Even though the first few chapters will not show the characters yet, this is another Inu Yasha fan fic, and I am sorry to the readers of "The Art of Tragedy", but it is officially on hiatus until I write this one, it has been begging me to write it for well over two weeks now, so Im sorry once again. More or less, this is a self chronicled diary-like first person version of an original story full of voilence, friendship, spirituality, and romance, though I admit, romance in this story will be limited. MAYBE a lemon in later chapters, the pairings however are the standard, InuXKag, SanXMir, Ashuri(original character)XAkitoki, thats right, Hojo's ancestor. I really hope you enjoy, and this is clearly in the waring states era ( original time period of the show ). The begining takes place while Inu Yasha is still attactched to the God tree, about two days before he is awakened, before everyone has met up, before Kagome is pulled in to the well, etc. I hope you guys enjoy reading, as I did writing. And please review. P.S. this chapter will be short, its only introducing the main character, but I promise things will get very interesting, for I have some great plans for this story, I assure you. I hope you enjoy!

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Chapter One

I Will Become Me

As I kneel on my floor mat, something catches my eye, a box. Its usually not something you notice easily, its quite thin, but about 6 feet or so in length, containing only a few items, but I know already what the box contains. My future.

I take it out from behind my door, and blow the dust off of it. Ive been meaning to do this for quite some time now, I just hadnt had the chance. Hands a little shakey, I will myself to open it.

Inside are the few posessions I carried with me, like good luck charms, but I havent been too lucky lately. Recently Ive fallen into the wrong crowd, as my mother used to say, before she passed away, now I live with my aunt Shindia, but she insists I just call her by her name, I think she feels kind of old when I call her my aunt, even though she is only 7 years older than I, making her 25. I kind of look toward her as a sister more than anything.

Inside the box is my three candles, many assorted incense, a medatation mat and my once acclaimed 'lady masacre' sword. The candles were half burnt away, and some of the incense sticks cracked, and my sword dull and almost bladeless, but none the less, mine.

Up until tonight I only burnt my candles, which wasnt much, when a family member died and same goes for my incense, and mat of course, to pray to whatever may be above to help in the passing of my comrades and elders, but these candles havent been used sense my mother passed away.

I never knew my father, he would visit on foot from time to time when my mother was alive, but I dont remember his face for I was only very young. Mom had said that was for the best. Appearently, she thought me not having a father in my life at all is better than having a shabby one I suppose. I would like to meet him some day.

As I roll out my mat, I light my candles using embers from the dying fire from another room in this home. Suddenly a burst of sorrow swept over the room, I lit the Vanilla Strawberry one, its always been my favorite, and let a single tear roll down my cheek, remembering the reasons in the past to have my candles lit.

The lights are all out, accept the little candle light enveloping the room, and the smell is enticing. I open my bedroom flap, and close my eyes, simply listening to the rain.

Well I suppose now would be the time to let you know a little about me, how should I describe it?

Well im a senior at Monagura High School for swordsman ship, or soon will be, Im enrolling tomorrow. Getting into a school this prostegious you are expected to pass a simple spar to enter.

I live in Okinawa, Japan, after leaving my home in Paradise Falls, Newfoundland in Canada. If you know where that is, I will applaud you later. See, there I go again with my spelling. Im 18, turning 19 in September, and my dream has always been to become a swords master, however it is proving to be difficult. My family comes from a long line of demon slayers and top notch hunters. Even though I lived in Canada for a while, after being born in Japan, I have come too accostumed to the western ways, and have slacked significantly, although the ambishion is still there.

And as you have probably already guessed, this is a story about a turning in my life, and the results there after.

Closing my eyes, I listen to the rain as it pounds the ground with such force, it sounds like gun shells hitting pavement, but I dont mind, the sound is, well, comforting in a way.

My aunt, as I will refer her to, is a very nice lady, but at the same time, can be irational. She used to be married, but has lost her husband three years ago, in a after her village was attacked. Being in a slayers village, it kind of makes you a target for the lowly demon that walk this Earth, trying to prove themselves. Then I remember, I must sharpen my blade, or else...

Unsheathing my dull sword, I wander to my small box again and look again, trying to find the blade sharpening tools I thought I had brought with me. Taking out everything in it, and putting it back in again, rearranging everything so I can look clearly into the box, which seems as empty as the night sky above.

Its not there.

I need to sharpen this blade for my enterence test tomorrow, If I dont, It could be ground for failure, without even sparring. So I slip on my sandles, its only twenty minutes after seven, or so the shadows on the Metishi Mountian side calculates, so I walk next door to the residence next door, in hopes they will forgive my insolense.

As I near the flap to the home, I scuff my feet, the universal signal for someone awaiting at your door, well in this village anyway. Its a sign to let the people inside know, you mean no harm, and wish to speak to someone. Its a precausion, after all, this is a slayers village. Soon there is an elderly woman at the door, no taller than I am, and I am considered kind of short, by slayer standards, but that just makes me faster, or thats how I see it.

"Yes miss Hasegawa, how may I help ye this evening?" I look sheepishly at the ground, as though I have never seen this one blade of grass before.

"Terribly sorry to bother you at this house, but may I ask for a favour miss?" I try my damnedest not to look like an idiot, however, I get the feeling it wasnt working.

"Yes, ye may, go ahead child." Child, Its what im refered to. A spoiled child, as some would say, but I swear my intentions are good, and I wish to become the best swords master of the land, and nothing will stop me.

"May I borrow a flint stone from you as well as an oil cloth ? I will return it in the morning " I look earnestly into the ladies eyes, she seemed so positive of life, even in the worlds condition. Wars started over small tedious matters, bickering and fights in the streets of Tokyo, not to mention the demons and hanyous just itching for a village buffet, but I suppose being protected by so many slayers will make you see the brighter side of things.

"My child, you may, but I expect to see the sword you intend to sharpen in the morning, to do it properly." Well, that hurt a little, she underestimates me. I was about to give her a piece of my mind, that is, until I realized she had gone and gotten what I had asked for and was back, while I was fuming.

I bow gracefully, almost practiced, and thank her, turning to my home and walked into the door.

'She may underestimate me, the village may, the world as well for all I care. The only expectations I have for myself are ones I know I can reach. Weither or not anyone else deem me other wise, I will show them all some day.'

As I get up from my mediation mat, I blow out my candles, and doubt my incense, resheathed my blade, and said a final prayer for strength before turning into my fouton...

'tomorrow Ill show them all, tomorrow I will become me.'

...and allowing the evilness of the night swallow me up within a deep slumber.