Chapter 4: Your Beauties Fading

I never noticed. No, never noticed.

Your beauties fading. Fading.

"Straight to Video" - Mindless Self Indulgence

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Antony felt the blood drain from his face as he grabbed Johanna's hand and escaped the Asylum, making way to the pie shop. His heart was beating so fast that everything around him just seemed to be dream-like. Johanna had been quiet the entire time, and her face void of emotion. However, he didn't say a word until they got to the pie shop. He grabbed his knees, leaning over and catching his breath. "We... we made it," he gasped, looking up at her. Johanna's eyes seemed empty and her wheat blond hair was in disarray. She said nothing but gazed at him. Antony regained his posture and opened up the door to the shop, letting her in. "Mrs. Lovett?" he yelled out but got no response. Instead, he heard the yawn of a person in another room. "Toby?" he asked a bit more quietly. The young boy walked into the room, rubbing his eyes and smacking his lips together to regain taste in his dry mouth. "Antony? What are ya doin' here?" he inquired sleepily. "Toby, where's Mrs. Lovett?" Antony searched around the abandoned shop. "I 'unno where mum is. Maybe she went out for a walk," he said, shrugging his shoulders. Shaking his head, Antony looked back at Johanna. "I left clothes in the living room for you. Boy clothes. That way no one will recognize you. I have to go get a chariot, but wait here. Don't move. Mr. Todd and Mrs. Lovett will be here soon enough and they'll take care of you until I come back..." He said, grabbing her hands and smiling broadly at her. "All the nightmares will end Johanna. We can finally start our life together, fresh." He couldn't hide the anticipation and hope in his voice. Johanna merely stared at him with lifeless eyes. "No matter what you do, Antony... You can never make the nightmares go away. No one can ever make the nightmares go away..." she muttered in a soft, piercing voice. He looked confused at what she said for a second, but then kissed the top of her head. "They will now, my love," he told her reassuringly. But she did not look very assured at all.

Turning to Toby, he said, "tell Mrs. Lovett and Mr. Todd that Johanna's arrived, and to take care of her until I come back."

Toby merely nodded slowly, yawning. Kissing Johanna once more on the forehead, Antony sprinted from the shop.

As he ran down the streets he collided with someone that nearly threw him completely off balance. Instead, the person who he had bumped into fell to the floor, her body sprawled across the road. "Oh, ma'am, i'm so sorry!" He apologized hastily, helping her up. He jumped back when he saw who it was. The beggar woman looked up at him and grabbed his wrist so tightly he could feel her long nails move into his skin. "Warn them, boy, warm them. Murderer. Witch. Liar. They come in but they don't come out..." she muttered venomously. "No one see's it, I says, no one see's it. But the sign of the devil is in there, sir. Wicked, sir, wicked..." Bewildered, Antony ripped his wrist from her grip and stepped back a considerable amount. The woman was barking mad. "I'm sorry, ma'am," he said, apologizing once more before running away. The beggar woman watched him. "Mischief... mayhem... Must warn them, I must. Must stop the devils hand. Yes, must..." her voice trailed off as she began to shuffle towards the shop, her head bowed.

Meanwhile, Johanna dressed herself in the clothes that Antony left for her. She didn't say a word to Toby even though he began talking to her and telling her the splendors of the shop. "It's great here, it is," Toby said, his back to her as he trailed his finger across the piano keys. "Mum, Mrs. Lovett, that is, is amazing. So kind. Took me in, she did, when I was with that horrible man, Perilli. Saved me, she did." Johanna merely gazed at the crackling fire. Toby grinned toothily at her. "You're too pretty to look like a boy," he said sweetly. She looked over at him and a small smile crossed her lips for the first time that night.

"Welp, I better go tell Mr. Todd what Antony said. Don't worry, he might scare you a little bit at first. To be honest, I don't like 'em all too much. Seems a bit sketchy to me. But if mum trusts him, well..." his words traveled into silence as his smile faded. Shaking his head a bit, he tried to force a chuckle to calm his own nerves. "I'll go get 'em, then, you stay here. If you see mum, be sure to tell her who you are. She don't like people in the shop at this hour. No, not at all," he said. Johanna nodded and watched as he began to walk upstairs to the parlor, her heart beating slowly as she started to realize that this place seemed vaguely familiar.

Not knowing the war all around her that was just beginning.

"Where is she?" Judge Turpin said immediately as Sweeney Todd closed the door to his parlor shop. "Patience, my Lord. All good things come to those who wait," Sweeney told him, a grueling smile crossing his face. Memories of when Mrs. Lovett had told him to wait poking through his thoughts. He went to take the Judge's coat but he recoiled. "How can I trust you?" he asked uncertainly, eyeing the barber threateningly. Sweeney knew that he would have to be extra careful not to scare him off. This was his last chance to do exactly what he had been striving to do for so, so long. "Sir, the sailor boy, he trusts me. But my Lord, he is a naive child. She had seen that. She was immensely turned off by his childlike demeanor and realized her wrong ways. She asked me to bring you here tonight so she could return to you," Sweeney explained gently. The more he talked, the calmer the Judge seemed to become. He had gotten off his coat and it was now hanging over the trunk that still slightly smelled of death. Coaxing the Judge to sit, Sweeney continued on with his vicarious lies. "She's getting herself ready for you, you see. Wanted you to see her in all of her beauty, confess her love and gratitude to you. Begging for your forgiveness, she was," He whispered in the Judge's ear as he sat down in the barber chair. "Ah... good, good...And if it is forgiveness she wants, she shall surely get it. I suppose I can trust you, barber," the Judge said, staring up at him, his damaged ego obviously healed. Sweeney walked over to his vanity where his blades lay. "Perhaps, my Lord, you would like a shave?" He proposed, holding his blade up to the mirror and grinning widely when he saw his reflection. Yes, this position, this scene... It was like a beautiful monologue in a story. His story. And he was going to finish it so that when everyone saw his creation, they would be burned with the magnificence. "No, I really should be getting ready for her arrival," the Judge says, the idea dawning on him and he began to rise from his seat. Panic arising in Sweeney, he whipped around and put his hand on the Judge's shoulder, pushing him down. Startled, the Judge looked up at him with his eyebrows furred. Bad move, Sweeney thought to himself and immediately tried to make an excuse for it. "Yes, but if she comes, dear Judge, do you really want her to see... Well..." he moved his hand across the Judge's prickled chin. Watching self-consciousness come over the Judge, Sweeney's heart slowed. "Ah... This... This is true, barber, this is true. Alright," he said, giving in and leaving back, getting himself comfortable in the chair. "Give me the best shave you can, and nothing but the best. Perhaps some French cologne while you're at it." He ordered. Feeling his vengeance upcoming, Sweeney's hands began to shake when he grabbed his shaving cream and began applying it to Judge Turpin's jaw, mouth, cheeks and neck. "Oh, sir," he said, his voice trembling with excitement. "I can guarantee you the closest shave you will ever have..."

"Pretty women, barber, pretty women... Dear Johanna, so graceful and beautiful," the Judge spoke to himself as Sweeney moved the blade across a belt tied to the chair, trying to keep his composure until the time was right. Swiftly, he moved to the Judge's side, taking one look outside his window. Tonight was the night all of London would see what revenge could do. How it could corrupt... destroy. Yes, tonight everyone will see my beautiful picture... "Hair like flowing gold, such luminous eyes..." he continued on. Sweeney looked back at him with a malicious glint in his eyes, which, for the first time in years, looked alive and shining. "Like her mother," Sweeney mumbled loud enough for the Judge to hear. And immediately, he could see the gears turning in the Judge's head. "Like her ... Mother? Excuse me?" The Judge asked, peering upwards at Sweeney whose blade was above his head and shimmering in the moonlight casted down through the window panes. And suddenly, a look of anxiety and familiarity came over his face. Sweeney merely smiled at him, bearing his teeth. "The years, no doubt, have changed me, sir. But then I suppose the face of a barber, the face of a prisoner in the dark, is not particularly memorable." He hissed, hands gripped tightly onto the handle of his blade. The eyes of the Judge widened. Confirmation played on his face. "Benjamin Barker..." he said with a cracked, scared voice as he began to inch away from him. But there was no escape this time.

Trembling, Sweeney's expression maddened. "BENJAMIN. BARKER!" He yelled out and jabbed the blade straight into the Judge's throat, his face welcoming the blood that began to hit him full force. Again, and again, and again the blade had stabbed the Judge. In that moment, all of his revenge, his anger, his malice, his envy, his grief, his sadness, poured into the repeated actions that he knew were justified. Not ever would he forget how the Judge's face froze in pure terror, and how it shook uncontrollably when blood spurted out onto the windows and the floor. Nor would he regret each thrust that went into him.

As a final blow, Sweeney gracefully slid his razor across the Judge's jugular, and with a fountain of crimson pouring out, he hit the pedal on his barber chair and watched the body drop into the baker below. When the chair came back up, he breathed heavily, mind going numb for just a few seconds. He was still in blind rage, but he knew it was over. It was finally over.

Falling to his knees, he looked at his dripping friends. They had done their purpose so well. "Sleep now, my friend..." he began to sing to himself, looking at the blade lovingly and caressing it with his dirty fingertips. Blood made it's way down his unkempt hair onto the tip of his nose before falling off onto the wooden floors. There was no time to clean this mess. The deed was done... there was nothing else to do. He went to put the blade onto the barber chair until he heard a rattled voice and footsteps walk up the stairs.

Immediately snapping back into action, he went dead silent and listened.

"Judge Turpin? Judge Turpin... I know you're up here, I saw you come up here, I did... Oh, what have they done... The witches spell cast on you? Turpin, Turpin..."

The old beggar woman walked through the door, her head bowed. She walked into the parlor and, upon noticing the blood that spread from the barber chair to her bare, dirty feet, she looked up and gasped. "Devil..." She muttered shakily. "Devil!" she pointed at Sweeney and screamed. Sweeney immediately ran over and covered the womans mouth, looking into her mad blue eyes with his dark cold ones. "You must pay for what you know..." he mumbled to her, uncovering her mouth. Before he could do anything, the woman scrunched up her face as if trying to get a better look at him. "Don't I know you...?" she whispered, more to herself then to him. But without another word being said, he slit open her throat with no pause or thought. Her body stayed upheld for a moment before he threw her into the barber chair and pressed down on the pedal. Her body met the same fate as the Judge's, crawling down the chute and landing with a satisfying crunch. Finally, he thought, it's done...

But even as he turned to the door, ready to greet the rest of London with both of his hands blooded from revenge, he stopped mid-step when he saw what was awaiting him.

With a jaw dropped in shock and eyes big as saucers, Toby stood in the doorway motionless.

And Sweeney Todd knew at that moment that the night was far from over.

Mrs. Lovett was already in the basement, stomping on the bugs passed by and holding a filth cloth to her nose. The stench was sometimes unbearable but she put up with it daily so it got worse less and less. She had been waiting for the body of the Judge to drop, all the while sitting on top of an old barrel that used to hold ale. She had been thinking of the earlier events over and over in her mind. She could still feel his hands all over her. Grasping her, caressing her... They had always been so rough but they had felt so soft then. Mrs. Lovett knew that she saw Benjamin Barker come out again. Yes, he was easily taken over once more by Sweeney Todd at the first sign of the Judge, but it had been worth it. After all, she understood, more than anyone knew, that this was more important than her. Yes, sometimes you have to see the big picture to understand the little one glimpse that you get of it. She understood this. Even so, her mind wandered as she nibbled on a corner of the cloth. Life is for the alive,her mind told her. And she had finally been alive with him.

Perhaps after this, she thought, crossing her legs. They could keep up the shop, and move to the sea one day like she had always wanted. And he would finally be happy, with all of his revenge aside. He would finally begin to let her in full force. She would have the change she had been waiting for ever since she had met Benjamin Barker that fateful day.

He had been so young back then, and even Mrs. Lovett looked more kempt than she did now. He had dark, rich brown hair that curved under his earlobe and was combed back on the top. Sometimes strands of hair would fall around his round face and he would look angelic. She remembered him knocking on her shop door. She had been with her now deceased husband, Albert, at the time. He was on his death bed when Benjamin Barker arrived. Mrs. Lovett had opened the door and greeted him with a smile, telling him that the shop was closed due to personal family affairs. He had insisted, however, to rent out the room upstairs. "I noticed that no one ever uses it," he had told her, "and I would really like to start a business. A barbershop, if you will." Mrs. Lovett at the time was planning to use the upstairs room for her own personal use. Perhaps a study room, since she did so enjoy reading literature. But she couldn't help but be slightly enticed by the mans deep eyes and sweet smile. Though she was married, she was roped in immediately by his charm. After Albert had died she rented it out to the man, and together her income began to come up. She would sometimes take breaks from cooking to go up and watch him shave his customers. He would always be so polite to her, and offer her hot tea. They would talk about nothing and anything at all. Both innocent... so innocent, naive.

Mrs. Lovett lowered her eyes and listened to the furnace a few feet away from her. Things had once been so simple, and now had become so complicated. Benjamin Barker had been there for her in rough times. Had grabbed the liquor out of her hands when she sobbed over the loss of her husband, or when she had been stressed out about the lack of customers in the shop. He would come down and help her regularly run the shop if things got to be too much for her. They had slowly been growing closer. Mrs. Lovett couldn't help but feel that she was falling for him, and she knew there would come a time where it would be appropriate to tell him so. And she always had a fear that they were not reciprocated. So she waited... she waited until she had some kind of a sign, or a hint. And eventually, the sign did come, Mrs. Lovett thought to herself bitterly. A sign in the form of a beautiful, blond woman named Lucy.

She would never forget the day she saw that wench clinging to Benjamin's arm. Giggling like a school girl, her golden hair in curls down to her shoulders. Mrs. Lovett loathed her immediately upon meeting her. She had shook the womans frail, small hands, and had the huge urge to spit on them. But she held herself back. Instead, she put on a sweet smile and offered her a free meat pie. Now that she thought about it, she should've burned the damned thing. "A little overcooked," Lucy had said to her. "Perhaps you shouldn't leave it in the burner for too long next time." As if the woman knew anything about working with her bare hands, Mrs. Lovett had thought angrily. She had probably never even touched a pint of flour in her life. Would be too scared of ruining her dainty lil' fingers, she would.

Fuming, Mrs. Lovett stood up and began pacing, still chewing on the corner of the napkin even more violently than before. The mere memory of Lucy made her skin boil. For years she had been in the shop below them, watching day by day as he fell more and more in love with her. And yet, even as they began to grow more distant with every week that passed, Benjamin Barker never stopped coming down to help her with her shop. He would constantly tell her stories. "I'll marry her, I will..." Benjamin had told her. At the time, Mrs. Lovett wanted to bash the woman with one of her cooking pans and see if Benjamin would still love her if she hadn't looked like a bloody goddess. But again, she refrained. And when they had a child, she treated it as if it was her own. Not that Lucy ever let her hold the baby, but when she was gone and Benjamin needed help she would lend her motherly touch. Lucy would never know about it, for Benjamin and her both knew that if Lucy ever heard that Mrs. Lovett had touched her child she would throw a fit over it. Pretty little thing came off so level-headed, but Mrs. Lovett knew, even if no one else did, that she could push her buttons if she wanted to. But for the sake of Benjamin, she never did. She just wanted to see him happy, even if he didn't see something good right before him. And after all, Mrs. Lovett would never be the stunning, blond angel that Lucy was. Not even if she tried. Nor would she ever fall down to that level to become such a thing. No, Mrs. Lovett was a hard-working woman who was happy with herself. She would never change for anyone else, not even Benjamin Barker.

And then, it happened. Suddenly, Lucy came in a blubbering matter through her shop door one day. "Transported! Taken away! Under false charge!" she had screeched, falling to her knees while holding her child. Her hair was scraggly and loose, sweat pouring down her soft face. Mrs. Lovett had rushed to her side and taken the child, giving Lucy multiple cups of gin. "Where is he?" she had asked, frightened. "Where is Benjamin?"

Thats when Lucy explained what had happened with the Judge, and how she would never see Benjamin ever again. Mrs. Lovett took care of her, sitting upstairs at her bedside and listening to her cry until she had fallen asleep. The woman had been completely torn apart by what had happened. But whens he had fallen asleep, Mrs. Lovett had stammered down the staircase into her shop. A hand on the wall to keep her balancing, tears streaming down her face. Benjamin Barker... transported. All because of that foolish woman. She couldn't even stand up for him, or stop him. She didn't even attempt to try. She merely ran... ran away from the man she claimed to love so she didn't get hurt. Selfish wench. Good for nothing, she was. Mrs. Lovett had spent the whole night drinking, not getting a wink of sleep and working silently in the morning. Word had spread about Benjamin Barker's sudden disappearance, and many of her customers were more interested in hearing the juicy gossip rather than buying her meat pies.

From that point on, Lucy never came down from the upstairs room. She stayed with her child, weeping. Every so often the Judge would come and leave roses at her doorstep. She would take them and leave them on her desk, letting them die and wilt. Not once did Lucy ever come down, unless it was to break down to Mrs. Lovett and speak of how much she missed Benjamin. In which Mrs. Lovett would always take time out of her schedule to take care of the lousy woman. Never did she refuse to hand a shoulder. Constantly Mrs. Lovett would go up and take care of Johanna while Lucy wept in the corner, unable to handle what life had thrown at her. So weak, Mrs. Lovett though. Weak and naive.

Then, on that glorious but fateful day, Lucy had disappeared from her upstairs establishment. Leaving her daughter alone. Mrs. Lovett didn't know where she was, but had cared for Johanna regardless. Deep down in her heart, stemming from all the anger and hate that boiled over the years of taking care of that ungrateful fool, she almost hoped that the woman would't return. But she did. She returned tattered and torn. Tears rolling down her dirt stained face. It no longer looked angelic, but filthy and rotten. The Judge had raped her, tricking her into coming to his home. "I can't take it anymore, Mrs. Lovett..." Lucy had told her in a quivering voice, taking a vial full of liquid out of her bodice."This is arsenic, Mrs. Lovett. I'm going to kill myself..." and even with all the hatred that shook Mrs. Lovett to her core, she tried to stop her."Are you off your rocker, silly woman? Your daughter needs you, and you just plan to leave 'ER?" Lucy never responded but had grabbed Johanna out of Mrs. Lovett's arms and ran off. Mrs. Lovett had followed her, only to end up watching as Lucy sucked the vial dry and collapsed. Before Mrs. Lovett could grab the child, her worst fears came true. Judge Turpin found Lucy and the child and had grabbed Johanna immediately. The guards in the city all surrounded Lucy and carried her out.

Mrs. Lovett was sure that she was dead, and for years lived alone in her shop. Thinking to herself that Lucy was gone for good, and that Johanna was in the arms of the very man that threw her to the brink.

Imagine her horror when...


A body fell down from the chute in the form of Judge Turpin. Jumping a bit, Mrs. Lovett gasped. His head cracked on the pavement of the basements floor. Dropping her cloth, she bent over towards him, checking to see if he was really dead. Joy filled her heart, knowing that Sweeney had gotten what he had been hoping for. Warmth flooded over her as she sighed happily. Perhaps now the nightmares would stop, she thought. Perhaps now everything would be over with. After all, Sweeney only had one thing holding him back from becoming who he used to be. Soon, he would be with his daughter Johanna, and everything would be okay again. Everything would be like it was before he met that damned woman. She let her mind dream. Finally, it was all over... Everything was done.

However, to her unpleasant surprise, soon after that, she heard the chute open up again. Confused, she watched another body toppled over Judge Turpin's. And her mouth dropped at the sight of who it was. The old beggar woman laid before her, throat slit wide open. "You!" She growled, panicking. He had killed her. But had he known...? No, we must burn her body first, Mrs. Lovett thought, her body beginning to shake as she looked around frantically. She needed to get her body where no one could see it, and quickly. Her mind racing, she reached down to grab the womans dress and drag her with the rest of the bodies in her grinding machine. However, just as she began doing it, the door to the baker opened up with a loud bang.

"Fucking bugger!" Sweeney growled, gripping his blooded hair. Her heart stopped beating. Did he know? She tried to drag the womans body even faster. "The boy! He saw. I couldn't get him in time. He's gone by now. To tell the authorities, no doubt," Sweeney said, throwing one of the barrels against the wall in anger and watching it explode into wooden fragments. "We have to get out of here, and quickly. We have to make sure Johanna is safe," he told her. Mrs. Lovett said nothing but concentrated as best she could to getting the body out of sight. But unfortunately, Sweeney noticed. "Good God, woman," he muttered, throwing his razor to the side. "Leave the woman to me and grab the Judge, we will merely throw them into the fire," he ordered strongly. "But, Mr. Todd," Mrs. Lovett said, breathing fast. She couldn't let him. She couldn't. "I SAID DO IT!" Sweeney yelled. Trembling, she recoiled to the side, opening the door to the furnace. She only had hope that he wouldn't see...

But as the light from the furnace came over the womans face, Sweeney Todd's heart fell.

There, laying in a bloody mess, was his Lucy.

Dropping to his knees, bewildered, Sweeney moved her head towards him. "Lucy...?" he whispered to himself. Her sweet face looked back at him, lifeless. Lifeless because of his thirst for revenge... because of his impairable mistakes and unquenched anger. "Do I know you... she said..." He muttered, remembering how the old beggar woman had looked at him and asked if she knew him. Now, he thought, if he had only waited... but he was so careless, he had merely ignored her words and cut her throat right open. Staring at his blood-stained hands, he realized that he had just killed his wife. He had just killed Lucy.

"You... you knew she was alive..." Sweeney said in disbelief, his mouth becoming dry and his sight blurring. He wasn't sure whether he should cry or scream. He didn't really know what to feel. But he knew one emotion that he was very familiar with begin to take place of his logic. Looking up at Mrs. Lovett's shocked face, it finally clicked in his head. "You lied to me..." Sweeney said.

"Lied? No, no," Mrs. Lovett began to shake her head wildly, hair flying around her. "I never lied, no, I didn't lie," she said as Sweeney began to slowly stand with his head bowed to the floor. He was going to kill her, thought Mrs. Lovett, he was going to kill her just like he had killed all his customers. "I told you she took the poison, but I never said she died..." Mrs. Lovett pointed out, trying to find a loophole in her false words. And even though she was right, she knew that the man was too smart to fall for such a deceiving notion. He raised his head and looked at her with sorrow-filled eyes that pierced through her soul. Mrs. Lovett turned away from him, breathing hard and then went for the baker door. But he had been too fast for her. He blocked her path and grabbed her hand, moving against her and cornering her. Mrs. Lovett made sure there was air between them as she tried to say whatever she could. "I did not lie to you! I didn't. It was for your own good. She was barking mad, she was! The poison made her go crazy! They sent her to Bedlam into the Asylum. She was suppose to be dead!" She cried out, chest heaving. "But you knew she was alive. You knew. All these years, Mrs. Lovett... you knew. And you didn't say a bloody word," he began laughing hysterically. Manically. For the first time, Mrs. Lovett was frightened for her very life. "You're a bloody wonder, Mrs. Lovett, eminently practical and yet appropriate as always!" he roared and she felt her back against a wall. Who would have known that earlier this would've been the ideal position she would've liked to be in with Sweeney Todd, and now she would do anything to disappear. "I only did it because I loved you!" sobbed Mrs. Lovett, who at this point had no logic left to use. "I love you, Benjamin Barker! I have always loved you. And I could be twice the wife she ever was and you know it!"

Chuckling to himself, Sweeney's shoulders shook and there was dead silence between them. No one said a word. The only noise was the sounds of rats scuttering around in the sewers beneath them, looking for food.

"You... love me, Mrs. Lovett. Charming... oh, so charming." He breathed, looking up at her. Crying softly, Mrs. Lovett watched him and continued to shake her head. "Yes... I love you. I've loved you since the day I met you, Benjamin Barker." Sweeney motioned for her to come forward. "Yes, Mrs. Lovett. Oh, of course you have. Life is for the alive, am I right? Everything's in the past. That's what you said to me before, Mrs. Lovett, is it not?" Mrs. Lovett could not tell whether he was being truthful or not so she continued to back away. There was a malice in his voice that she could not pin point. "Benjamin, don't do this..." She begged of him as he began walking towards her. "Oh, Mrs. Lovett, come here love. My darling pet," and with a swift move of his hand he grabbed her wrist and began dancing with her infront of the furnace. Quickly they waltzed as he began to sing to her. "By the sea, Mrs. Lovett. Wouldn't that be smashing?" He said with a smile that ripped her heart in two. She wanted to trust him and give in, but she couldn't let herself. No, she couldn't. She couldn't fall for it. But his voice was so beautiful... "You and me, Mr. T, we could be alone in a house wot we'd almost own, down by the sea..." She sang along with him, forcing a pained smile on her face. Sweeney's mind was twisting. She had lied to him, betrayed to him, and yet even now she looked so beautiful. But everything she stood for was fake. She was nothing more than a whore in sheep's clothing. Because of her, he lost the only chance to ever be with his wife again. Because of her, he had killed the love of his life. And that made her beauty melt into something grotesque and vile.

He stopped dancing with her and pulled her close. They stood infront of the open furnace, the fire shining in the innocent eyes that looked up at him. He bent down to her lips, and her mind stopped working as he did. She thought he was going to go to kiss her, but he made a detour and set his lips near her ear.

"I never noticed, Mrs. Lovett... Your beauties fading," he whispered harshly. Her eyes went wide, and she became very alert. "It's fading," he said quietly.

And with that, he grabbed her waist and made motion to throw her straight into the furnace. However, Mrs. Lovett had caught on too early, and grabbed onto his arm. When he went to throw her, she merely held onto him and kicked off with her feet, swinging around him and sending him flying into the furnace herself. Falling to the floor, she gasped when she heard his screams and cries as the fire began to light him. Squealing, she ran to him and pulled him out of the furnace, ripping off pieces of her dress and throwing them on the flames that surrounded him. "No! NO!" She gasped, barely breathing as smoke entered her lungs from being so close to the fire. Sweeney Todd, coughing, began to lift himself up on all fours, reaching into his belt for an extra razor that was held there. Grabbing it and sliding it out of its hold, he whipped it around on her and sliced a part of her cheek. "Augh!" she collapsed to the floor, holding the side of her face. She could feel the blood trickle down her chin and neck. Both of them breathing heavily, he leaned over towards her as she looked up at him. He went to slice open her throat but she caught his hand, using the rest of her strength to hold him back. "Benjamin, don't do this, please, don't do this. By the sea, Benjamin! By the beautiful sea..." she spluttered, trying to calm him. "We all deserve to die..." he grumbled, pushing hard against her hand.

With that, he gave one last push, with Mrs. Lovett's neck and his own meeting both sides of the blade. Pressing against each others necks.

"Even you, Mrs. Lovett... Even I." He muttered quietly as her petrified eyes locked with his.

But it wasn't in a voice that was threatening. It was pained. Suddenly, she had seen all the hatred in his eyes fade.

She was no more looking at Sweeney Todd. She was looking at Benjamin Barker.

Tears had welled up in his eyes as everything that he had done to the people around him dawned on him.

He saw all the people he killed... he saw his blade against Lucy's throat.

He saw the way he had treated Mrs. Lovett despite her lies, she had always been so kind.

All in the name of revenge. It was suppose to be so sweet... but in the end had only killed him.

And in that moment, Sweeney Todd realized that yes, she had lied to him. But she was there every day of his life. Every time he began to brood she would try to make him smile. Even before he was transported, Mrs. Lovett never left his side. He had tried to push her away as best he could but she still stayed. Through all the laughter, the pain, the tears, the anger, the murder... she never turned her back on him. Even now, as they laid across each other, a blade to both of their necks, she didn't run away. And yet she knew in her eyes that this could be the end. Yet still she trusted him with all of her heart, however reluctant it was. Her warm touch had broken his hard heart in two when not even the memory of Lucy could've done that.

And almost as if she knew what he was trying to say to her, she whimpered.

And he knew that there was only one way to get rid of this terrible monster inside of him that had killed everyone he loved around him.

And she knew... she knew there was no way to run from the fate that she had wrought upon herself, and the tragic lies she had woven.

They both knew at that moment, that they would never escape the nightmares.

"By the sea, we'll grow old together, Benjamin Barker..." she sang softly, tears streaming down her face. She knew what was to come.

"By the sea, Nellie Lovett, married nice and proper," he responded in an equally leveled tone. The tip of his nose against hers.

"By the beautiful sea..." they both sang the last note together, and with those words left hanging, he move the blade against her throat and his. Cutting them both open together as the blood poured into each other. Sweeney Todd collapsing on her as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. His blood dripped onto her body, down her chest and below her bodice. Mrs. Lovett laid there below him her hand holding his with a blade in between both of their palms. The color drained from her sight but she could not remember a time they were so vivid. Revenge escaped Sweeney Todd but he could not remember a time where he felt so filled inside of his heart. And even in that moment, as they both took their last breaths and life escaped them, Mrs. Lovett had found that she had died knowing what really could have been. And Benjamin Barker died knowing that he could forgive and love again.

And he had finally finished the story he had been writing.

His picture perfect portrait was finally complete.

And even in death, Mrs. Lovett had never left his side.


asdl;sfdslkjgfdsjg. YAY THE END. Okay, wow. This was INCREDIBLY hard for me to write. Like you don't even know. I had such bad writer's block. And oh my goodness, I wanted to change the end SO badly. I wanted to make it so Mrs. Lovett and Sweeney Todd could have a life together but I knew it wouldn't be right. The story is the story and while you can rewrite the ending, it still must be the end. I thought this would be a much more appropriate way to end it rather then just have him throw her into a furnace and then mope over Lucy's dead body. I think at the end of this chapter Sweeney really did see that Mrs. Lovett had been there through all of it. I wanted them to die together on a good note, not a bad note. And I really hope you liked it.

Thank you to ALL of my reviewers. Oh my goodness, you guys totally rock. I love you desperately. I hope you don't like, hate the ending of my story. LOL.

To be honest, this is actually one ending out of two that i'm going to write. I have a whole 'nother series upcoming between Sweeney and Lovett. What if they both had lived to see another day? Oh, I really can't wait to write it. I hope you guys did enjoy this one though, and i'm glad it's over because now I have a clean slate.

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