Oh the procrastination!

Yeah, I'm supposed to be doing history homework, but as I got trapped in the wires of my laptop, I decided to write this short little one-shot.

Very cheesy, but I hope you enjoy it. You Will Go will be up eventually by the way :p

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. :(

"Riley!" Comes Ben's strangled call from the living room.

As Riley rushes to the call of his lover, he stops dead in his tracks, laughing at the sight before him. There, on the floor, is Ben wrapped up in almost every wire imaginable.

"Gee Ben, had I known you were into this kind of thing I would have been more than willing to play along," Riley chuckles at his helpless friend.

"Ha, ha, very funny. Now would you mind getting me out of here before I manage to choke myself?" Riley laughs harder as Ben shots him a murderous glare.

"I'll get you out," a sly smile begins to spread across Riley's face, "but first…"

"What?" yelps the trapped historian, "What do you mean 'but first', there will be no but firsts!"

Riley ignores the strangled cries as he runs from the room. Ben lyes there helpless as he listens to the sounds of rummaging coming from the next room. What the hell is he doing? Ben thinks angrily, trying to contrive a plan to get back at the computer geek.

A moment later Riley returns, "Say cheese!" comes the much too happy voice, and as Ben turns to look at his friend, he is blinded by the flash of a camera.

"Riley Poole, you get over here right now or I'll…or I'll…!"

"Or you'll what?" Riley scoffs at the empty threat, "You know, you really do look cute wrapped up in all the wire, almost like a stuck kitten. I may just leave you here." The younger man makes a move to flee the room, but stops at the growl that is emitted from his friend.

"Oh alright, stop your whining."

The computer technician walks over to the helpless man, and in a few seconds manages to remove all the offending wires.

"How did you do that? I've seen you take more time to untie your shoe!" Ben laughs, amazed at his grinning friend.

"How I did it isn't important," Riley says, shrugging of the complement turned insult, "What IS important, is my reward for saving your life."

"Reward?" comes the exasperated reply, "You're the one who left all of these wires out in the first place, so it's your fault."

"Fine," Riley smirks, "If I don't get award, then I at least expect some sort of punishment." The techie winks at the older man as he turns and heads toward the bedroom. Ben rolls his eyes, and with a sigh hurries after the retreating backside of his lover.