Author's Note:

She walked into Hogwarts and got almost every guy's eye on her. What will happen when Harry gets a little ruff with the new girl? And what will Draco do when the new girl breaks curfew and he's there to see to it that she never does it again? And what happens when the new girl's boyfriend, not a wizard, witch or whitelighter, but a mutant shows up and finds out what these guys have been doing to his girl? All hell breaks loose that's for DAMN sure!!!!

The New Girl:

I was new at Hogwarts. I would be entering my fourth year. I had skipped a couple levels because my family dated back to the first Sorceress and Sorcerer. I had always had the blood of witches and wizards running through my veins. I was also mad that I had to leave behind my boyfriend of four years. We were planning on getting married when I was done with my schooling.

Looking the way I did, you'd think I was a super model, super star or something, but I wasn't. Picture Michelle Rodriguez, (S.W.A.T, The Fast and the Furious, Lost, Blue Crush), tan, built, dark black hair, liked to wear punked out clothes, (like something a gang member would wear) and I had tattoos running the length of both my arms. I was probably the only girl among all the other girls at Hogwarts to look anything like the way I did. And I had every guy looking at me.