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Summary: High School life comes to a close for Sena and the others at Deimon High. College life loom on the horizon along with adventure, drama, deception and of course romance. Will the gang keep in touch or will the distance between them be too great. SenaxSuzuna , HirumaxMamori, MontaxOC.

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The atmosphere was ecstatic, the hype leading up to this match was unbelievable. The Deimon Devil Bats returning to the Christmas Bowl once again, after being beaten in the semi-finals the year before by Hakushu. It wasn't an easy road for Deimon either this year as they had to go through Oujou once again, even though they had lost Shin and Sakuraba to college they still proved to be a worthy opponent. In the home tunnel a lone figure stood, the rest of the team had already been called and he was awaiting for his time. His helmet at his side he stared at the scene before him, the crowd was adorned in the red, blood red as the Deimon High students called it. He smirked So this is the last game of my high school career... .

Kobayakawa Sena, now a final year student in high school. He had long lost his timid demeanor but was still humble despite his status as a high school football legend. No longer a member of the Chibi's for they had all grown, well mostly him and Monta as Komusubi still held somewhat his short stature. His shoulders were broader and he now had an air of confidence around him. Sena turned around as he heard the familiar sound of roller-blades zooming towards him, he turned around as if on clock work to catch Suzuna in his arms. She looked up at him with her violet eyes and planted a kiss on his lips, a kiss he gladly returned. It had taken over two years for them to realize the feelings they had for each other were more than friends.

"Go get 'em Tiger" she moved to leave but he kept her still close to him and spun around. "As much as I would love to continue, I think they are awaiting you"

"And now the star of Deimon High..the man with the power of light speed at his feet we all know him as EYESHIELD 21...ladies and gentleman KOBAYAKAWA SENA!!!"

He smirked once again and ran towards the exit of the tunnel and donned the trademark helmet with the eyeshield. The crowd went nuts as he emerged, he stood and waved then ran towards the huddle as the team waited on him. Time has passed and people do change, with Hiruma, Kurita and Musashi leaving to play college they looked towards Sena for leadership. Sena went into the middle and they all huddled around him.

"This is the last game of my high school career, and the same goes for Monta, Taki, Komusubi, and of course the Ha Ha Brothers. I have enjoyed playing with you all and I am definitely going to leave you guys with something." He looked at their second year quarterback, who surprisingly made it to Deimon and no other school despite his outstanding accolades, which probably was the work of one blonde haired demon. "This is your team now" The junior just nodded. The huddle started moving around him bouncing, and Sena in return bounced on the spot.






The huddle broke and the offense took to the field. Sena looked across the field and stared at Kakei and Mizumachi. This is your last game too huh..Sorry to disappoint you guys . They all looked at each other and nodded, acknowledging each other as they prepared to do battle.

In the stands some familiar faces stared as Kyoshiin and Deimon prepared to do battle. The sunlight reflected of the spectators glasses. "It's interesting how Deimon still managed to be a team to reckon with despite not having Kurita or you in the game."

"Shut Up you fucking four-eyes, don't be mad that they whooped your alma matters ass."

"Here we go again, I wonder who he will be playing for though. Why is he the only senior yet to declare his college is a mystery. How do you think you would manage facing him? I mean you were the one who 'discovered' him."

"KE-KE-KE fucking cowboy, I don't think I will ever have to worry about that." and the devil incarnate gave a smirk that the other two knew too well.

"Looks like next year will be very interesting, interesting indeed."

The whistle blew and the game started, and it would go down to be a classic, one people would remember for the ages. As Deimon came back from behind to pull an overtime victory over Kyoshiin.

The next day...

Cheers and celebration could be heard coming from the football team's club room. They had long since moved from the small room given to them to a room with more space to accommodate the growing club and its even bigger fan base. Bottles of champagne(non-alcoholic) popped as the club and the school celebrated its second Christmas Bowl victory in 3 years. The seniors were gathered around in a corner, shaking hands and receiving hugs of congratulations and farewells. Monta who had grown the most of the chibis and now stood a tall and toned 6'2" motioned towards Sena to join them, The Ha-Ha Brothers, Juumonji, Kouji and Shouzou were in the crowd as well.

"So Sena, which school have you decided on?" inquired Juumonji. "I'm sure Daiymo U has contacted you." Sena remained quiet and sipped at his punch. "Oh come on, you know you won't be able to run the same if we aren't their to open up the run for you." joked Juumonji. It was surprising that the three of them were offered full athletic scholarships.

Monta who had now pulled himself away from his fan club (yes he has a fan club now..he's the number one receiver in high school what did you think?). "Wait a second there, don't try pulling Sena over to your side, KU is sort of lacking in the running back department."

Komusubi who overheard the conversation made his point also. (translated from strong man for the sake of you weak people P) " Sena, Tenshu State is the where you would excel. The offensive line is spectacular and senpai is there."

"Ah Ha Ha, Sena playing at Nagata will be truly beautiful. You won't be a bigger star than me but you will succeed" added Taki doing his trademark spin

Sena sighed heavily once again. Everybody just won't let me think . "Later guys, gonna get some fresh air." The crew didn't seem to notice as they began arguing why their respective teams were better than the others.". Sena nimbly maneuvered his way through the packed club house and managed to go outside. He made his way over to the practice field and stared at the empty lot. He looked at the tires lined up for the drills. He smiled to himself and went over and started the drill. Memories of his stay at Deimon, the trials, the heartbreaks and the triumphs. He looked over at the tree in the grass, that was the spot where he and Suzuna had their first kiss, she was talking about the upcoming game when he suddenly got the courage and kissed her, and to his enjoyment she encouraged it. That moment caused every team member and sports team practicing to stop and watch. He blushed slightly at the memory.

His moment of reverie was broken by his cell phone ringing. Speak of the devil . He picked up his bag from the club house and told everyone he would see them later. He ran out to the front of the school where Suzuna was waiting for him.

"Your classes are done early."

"We had a class party, being the last one and all." Suzuna had filled out, mother nature did her well as she had grown curves in all the right places. Her hair was still the same short with curls at the ends and she was still sporting her roller blades. "So how was the party?"

"It was excellent, had a huge turn out and everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves."

The two walked on in silence, they strolled past the riverbank when Suzuna suddenly stopped and stared at the setting sun. She leaned over a bit too much and her blades carried her down the grassy bank towards the water. Luckily for her, her boyfriend had the speed of light at his disposal. "There is never a dull moment with you is there."

Suzuna blushed a deep red but it soon disappeared and was replaced by an evil smirk, a smirk Sena knew too well. She regained her balance and pushed Sena into the water. Sena stood up in the shallow water and shook his head and gave her a smirk of his own, Suzuna knew that it meant run. She nimbly took off her roller blades and ran away from the wet Sena. He easily caught her and they collapsed and rolled onto the nearby grass, laughing happily.

The two now sat on the bank, and stared at the setting sun. Sena began to take off his soaked shirt and blazer and placed them to his side. Suzuna blushed slightly at his exposed upper torso. Wow, football sure tones a body well. she thought. Then her mischievous side kicked back in, she stealthily slid her way over to Sena and crawled on his lap. Sena who had a somewhat shocked expression blushed at his girlfriends bold move. Suzuna traced her fingers around his chest and admired their detail and definition. She pushed him squarely on his back and leaned over kissing him gently, he returned the kiss and then they broke apart, staring into each others eyes both just enjoying the moment.

Suzuna was the first to break their blissful silence. "I'm going to miss you. But promise me that we will see each other on weekends. I don't mind the commute wherever you decide to go."

"I promise" he sealed it with another kiss and pulled her in more closely to him. He was happy for her, she got an academic scholarship to Toussen College, it seems she took all the brains from Taki and also Mamori-neechan was also accepted to Toussen in her senior, so she would know somebody in the vicinity and he would know someone would be there for her. Reveling in the kiss Sena began to think.

When am I going to decide where I am going? There are so many offers from some very prestigious schools. I could go where my friends are but I also want something new. But that will have to be decided later...

Sena pulled Suzuna in closer to him and tightened his embrace, his hands skillfully went underneath her shirt and unclasped her bra. Suzuna didn't care at what he was doing, they were shaded from people passing by and at this time of day anybody hardly passed. Then an all too familiar laugh startled the couple.

"Ke-Ke-Ke well look what we have here. Two shrimps in love. Get up shrimp we have some important matters to discuss."

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Definitions : KU King's University, the school Monta got accepted to.