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Summary: High School life comes to a close for Sena and the others at Deimon High. College life loom on the horizon along with adventure, drama, deception and of course romance. Will the gang keep in touch or will the distance between them be too great. SenaxSuzuna , HirumaxMamori, MontaxOC.

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Chapter 21: Dinner Dates and Late Nights

"My legs...they burn!" exclaimed Sojiro as he stretched himself out over one of the benches underneath the newly named Tree of Gathering on the Field of Demons.

"Nobody told you to drop that pass in front of General Cross." commented Shinji.

"Yeah, you basically committed suicide by doing that. At least he only made you run until you couldn't anymore." added Massa.

"Imagine if he made you perform the crucifixion." said Jin. This caused all of the players to look at each other and then shudder.

"How does he expect me to gain 200 yards receiving tomorrow if he kills me today?" asked Sojiro.

"What are you talking about? You really expect to gain 200 yards against Toussen's secondary?"

"Why not I mean..." Sojiro then bolted up began performing motions. "With my spectacular grabs and with me running my routes with utmost precision, who can stop me?"

"I hate to inform you there Sojiro, but that guy over there is our number one receiver." stated Jin matter of factly and he pointed towards the sprawled out Kyo, who in return just rolled over to his side and continued his nap.

"How is he our number one receiver again?" asked Massa who was finding it hard to believe the statement Jin just made.

"It's because Sojiro is lined up on the other side, everybody looks better than him." teased Locksley.

"Ha-ha-ha, laugh all you want but when you see me in the end zone for my third touchdown of the game. Just remember to kneel before me when you praise me." said Sojiro as he did a mighty pose to show his superhuman status.

Everybody just shook their heads and proceeded to ignore Sojiro's boasts.

"But in all honesty Sojiro, 200 yards receiving and three touchdowns. That's a bit of exaggeration because their defence has enough individual talent to cause problems for you. Especially if they actually decide to double team you because you're getting too much touches. Their defence was ranked in the top five for our conference so they shouldn't be taken too lightly."

Sojiro just continued to pose ignoring Jin's insight and information about Toussen's defence.

"There is no way of getting through to him when he goes into that phase." said Shinji and clapped Jin on the shoulder. "Nice try though."


"But aren't you happy though?" queried Shinji.


"You're always asking for a challenge and there we have it. The four deadly receiver tandem of Toussen along with their explosive running back who has speed that almost rivals Sena's."

"I'm more than happy Shinji, I'm ecstatic. In practice I have been visualising the ways I would disrupt the supposed fastest offense in Japan's College Football." an evil glint showed in Jin's eyes. "Let's just say I have a point to prove."

Shinji sweat dropped as he felt the intensity begin to pour out from Jin. "Ok, ok...I will take your word for it."

Later that afternoon...

"The bastards are late."

"It's only 5 minutes pass the hour, they are travelling a bit further than us."

"There is a dumb ass receiver travelling with them who follows instructions to the tee. If I told him 12 o clock the bastard would be here at 12 o clock."

"But you're not Kid, Hiruma."

"Whatever." Hiruma continued to chew on his bubblegum and blow bubbles in annoyance.

"Sorry for being late, practice..." started Kid as he pulled into the parking lot.

"Shut it you fucking cowboy. Let's get this over with." said Hiruma as he leaned off the car and started walking towards the restaurant. Sena shrugged his shoulder and followed Hiruma into the restaurant. Akaba stepped out of his car and looked towards the trio of Kid, Riku and Tetsuma and shrugged his shoulders as well.

"So what's the reason you decided to meet us cowboy? It's not like you to treat your enemies before a match." asked Hiruma.

"There can't be a meal between friends anymore Hiruma?"

Hiruma chose to ignore Kid's statement and just smirked and proceeded to blow a bubble.

"Also there is some information I thought you might want to hear."

"And that would be?" asked a seemingly uninterested Hiruma.

"I'm sure you have heard about Seikrei University right?"

"You beat those guys early this year right?" interrupted Akaba.

"Yes we did but..."

"So what's the point you fucking cowboy? If you could beat them then they aren't much of a problem."

"Do you think I would really call you here to tell you this if something hadn't changed?" asked Kid. "After their opening day defeat to us, they have gone undefeated in all of their matches."

"I know about their record so what?"

Kid's eyes changed to reflect the seriousness of what he was about to say. "The score doesn't truly reflect their true nature. It seems when they played us a few of their star players were banned for disciplinary reasons. Since then all of their games have been complete shut outs."

"I looked at their box scores and they were scored on. Not a lot of points were scored on them but they have been scored on." added Akaba.

"That's only because they let the other team score on them. They have been putting the game away, beyond the reach of their opponents in the first half. The coach then rests his starting key players and plays the back-ups for the rest of the half. The most frightening statistic is that in the first 5 minutes of each game they have scored two touchdowns and both have been caused by their defence."

Hiruma raised an eyebrow and his trademark smirk came across his face. "It's not like you to be so worried over an opponent Kid."

"Your right Hiruma, but I just thought I would share some information that's all." said Kid with a sly smile on his face.

"I don't remember seeing them on our schedule Hiruma." stated Sena who was following the conversation between the two veteran quarterbacks.

"We might not be playing them now, but in the spring tournament we may come across them." informed Akaba.

"Spring tournament?"

"Yeah, Even though we play for our respective division titles; the champion of the college division is determined by the Spring Tournament. It gives every team a shot at the big prize."

"Oh." said Sena who felt embarrassed that he was the only one who didn't seem to know that piece of information.

"But enough talk about the tournament and focus on the menus in front of us." suggested Kid as he tried to change the discussion.

Hiruma just smirked and looked at the menu. "You're paying right cowboy?"

"With that smile on your face I don't think I should answer."

Later that night...

"I was trying to get her to stop but she kept saying that she only was going to take one more drink. I would have driven her home but she drove and I can't drive standard. I didn't know who else to call." explained a concerned friend.

"It's alright. I will take care of her." said Sojiro as he tried to fight back a yawn from escaping his mouth.

"Thank you so much. My boyfriend's place is small and we wouldn't have anywhere to put her. Thanks again Sojii."

'"It's Sojiro damn it!" shouted Sojiro as the friend ran off to find her boyfriend. In Sojiro's opinion it seemed as if she was running away a little too quickly for a friend who was concerned about her friend getting home safely.

"Bartender fix me another one!" came a slurred shout from a familiar figure.

"I think you have had enough Miss." said Sojiro.

"I think I will tell you when I've had enough bartender so fix me another one!"

"Whatever! Now come on!" said Sojiro as he moved to help the intoxicated Sabina.

"I don't wanna go...I don't wanna." she said as she tried to squirm out of Sojiro's grip.

Sojiro sighed 'Why did I answer my cell phone.' He then moved and wrapped his arms around her and forced her to her feet. After walking a few paces forward he saw her knees beginning to buckle but he managed to make it in time and caught her before she had an unscheduled meeting with the ground.

"So what happened to the person who said they were going to the party but weren't going to drink huh?" said Sojiro

"For a bartender you talk too much." slurred Sabina in response

"Whatever, now come here." Sojiro positioned himself so that she could climb on his back "Climb on." he said as he motioned for her to come aboard.

"No, I just met you." she said stubbornly, backing away slightly and almost stumbling before she regained her composure.

"Will you hurry up Sabina!" demanded Sojiro

"Ok, since you know my name." she replied happily even giggling to herself.

Sojiro rolled his eyes as he felt the added weight of Sabina on his back. He then immediately found himself wincing as her heels found their way into his sides as she wrapped her legs around him. 'Ok these have to come off'. Sojiro using his skills in removing pieces of women clothing managed to remove the weapons off of Sabina's feet and let them dangle from his fingers.

"You know you're not as light as you look." said Sojiro.

"Shut up, I will have you know I'm very light. Watch as I float away Mr. Bartender." Sabina started to squirm and wiggle as she tried to imitate paper floating in the breeze.

"Hold still will you! I don't plan on dropping you."

"See I told you" she said and started laughing uncontrollably but then she suddenly stopped and collapsed her head on his shoulder.

For a few minutes Sabina stayed silent as Sojiro made his journey towards the Footballer's Housing Complex.

"You just had to pick the furthest part of campus to go party and get drunk huh?"

"I'm not drunk, just a little...umm...."

"Tipsy?" added Sojiro.

"That's it tipsy. You're smart for a bartender."

"I'm not a bartender."

"Whatever you say Mr. Bartender." Sojiro just rolled his eyes and continued walking. "You know bartender you remind me of someone I know."

"Oh really? You don't say" said Sojiro sarcastically.

"Yeah you remind me of a sexy friend I have. His name is Hinaga Sojiro but I call him Sojii just because it annoys the hell out of him."

"So why call him that?"

"Because I like how he screws up his face when I yell it across the school. I find it sort of cute."

"But he doesn't like it."

"Who cares, I like it and I like him that's all that matters."

"You like him?" said Sojiro who wanted to hear her reply.

"What? I didn't say that. Why would I like him? He's only funny, cool to be around, focused and determined even though he tries to hide it and has a nice butt. That's not enough to like him."

Sojiro just smiled "That's all huh?"

"Yeah but like I was saying you look like him. Hey you even have the same colour eyes."

"That's just a coincidence" lied Sojiro as he decided to play along.

"Wow, it sure is a small world."

"Sure is."

"So Mr. Bartender do you have someone you like?"

"Who me?"

"Yes you! We are the only ones out here."

"Well I sort of do."

"Sort of?"

"Yeah sort of. We just have this friendship mentality right now and I enjoy her company. I don't want to ruin it by mentioning that I have feelings for her."

"So what makes you like her?"

"Well she just has this thing about her, she radiates confidence, she knows she's sexy, she's intelligent, can drive standard and is spontaneous as ever. I just enjoy being around her. Not to mention she has a little crazy side to her, but I kinda like it."

"You should tell her how you feel. I'm sure she probably likes you as well."

"Yeah, I think I will, one day..."

"Tell her as soon as possible! Life is too short to waste time!" shouted Sabina. With that last outburst it seems as if the alcohol finally won the battle and she began to sleep soundly on his shoulder.

After a few more minutes of walking Sojiro reached the complex; he managed to open the gate and made his way up the stairs with Sabina in tow.

'I'm definitely going to feel sore in the morning.' Making his way to his room he opened his door and rest Sabina on one side of his bed. He took the cover sheet off the other side and then rolled her over to the opposite end and covered her over. Looking at the sleeping figure of Sabina, Sojiro couldn't help but smile. He brushed a piece of her hair out of her face and decided it was time to resume sleeping.

"You sure are trouble." said Sojiro as he took his shirt and made his way to the couch in his room. He sprawled over the couch and proceeded to drift off. It seemed as if an hour had passed when he heard rustling, being alert Sojiro opened his eyes to locate the source of the noise. He looked out the corner of his eye to see the short figure of Sabina making her way over to the couch. The sleep walking female then crawled on top of Sojiro, covered the both of them with the covers she dragged with her from the bed and went to sleep. Sojiro made an attempt to lift her off of him and place her back in the bed but he felt her arms wrap around his body clinging to him.

"I want my Sojii...." she murmured in her sleep.

Sojiro just smiled to himself and dropped off to sleep with Sabina on top of him. "Goodnight Sabina." he said not expecting a response.

"Goodnight Sojii...."

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