Vala's and her sisters were still giddy with excitement. Though none of them had been overly impressed with his culture's idea of an appropriate wedding ceremony, they were entranced with Jade having caught Sam's bouquet. Still, as thrilled as they all seemed to be with the idea of Jade and Martouf exchanging vows, Meagain and Vala weren't above teasing Danira that the promise of future nuptials should have gone to herself an Alek. Danira, rather than protesting demurely, expressed vigorous agreement, and launched into another giggling fit.

Nick sighed with tired fondness and bid them goodnight, kissing both Vala and Manda before heading up the stairs. Daniel, watching him go, felt a moment of envy for his grandfather, knowing that it would be quite a while yet before he might be afforded the peace and comfort of his own bed. His gaze turned to Manda, though, and a smile returned.

"I'll get her ready," he said quietly to Vala as he lifted the baby from her arms.

She nodded agreement and kissed his cheek, but Manda let out a squeal of protest, much preferring to stay in the exciting company of her mother and aunts. Daniel shook his head. "Time for bed now, Monkey," he said as he kissed her.

Even after a warm bath and a feeding, though, Manda had no interest in settling down for the night. Daniel smiled to himself, leaning on the crib rail to watch her. At least with Vala nearby, she was unlikely to repeat this afternoon's crying performance. It seemed that as long as Manda knew where both her parents were, she was indeed the "happy baby" that Vala had exclaimed over the night she was born. The one thing she didn't like was sleeping at night.

Daniel propped his chin on his arms, watching her thoughtfully for a while. She looked back up at him, blinking occasionally, but showing no sign of being ready to go to sleep. The opening verse of Sam and Carolyn's father/daughter song ran through his mind and he had to smile again.

When the sun goes down and it's getting late

You say it's time for bed

She just takes her time

Acting like she never heard a word you said

Little baby wanna hold you tight

She don't ever wanna say good night

She's a lover, she wanna be Daddy's Girl…

"Are you Daddy's girl, Manda?" he asked.

She burbled cheerfully at the attention, and he couldn't resist the urge to pick her up again. Cuddling her to his chest, he hummed a few bars, and then picked up the song at the chorus, dancing slowly around the room with her as he sang.

Vala found them a few minutes later, and cleared her throat as Daniel finished the song for a second time. He looked up, startled, and his eyes bulged as he hurried back to the crib with their daughter.

"Uh…hi!" he offered.

"I thought you were putting her to sleep," Vala grinned.

"Well, um…she wasn't tired?" Daniel attempted.

"Right," Vala said, slipping back out into the hall. "Hurry up, Daniel, before I get too tired…"



As a final note: this series does have multiple parts set later in Daniel and Vala's marriage.They were written as sequels because I fully intended to stop this AU after Fire and Water, but readers asked for more, and challenge prompts gave me the necessary inspiration.

They will be posted in the upcoming future. I am not sure when. If you enjoyed Fire and Water and Rediscovered Hearts, feel free to add me to your Author Alerts subscription. DON'T subscribe to a story alert for this fic; you won't get update notices because the story itself is complete.

In chronological order, the series is:

-Interlude ( a loosely interconnected collection of fics set in the same universe as Fire and Water. They were written after the series itself, so I don't include them as part of it. )

-Rediscovered Hearts (a 46 chapter epic set in the third year of Daniel and Vala's marriage, involves the birth of their first child and an exploration of Vala's past.)

-In The Moment (a loosely interconnected collection of fics similar to the Interlude set. They were written shortly after I wrote Rediscovered Hearts, but take place before Beyond Breaking.

-The Promise of Thorns (an SGA fic set in the same verse. It's the SGA equivalent to Fire and Water, kicking off a crossover sequel called Beyond Breaking.)

-A Rediscovered Christmas ( a Christmas series set in the RH universe. Hijinx abound when Vala's Santa Trap actually works. Just silly, but I had lots of fun writing it.)

-Beyond Breaking ( the planned followup to RH and Promise. I and some of the RH readers on LJ readers were speculating about season 10 and what might happen if the Ori returned in the RH AU somewhat later than they did in canon. About six chapters have been written, but the end of SG-1 s10 and SGA s3 really blew the fic out of the water. It will be done eventually, just don't know when.)

-Idyll Days (the final collection of short interconnected fics in this AU, set after the resolution of the Ori conflict)


I am aware that there are a few inconsistencies in terms of organizations and characters in this fic from the way that season 10 played out. It was written in its entirety before those plots had developed, and since it was AU, I elected not to try to re-write it but leave it intact. Reviews are welcome and appreciated, positive or negative.