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Summary: Kuchiki Rukia was just your typical teenage girl who could see spirits. Well, that is, until a shinigami with white hair showed up on her doorstep and turned her life upside down. HitsuRuki, AU

Alright! I'm diving head first into the pairing of uber love that is HitsuRuki! It took me a while to come up with a plot and everything, but I finally got one that I felt like I thought people would like! Haha, so anyway, thanks to awesome authors that have inspired me to write this! So, thank ya very much!

Here's the first chapter of many! (and happy birthday, Nana!)

Wheel of the World
Chapter One: How This Life Goes

"Oh, great..."

Kuchiki Rukia was really beginning to think she had the worst luck in the world.

Not only had she spilled orange juice on her only clean school uniform this morning, she was currently being stalked by some wayward spirit that couldn't seem to get enough of creeping her the hell out.

"What's your name?" The spirit almost purred, looking at her like she was some kind of human eye candy.

She ignored him, and continued walking down the sidewalk to her school.

Oh, yes, it was true. Rukia was born with the ability to see and sense spirits and apparitions and basically anything supernatural. At this point and time in her life, she was uncertain if her powers were a gift or a curse.

"You're cute."

It's a gift from Hell. Rukia decided as she rounded the corner to her high school, where she attended with the select few of her close friends. The wind whipped at her raven black hair; her jewel-like orbs, a navy blue in color with the slightest tint of dark violet if the light caught them right, focused on the task ahead - getting to school without having to actually talk to this seemingly obsessive spirit.

"Rukia!" A bright and cheery voice called out to greet her.

The Kuchiki girl turned, locks of hair obscuring her vision before she was met with the innocent gaze of Inoue Orihime.

"Good morning, Orihime." Rukia acknowledged, desperately hoping that the contact with her friend would make the odd apparition disinterested in her.

To her dismay, it only spurred him on.

"Oh, what do we got here?" The spirit floated in front of Rukia and her cheery friend, his eyes scanning over the curves and whatnot of the latter. "She looks more open to conversation than you do."

Rukia studied him. He looked to be in his mid-forties, thinning brown hair, gray eyes, and a pair of large, obtrusive, black rimmed glasses on his nose. A name tag on his shirt read Kunimitsu R.

So...the pervy spirit has a name after all. The raven haired girl resisted the urge to roll her eyes at him.

Orihime suddenly stopped, causing...things...to move in front of that lecherous old ghost. A smirk spread on his features as she said, "Do you feel like we're being watched?"

"Oh, I'll let you feel something el - "

Rukia's eyes widened as something shot toward the male ghost, cutting him off mid-sentence.

It seemed to be a flash of white, nothing more, but it was still significant enough for Rukia to voice, "What the - ?!"

Seconds later, there was another flash. This time of a bright, white, almost purifying light.

What the hell just happened?!


Jolting out of her reverie, she looked ahead to see the long haired girl stopped a few feet in front of her, "Ah, yes, Orihime?"

"You stopped walking all of a sudden. Is there something wrong?"

"No...just got caught up in my thoughts." Which wasn't a lie, since she had done just that.

"Oh..." Orihime closed her eyes in a bright smile, "Let's get to class, then!"

As if on cue, the bell to begin school rang.

"Oh, no! We'll be tardy! C'mon, Rukia!" Orihime exclaimed as she clasped Rukia's slender wrist with her hand and tugged her along to school.

But, even as they rushed to school. Even after that spirit had seemingly vanished, Rukia still felt as if she had eyes watching her every movement.


A man with spiky white hair and a pair of intense, icy blue-green orbs looked at the woman across from him with a sideways glance after shielding his zanpakutou after giving that pervy spirit a konso. He was short in stature compared to the tall, voluptuous woman beside him. He wore a regular shihakusho with a white captain's robe draped across his small frame. "What is it, Matsumoto?" Hitsugaya Toshiro, captain of the tenth company, directed his gaze onto his subordinate.

"That girl..." Matsumoto Rangiku shifted her gaze slightly before meeting her eyes with her captain's. "...I felt a significant amount of spiritual pressure coming off of her."

"Which one?" Hitsugaya quirked an eyebrow at the woman, "The short one or the taller one?"

"Ya know, you really don't have any right to call her short when she's taller than you," Matsumoto smirked, "But yeah, it was the one with the black hair."

Hitsugaya almost growled at his assistant captain's crack on his height. "Alright. I get it. I'm short."

"I'm actually surprised you didn't notice it." The taller woman noted, stretching her arms above her in a languorous manner before sinking down to rest under a tree.

"That I'm short?"

"No, taichou." Matsumoto playfully stated, smiling warmly at her superior, "The spiritual energy of that woman."

"I was too busy getting that disgusting male spirit away from them." The icy eyed male defended, walking closer.

"Mmhm," Matsumoto acknowledged.

It was silent for a moment while the short captain pondered over what had happened. "Matsumoto."

"Yes, taichou?"

"They were headed for Karakura High School." Hitsugaya stated, looking at the lazily strewn out Matsumoto in front of him, "I want you to see where exactly that girl is. Find out her name, age...things such as that..."

"Why are you so interested in this girl, taichou?"

Hitsugaya scoffed, "Shouldn't it be obvious?"

Matsumoto looked at the white haired man with curiosity, waiting for his reason why, for she knew the former question was a rhetorical one.

"If that girl has as much spirit energy as you say, she may be the prime target for a hollow."

"Kuchiki, please explain the meaning of the proverb on page five eighty four."

Rukia sighed as she lifted herself out of her seat, book in hand, as was proper gesture for any student as they gave an answer. She read the passage in her mind, You can't see the forest for the trees... She thought for a moment before clearing her throat and answering, "I believe it means that it's sometimes easier to understand a situation if you look at it from a distance."

"Very good, Kuchiki." The teacher said approvingly, "Very nice insight."

Rukia gave a graceful smile as she sat back down in her seat.

Sighing, she thought to herself, Luckily I had that proverb when I was younger...

She ran a hand through her locks as she leaned back in her chair, staring out the large window that was conveniently located beside her desk. She found it to be a constant reliever of boredom, being able to glance out the glass pane of the window at the outside, watching the sway of the tree limbs as they moved with the oncoming wind, dancing with it. She enjoyed watching the birds as well. Most of the time they wouldn't get close enough to the window for her to see them clearly, but she just found interest in watching their vague outlines flutter about in the wind.

Rukia saw her reflection in the glass and moved a stray piece of hair away from her features.

The scenery was calming almost, now that she had drowned out the teacher's grating voice from her mind. She looked from the window back to the teacher, who had scribbled something on the board. Rukia quickly copied it into her own notes before turning her head back to the window.

She gasped sharply in fright at what she saw. "Ah!" She tried to cover her mouth with her hand to muffle it, but several people looked over in her direction.

A sinister looking mask-type thing was looking straight at her. Face to face. The only barrier separating them was the thin sheet of glass between them. Its eyes were empty, black holes. A cruel smile was etched onto the thing, teeth baring in a startlingly bone like smile. It was basically a skeleton type face, but it had skeletal hands that were trying to reach through the window to get at her.

It opened its mouth slightly and whispered delicately, only for her. And she knew it.


Her eyes widened with fear as the hand started to reach toward her and stroke her cheek.

"Get away from...me." She mumbled loud enough for the creature to hear.

Rukia closed her eyes with such force that her eyes hurt.

"Get away."

The bell ringing for everyone to go home was a comforting sound for once. She jolted out of her seat faster than any other body in that classroom and raced out of the room.

Of course the figure was gone, but she couldn't help but feel his thick, evil energy permeate the air around her form. Shoving her books in her locker, she gave a loud groan. "Dammit..." She bit her lip as she got the things for her homework and slammed her locker shut, small hands trembling.


Jumping somewhat and taking in a sharp inhalation of breath, she turned to the sound of her name, "What?"

She was met with the calm, confident navy blue eyes of Ishida Uryu, "Are you alright, Rukia?" He shifted his bag on his shoulder as he looked at her shaking hands.

"Wh-Why would you think I wouldn't be fine, Ishida?" Rukia stated as if nothing at all had happened.

The bespectacled boy just sighed, "You looked scared in last hour. Gasped really loudly. I just wondered."

"Oh, I just thought I saw something," The shorter woman said to her friend, "It was nothing. Just my...imagination." If only that was the case. Rukia found herself thinking, But that...touch was too real feeling to be fake or an illusion. Slender fingers reached up to her cheek as if still feeling that cold grasp on her flesh.

"Do you want me to walk you home?" Ishida questioned, adjusting his glasses onto his face with utmost precision.

"You don't have to."

"I want to, Rukia."

She closed her eyes and let out a sigh of exasperation, "Alright, Ishida, do what you want."

As the two walked out of the door, Ishida kept a curious eye out for whatever that thing was he saw about to attack Rukia. He closed his eyes as he remembered that figure. That mask with that wicked smile etched onto it...with cold, dead sockets where eyes used to be.

A hollow.

The energy emitting from his Quincy cross pounded throughout his body from his wrist, as if knowing there was a fight ahead. Or coming.

He just hoped that the hollow wasn't after Rukia.

"Ugh..." Matsumoto said, looking at the creature she had just run through with her zanpakutou. She peeled its form off of the blade and tossed it onto the ground. It looked to be some kind of beetle with a sort of ooze gushing from it.

She had just come upon a hollow clinging to the school window, reaching its hand into the glass as if trying to grasp something. When she had approached it, the monstrous thing had turned, spit several of these beetle creatures at her and ran off. It disappeared where Matsumoto couldn't feel its spiritual pressure.

The beetles had sprayed some kind of acidic liquid at her. It singed her robes slightly, and caused her a few cuts, but nothing serious. And only because she was caught off guard.

"I can only assume the hollow was after that black haired girl." The orange haired woman mused, flicking the fluid from her blade before depositing it back in its sheath.

She closed her eyes and yawned before snapping her orbs open once again at the surge of spiritual energy that made itself known to her. "Its reappeared!"

Matsumoto began to rush in the direction of her captain's energy.

"I've gotta warn taichou."

A chill made its way down Rukia's spine as the twosome arrived at her house.


The man beside her seemed to sense what she did as well. But Ishida had no special powers that she knew of! Maybe this thing was so sinister that even regular humans could feel its presence. He extended his arm in front of Rukia, as if to make her stay back, "Be careful, Rukia."

An item of jewelry swirled around his wrist as he did so. The glint of the cross emblem on it immediately caught the Kuchiki woman's eye. Especially since the glint didn't seem to be caused by light hitting the metal.

It seemed to be caused by spiritual energy.

"What's gotten you so - "

"Sh!" Ishida uttered as he closed his eyes.

The sun was setting, creating a stunning array of orange and yellow and blue around them. Such bright, vibrant colors that couldn't be associated with that thing Rukia saw earlier. Could they?


A large shudder of the ground caused the two to stumble before regaining their composure. It was as if two giant pillars had crashed into the ground right beside the two civilians.

"Your soul...smells delicious."

Rukia's violet blue orbs widened before she turned around to be met face to face once more with that beast.

He was huge, monstrous being, half the size of her two story house. It was the same face from before, although this time, his tongue lolled in and out of his mouth as his empty sockets seemed to stare holes into the much smaller girl in front of him.

She was shaking again.


Ishida stretched out his hand and before Rukia's eyes, a bright blue light shot forth from the cross on his wrist, flickering and taking the form of a bow in his hand. "I-Ishida?!"

"Stand back, Rukia. I've got this."

"A Quincy. How interesting." The skull faced freak snarled with intrigue.

Rukia watched as Ishida pulled back the string on the bow, an arrow formed, and was shot at a blinding speed toward the creature. The arrow punctured the monster right in the juncture between his shoulder and chest. It cried out in pain, clenching its wounded area, a strange sort of blood staining its claws as it did so. Ishida shot two more arrows, each pinning themselves in the legs of the target.

It sent a bone chilling glare toward the now revealed Quincy. Whatever that is... Rukia thought, taking a step back from the battle, a sick feeling coming into her stomach.

"Damn Quincy!" The thing roared, faking one way, dodging an arrow and hitting Ishida with one of its large skeletal claws. The slender man was slung through the air and connected squarely with the side of the Kuchiki residence.

"Ishida!" Rukia cried out, racing over to the fallen boy.

He was bleeding very badly. Rukia raised his head up to get a good look at him to see if he was alright. As she did so, Ishida coughed blood up on her clothes, "Ishida..." Rukia could feel tears springing to her eyes. "Ish..."

"Come here...I want your soul..."

Rukia turned her head swiftly, locks blurring her vision for a moment. Through them she could see the outline of the mask, the teeth...the grin...

She closed her eyes tightly as tears pricked the corners of them.

"Don't cry, girl."

She snapped them open.

It was a different voice that said those words. A pure, yet rough tone that pierced her subconsciousness and seemingly cleansed her fears altogether, although she knew not why it did that exactly.

A man stood in front of her. His back was to her, so she couldn't see his face, but she could make out a distinct feature of his - white hair.

The monster looked surprised, "Who the hell are you?!"

"I don't see why I have to answer to you, since you're about to die." The man said arrogantly, brandishing a sword of some sort. He looked up, "Matsumoto!"

A woman with long, flowing orange hair jumped down from the roof of a building next to Rukia's house. Her sword caught a gleam in the light from the rising moon. "Haineko!" She shouted, slashing the monster's arm off with one clean cut before landing gracefully beside the shorter man. "Do you want me to finish him off, taichou?"

"No," The man said, flicking his sword with suppressed excitement, it seemed. "I'll do those honors."

"D-Damn you..." The offending creature muttered as blood spurted from his wound.

"Hyorinmaru!" The man shouted as he jumped up, following the damage the woman had done by starting at the head, slicing downward from the skull to the ground in a swift manner that seemed almost like dance to Rukia.

He landed as the monster cried out in pain before fading from existence altogether in a bright light.

"Good work, taichou." The woman said, ruffling his hair with her hand.

"Same to you too, Matsumoto...don't do that."

"Ah, yes." The woman named Matsumoto gave a sheepish smile, "We should be going. Get a report of this to Soul Society."


Just as they were about to go, Rukia called out. "Wait!"

The two turned to face her immediately, "Hm?" The woman muttered, looking at the smaller girl.

"Who are you!? What just happened...I want answers..."

"Looks like we can't hide this from her now..." The man said somewhat exasperatedly, "Matsumoto, go back to Soul Society on your own and give the report of this to Yamamoto-genryusai. I'll stay here and...explain things to the girl."

"Yes, taichou."

And in a flash, the woman was gone.

Rukia gulped, "Please...um...what's your name?"

She felt like an idiot for asking that, but her mind was too scrambled at this moment to fathom anything else to question.

A smirk formed on his lips.

Turquoise met navy.

"Hitsugaya Toshiro."

End Chapter One.

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