Author's Note:

There will be some mild language and nudity in this story. I just got done watching a story on TLC called Wild Child: The Survival of Feral Children (Or something like that). I don't want to alarm anyone if you hear or read something that you don't understand. I hadn't wanted to do a story like this until I knew all the facts. And even though I don't know all the facts at the moment, I will be doing research while writing this story. Thank you for anyone that takes an interest into the story!

Flashback will be in italics


The sound of two baby's crying could be heard in the delivery room, but only one was given to the family in the waiting room, the other, given to a couple who could never have children. A year went by, and all the baby did was cry, they wondered if they got the wrong baby. They were told that they had been given the weaker baby, so to get the paternal parents out of the hospital faster knowing that they had a healthy baby girl.

They told their family members that they were taking the baby on a camping trip and that they would be leaving town shortly after returning, for fear that the paternal parents would find out what happened. But when they came back from the trip, without the child, they told their family, the girl had been killed by mountain lions. Not knowing what really happened, the family went along with the story.

Six years later, the couple went back to that same mountain to see if the child had survived the harsh abandonment. When they saw the child was still alive, they tried to take her back home with them. But the mother lion saw what was going on, and the pack of lions attacked and killed both people. Search and rescuers found the body's three days later. The pack of mountain lions, with the child on the mother lions back, had moved farther up the mountain, as to not be hunted and killed.

When the girl turned ten, a family called the Camden's camped on the mountain, and got their first glimpse of what a real wild child looked like. They had heard about other children being neglected by their parents, or never really having parents around on a T.V. show, but never in there wildest dreams would they ever catch a glimpse of such a child. When they tried to find her, all they found were lion tracks. They left the mountain and never came back.

But ever year that has gone by, the girl always wondered if anyone would love her like the lions loved her. And if so, how would they show it? What the girl didn't know was that when she was talking to her family of lions, she was gaining the knowledge to find the family that would try to keep her away from her animal family. She distinctly remembered humans as mean, fowl creatures that liked to abandon there children wherever they went. Or at least that was what happened in her case.

Could someone really go back to living with people after living with mountain lions for nearly 15 years? When he campers started returning the year she turned eleven, she & her family ventured among them. The campers talked to her, trying to get her to tell them her name. She didn't have a name. One of the campers just happened to be Native American. On one such a day, the girl had been circling the camp grounds with the lions, searching for something to eat or drink, when this camper stopped her.

The lions imminently went into protection mode and circled the girl. The camper—who will later be named in another chapter—reached out toward the girl and pointed to her chest, saying "you, Catori. Your name mean Spirit because you live as the Spirit does, FREE."