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A/N: I realize Christmas has come and gone...but I have been trying to balancing my drawing/painting with reading and writing fan, this is a little late in getting out...I just wanted one more Christmas Story.

Chapter 1

Caught In A Storm

It was two in the afternoon when Ross stepped up to Goren's desk. "It seems the victim on the case, has gone to Waterbury, Connecticut to be with her parents." He raised a brow. "I need you two to go and re-interview her, her initial statement is conflicting with witnesses. We need to find out why."

Alex frowned. "Captain, it's the day before Christmas..."

Danny held up his hand stopping her, sighing. "I know, I know. But we really need clarification and any new information she can give you."

Alex rested her head on her hand, looking at Bobby. Turning he looked at Captain Ross. "What if I go? Alex has family plans for tonight."

Ross shook his head. "She'll probably be more inclined to talk with a female detective."

Looking up at Ross, Alex made another suggestion. "What about the Waterbury police? Can't they interview her?"

Again, he shook his head. "They have no vested interest in this case. With the victim being the child of one of their residents, they more in likely won't push the questions we want answered."

Alex sighed as she pushed herself up from her desk. "I'll get the thermos ready."

Bobby nodded, as he collected the notes he had on the case. Alex came back carrying a filled thermos. She quickly made a call to her folks. "Dad? I've got to make a road trip to interview a victim. Yeah, won't be over tonight. I'll try to make it first thing tomorrow."

Closing her phone, she glared at Ross in his office. "Why it can't wait until after Christmas is beyond me."

Bobby shook his head. "She may forget some detail, or worse yet, disappear into...into thin air" He moved his arms around the squad room.

Alex fixed her glare on him. "So, you're going to side with Ross?"

He shrugged, not answering her question. Anything I say, she'll just argue. Let her rant, she'll get it out of her system."

Walking out onto the parking deck, they headed towards the SUV that would be taking them to Waterbury. Loading up their things, Alex slid into the driver's seat. Grabbing a hold of the steering wheel, she sighed, as Bobby slid into the seat next to her. He arched his brows, waiting for the next barrage of complaints. When that didn't happen, he gave her a quick side glance. She bit her lip, trying to keep the thoughts from flying out of her mouth. "Well, you ready?"

He nodded, noting a strain in her voice. He knew how much she enjoyed Christmas with her family. The day was going to be long enough without her dwelling on the time she'll be missing with them. Alex started the vehicle and began pulling out of the parking deck. Just as she entered the street, a large snowflake hit the windshield. Alex frowned, reaching over she turned on the radio. The station's weatherman cheerfully spoke about the three inches of snow that was going to hit their area. Alex moaned. "This day is just getting better and better." She quickly turned off the radio feeling her dismay increasing.

Bobby flipped opened his portfolio, in hopes of burying himself in work, avoiding any of Alex's sharp comments. She gave him a side glance. Realizing that he wasn't going to be pulled into her miserable mood, she silently sighed and drove. Catching Interstate 95, she began relaxing behind the wheel. It'll be alright Alex. Traffic is light this time of day. She relaxed her grip on the steering wheel and sat back in her seat. She turned the radio back on, finding a station that was playing Christmas tunes.

He skewered his lips. He wasn't sure if he would rather put up with her bad mood, or the tunes she has chosen. Glancing at her, he saw that she had a small smile playing on her lips. Ah well, if it means she's in a better mood, it's worth it. He turned a page as his foot tapped to the beat of The Little Drummer Boy.

As the day moved on, the snow flakes became smaller, with wind behind it. Alex began using the windshield wipers. Glancing about the road, she estimated that two inches had already fallen. Three inches my ass, we're heading into a full blown blizzard. As they pressed on, she found her thoughts becoming a reality. Turning onto the next leg of their journey, Alex found the snow deeper, and the sky darker. She eyed the road diligently, trying to make sure that she kept the vehicle in the right lane, but the heavily falling snow made the task difficult to distinguish the road, from nature's landscape.

Turning up towards Waterbury, she over-estimated the road and landed straddling the opposite ditch. "Damn!"

The sudden stop of the vehicle slammed Bobby into his seat belt, and then back against the seat. He began to feel a dull ache in his lower back. Alex, shifted the gears, gunning the engine, trying to get the vehicle back onto the road. "Damn!" Her words cut through the haze of pain in his back and the howl of the snow storm, acknowledging the obvious. "We're stuck."

The late afternoon light, what there was of it, was slowing disappearing from them as the snow began piling on the windshield. Alex glanced at Bobby as he tried to adjust in his seat trying to alleviate the pain. Her face was sympathetic, and concerned. "Are you alright?"

He grimaced, trying to move. "No, the sudden stop.."

Alex nodded. "Sorry." Just then, the engine died. Alex tried to start the vehicle again, in hopes of keeping the vehicle warm. "Shit." When the engine failed to do what she commanded.

Looking at Bobby, she smiled apologetically. "I'm sorry, I really screwed up."

Bobby bit his lip in pain, trying not to dwell on the throbbing in his lower back. "Can we push it out?"

"I doubt it. Even if we did, I don't know if it will start." Alex pulled out her cell phone. She closed it. "No signal, we're in a hole."

Despite the growing pain, Bobby began to chuckle. "Seems appropriate, us, the vehicle, are in a hole. Why not the phones?"

Alex was torn between snapping at him and laughing with him, as she saw her Christmas with her family slowly fade from her grasp. A sudden gust rocked the SUV, bringing her back to the present. She furrowed her brow. "It's getting colder out."

Bobby nodded. "We need to find cover for the night."

Finding the door nearly frozen shut, she slammed her shoulder against it. Climbing out, her boots lost their grip on the snow, falling on her back, she slid down into the ditch. Tears of frustration began forming in the corner of her eyes, as she laid on her back staring up where the sky should be. The wind howled above her. Pushing herself up, she struggled with making her way back up the ditch and to Bobby's side of the vehicle.

After Alex's third attempt at trying to yank the door open, Bobby motioned her to move away. "Stand back!" Bobby bit his lip, slightly gasping from the movement of lifting his leg to he kick the door open.

Alex grabbed the door as it swung open. She moved closer to him. "Use me for support."

Bobby arched his brow. If the pain in his back hadn't been growing, he would have laughed at the thought of this suggestion. He used the door frame and Alex as he struggled out of the vehicle. The sudden gust of bitter wind took his breath away as he leaned down towards her ear. "See any houses nearby?"

She squinted her eyes, trying to will something to appear. Well, we can't stay here. She glanced up in Bobby's face, which seemed to be graying with each passing moment. She looked into the distance. "There!" Her gloved hand pointed towards two fine pin points of light.

He stared into the distance as he tried to see what she was looking at. About to give up his eyes found what she saw. "It looks to be about a klick from here."

Staying close together, they fought the snow-filled wind as they made their way towards the light. Each in their own thoughts, hoping that what they were seeing were lights from a house, and not just a beacon on a tower.