was just…"

"…Waiting for me?" Deidara finished in confusion. "But you said you wouldn't ever wait for me…"

"I did?" Sasori looked away. "…I don't remember." He looked back. "But I told you not to ever keep me waiting. So I hate you for doing so."

Deidara chuckled a little before leaning forward and kissing him, closing his eyes and resting one hand on Sasori's cheek.

Sasori blinked, but soon closed his eyes as well, lifting his arms to wrap securely around Deidara's neck, holding him closer.