A Death Note Fanfiction

By crimsonphoenix


Yagami Light always knew he was better than other people. He didn't need to be told, he just instinctively knew. And although he did not hold it over the heads of others, they knew too. He received perfect grades and was the perfect son for the Yagami family.

These facts did not change when he one day found a Shinigami's Death Note, more were just added to the list. He was now a killer of epic proportions, and he was called Kira. And from Light's point of view, he was a God, dealing out justice to those who had sinned and creating a better world.

One night, one completely ordinary night, everything changed.

Chapter 1

Light sighed and rubbed his neck gently as he left the house. He had been studying most of the evening and finally needed a break. He walked slowly, not at all in any hurry. Ryuk had been left in his room, munching on apples, and Light made a mental note to buy more.

He sighed once more, thinking of the Death Note, the Shinigami, being Kira, of Misa, and finally of L. Events would be coming to a difficult point soon and he needed to be ready, be ahead of L. It was getting to be slightly troublesome, having to juggle everything and keep up the perfect fa├žade, but he was Light Yagami, if anyone could do it, he could, and he would do it flawlessly.

He kept walking for a while, his attention wandering, before he felt a presence behind him. It definitely wasn't Ryuk, as it didn't have the same feel, so he tilted his head to the side slightly so he could hear better and kept walking forward, not changing pace at all. It wouldn't be good to let whatever was behind him know he knew they were there.

"What are you doing out here all alone, pretty?" A gravely voice called from behind him. Light stopped and turned slightly but he saw nothing, the person was deep in the shadows.

"Maybe he was looking for some fun?" This person's tone was snivelling, causing Light to sneer internally.

"If he was, he came to the right place." The words came from in front of him now, sliding and dripping from the darkness like oil. Shapes started to emerge all directions, Light was surrounded.

A slight panic gripped him. He could fight, but not this many, he didn't even know how many there were. Light almost wished Misa was here, her shinigami eyes would have been useful in punishing these people for disobeying Kira's new world order. But it was still an almost, Misa was extremely irritating.

The men moved towards him, coming out of the shadows and causing the streetlight's glow to illuminate their features, which were twisted into gruesome masks of depravity. Light tensed and subtly shifted into a fighting position as the closest leered at him suggestively. However, he was unable to move before his arms were clamped at his sides by someone that had snuck up behind him. He grimaced and shivered slightly in revulsion at the breath he could feel against the back of his neck. The next thing Light knew, a hand had been wrapped around his throat, cutting off his air supply and he struggled, trying to get himself free. His movements slowed and blackness started to creep in at the edge of his vision. Light inhaled sharply, vainly attempting once more to get oxygen into his system before he succumbed to the darkness.

A severe pain was what brought Light back into the realm of consciousness. He felt his skin break open and warm blood started to flow down his back. He moved slightly, trying to see what was occurring behind him, but ultimately wished he had not bothered. He had looked up into the face of one of the men from before, who was sitting on his thighs and using a sharp knife to carve a symbol of some sort in the centre of his back. He whimpered quietly as the blade was brought down once more.

"Ah, morning pretty," a gruff voice spoke from the side, and Light turned his head towards the sound. "Thought you weren't gonna wake up, we were getting impatient." Cruel laughter echoed around him, and Light finally realised the position he was in: tied face-down on a bed, naked, and surrounded. His eyes widened and he tested to see if there was any give in his bonds, but his limbs would not move far at all. There was no way for him to get free. He moved his head and glared towards where the voice was coming from, sneering slightly.

"Oo, we've got ourselves a feisty one here, boys, let's see how long he takes to break." Light cried out as the blade from before sliced down the back of his right leg, and while he was dealing with the pain, he failed to notice the shifting movements of the people around him.

He felt hands grab his thighs, pressing down into the cut and pulling his legs apart, before a heavy weight settled over him. The hands moved upwards, roughly grabbing and spreading his arse cheeks, and Light cringed away. Soon, he felt them thrust inside and he screamed. All Light could feel was the pain, as if he was being torn in two. Nonsensical begging spilled out of his mouth as tears ran down his face, but nothing stopped the man from thrusting inside of him until he roared his climax, filling Light with his burning seed. A sense of relief encompassed Light as the man pulled out and moved away, a hope that it was finally over even as he felt the blood and semen leaking out of his abused entrance. Alas, it was not to be as before Light knew it, another had taken the place of the first and the pain returned worse than before.

Light screamed for all he was worth as the men took turns to rape him, until his voice vanished from the strain and all there was, was the tears and the pain. He welcomed the darkness when it finally came to take him away.

When Light next awoke, it was to the smell of semen, blood, rotting garbage and exhaust fumes. He blinked his eyes opened blearily, taking in his surroundings.

He was lying on the floor of a dimly lit alley, curled up on his side. He tried to stretch himself out, and his muscles screamed along with a pain shooting up his spine. He cried out hoarsely, his throat dry and scratchy. Steeling himself once more and ignoring the pain, he pulled himself upright. Light swayed slightly, and his eyelids started to droop. He shook his head, an ache arising in his head, but he pulled himself towards the wall and leaned against it, exhausted.

Light winced as he seated himself and curled his legs into his chest, wrapping his arms around his knees. Memories of what had happened assaulted him and he burst into tears, sobbing quietly, but forcefully, until he had cried himself to sleep.

If anyone had been there, they would have seen Light's bloodied and bruised body, twisting and turning as the horrors of the last few hours were relived over and over in his mind.

Startled awake from his nightmares, Light realised as his eyes opened that he was still in the alley he had seen before. Everything looked bigger somehow though, and was more clearly defined, even though the light was not much different.

He sat up and stretched, noticing quickly a complete absence of the pain he had felt before. Confused, Light looked down and shouted in shock, well he would have shouted, but all that came out was a startled yowl. He had looked down and seen ginger tabby paws, and as he moved his head to look behind, he saw a swishing ginger tabby tail. Light sat down again, completely dumbstruck. He must be either still asleep or he had gone completely insane, for he now seemed to be a ginger tabby cat.