The Camden's:

Everyone was sitting around the television, watching the news, when my story came on. They weren't expecting to ever see me again. they had left the mountain and never returned, scared thatt he lions would hurt the family. Now seeing my picture, Jane Cassidy & Captain O'Rielly up on the mountain talking about me and the couple that was killed ten years ago on the mountain by the lions, made them all shiver.

If the wild child was caught, they would do an immediate DNA test to see if the couple was the child's parent's. If not, the lions would be killed and the girl taken back to civilization. BUt the question still remained. would the child be able to luve as a normal child? Or would she want to go back to the mountain and live with her lion family?

It was Ruthie who finally spoke up. "She Kinda looks like me, don't you think?"

They took a closer look at my picture. I had dark black hair with gold streaks in it. my face was dirty but they could see the resmblance between Ruthie & I. but what made it even wierder was the mark on my neck. It was the same mark that Ruthie had on her neck.

"Yeah she does. Hey mom, are you sure Ruthie isn't a twin because this girl on TV kinda looks like her? Hey wait a minute, isn't she the girl that scared Ruthie when she was ten on the mountain we camped on?"

"Yeah, she does kinda look like her, but older. I wonder why her parents never tried looking for her. But then again, they did just say something about the lions killing a couple that they thought was her family ten years ago." Annie said.

"Maybe we should get Ruthie's doctor to tell us if she was a twin or not. Don't you think that would be a good idea?" Lucy said.

"We already know that Ruthie was a twin. Her sister died during delivery, the doctor told us that," Eric said.

"I think the doctor lied to you so that you would get out of the hospital sooner with a healthy baby girl. Maybe this girl was given to another couple who couldn't have children and they left her on the mountain," Matt finished.

"That could be possible, but we don't know. Look we'll go to the mountain tomorrow to see if we can talk to Captain O'Rielly about her. Time for bed everyone." Annie stated.