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Chapter Four

Stand Your Ground, Ashurii

Last time :

Ashurii held up her sword toward the sun, where it had started to shine down around her, glistening at the touch of light on her sword.

Then a bang, clatter and shouts were heard from the village below, as the town was filled with nothing but smoke, wild fires and worst of all, children screaming for there parents.


Ashurii turned to the noise below, as she made her way down the forest of the mountain side to the burning huts. Looking back, everyone else had followed her, Shinata in tow.

Panting as Ashurii came to the bottom of the side where the land met the prostegous curve of the mountain, she came into view of the village.

It was in ruins.

Homes blissfully burning in the background, screams could be heard from all directions and battle cries from the fellow towns people as they battled against what seemed to be an endless swarm of demons.

"Whats going on?" Ashurii asked herself as she skidded to a stop, holding Lady Masacre in a defensive stance, checking her scenery around her.

Suddenly a serpent demon with one eye flew down from the mass and was quickly chopped to pieces by a slayer whom had jumped infront of her.

"Arigatou" Ashurii mumbled a quick thanks before the young man turned his head and gave a quick smile, before another demon attempted to get past him, and to her.

"Okay, I guess this is where I start..."Ashurii trailed off as she ran forward, toward the horde that almost resembled an army, flying straight for her, and no one else.

Hack, slash, dodge, crush, side step, it seemed she was in a pattern now.

The screech of battle infultrated her senses, and she felt something inside her well up with almost pride. She was happy to be fighting.

As another demon fell infront of her feet, her hands completely crimson from mixed blood, both ali and oppponent, but she didnt care.

A grin tugged at both ends of her cheeks, and soon she felt blood thurst, for more and more.

"Excellent, excellent. Yes dont fight it any longer." A muffled voice could be heard from within the depths of hell, so to speak.

Ashurii continued to 'unzip' enemies from upward slashes begining at the chest to the chin, and she loved it.

Dead slayers and demon bodies alike, lay still frozen on the ground, unable to continue, or could not continue weither they wished or not, but she didnt care.

There were only about seven slayers left standing, and about four times that amount of youkai still in the air before a menacing chuckle alerted her attention.

"I know who you are, you may not know. And I wish to stop this battle, if you agree to come with me" The man in, what seemed to be a pelt of some sort, pushed some of his ebony hair out of his eyes, to look at the young girl.

The remaining slayers had turned their heads to the direction of conversation, resulting in two of them having heads with no bodies in the process.

"Heh" Ashurii chuckled back, this was not like her at all, and she loved it.

"And if I dont?" She asked, finally looking up from her scarlet sword.

"There is no other option, you will die" And with that he lifted an arm to reveal what looked like a tenticle and swung long toward her, while she lunged at him, pulling back her sword til the tip was just above her nose.

Out of no where, a young woman on a feather pulled out from behind this man, holding a fan above her head as she cried out an order, and three wind tornados shot back, along side of his tenticle.

Just as she had ducked and manipulated her feet around, almost dancing, Ashurii was hit with the tenticle, as it plunged itself deep within her lower right abdomin, Ashurii fell to the ground, sword stuck in the gravel and she attempted, with failure every time, to get back to her feet.

Then she felt a pulse rise from her hilt, as she looked to her left and saw she was the only slayer, if you could call her that, left whom were still breathing, and a pair of haunting green eyes from within the forest, behind the woman on a feather, flying in the cold August morning air.

Tilting her head up she head a voice within her, or from her sword rather, calling out to her, something she'd never felt before within her bubbled inside as she fell unconscious and everything went dark.


"This way ... I can smell that bastard anywhere" Inu Yasha quickened his pace and grunted, shifting as Kagome held on for dear life on his shoulders, Kilala hosting Miroku, Shippou and a new girl.

Jumping off from a tree branch, Inu Yasha landed mere feet away from an unconscious girl and the only man worthy dubbed 'bastard'.

"Hey get away from her!" Inu Yasha bellowed out as he let Kagome off his shoulders, immediatly putting his hand on Tesstaiga and unsheathing it.

Naraku backed away from the girl and began to seeth through his teeth.

"I dont have time for the likes of you " And just like that, he was gone.

"Hey ! Get back here!!...NARAKU!" The girl sat up, holding her head in one hand, dropping Lady Masacre to the ground below as she curled into a ball of sorts, and Kagome came up beside her and layed a hand on her shoulder, in comfort.

"Hey, you dont look so hot." Asurii was unable to respond and Inu Yasha picked her up.

"Inu Yasha! Dont move her, we dont know if shes too hurt to move!" Kagome reasoned, but it wasnt Inu Yasha's style to listen to reason.

"Please, help me" Was the only words that made it to anyone elses ears as Inu Yasha jumped off to a safer place, a few minutes of jogging down the dirt path, toward Kaede's village.


"Aye, she is in a bad state. Lay her down next to the fire " Kaede instructed, as Inu Yasha layed her down, somewhat gently.

"Would ye leave, aside Kagome and this.. new girl, I need to speak with them" Kagome ushered Inu Yasha and Miroku out the door, and turned back to the older priestess.

Undressing this girl was tedious, but they had finally done it, and Kagome was busily taking rags and bandages from her yellow bag and boiling herbs, as Keade needed them.

"So ye are a new edition, are ye not?" Kaede didnt look up from her work, but all the women in the room knew whom she was speaking of.

"Yes, I am. My name is Sango, and I was going after Naraku, whom slayed my entire village, and took my brother, Kohaku, and pretty much happened across Inu Yasha and his group, and since we have a common interest for this ... mans.. demise, I have agreed to become a daily companion." Sango had announced herself to Keade unaware of the extra set of ears that had awakened from below the priestess.

"So where did ye find this young lady then?" Keade motioned to the girl laying 'asleep' below her elbows, as she rapped a forth and final bandage around the helpless girl.

"We ... were attacked, by.. what.. Im not ..sure" The girl struggled but with help from Kagome, she was sitting up, sipping some water from a ..'magical device' that held the water trapped in what looked like a circular prism, that was clear and read " Aquafina " on the side of it.

Grabbing her sides, and her head, she continued.

"I was in the hills training for my slayer seatment when... we heard screams from the town below, so we ran toward the noise" The girl groaned aloud, as she had to pause mid sentance to breathe in again, another raspy breath. The only person who seemed to know what 'slayer seatment' was Sango, as she perked up to listen better to her story.

"And thats when Naraku showed his face huh?" Sango asked, intruigment in her voice.

"So thats his name then? He was with another girl in the background, on a feather or something similar to it..." The girl trailed off into her own world as she relived her final moments before crashing to the ground, and a flash of those evil green eyes from the forest behind her.

"Can you please hand..Lady.. Masacre to me please?" Kagome was taken aback, she'd known many demond and hanyou alike who could call their sword, but had never met a female who could do this aswell.

"Why do you call her Lady Masacre?" Kagome inquired, giving the Katana to the girl, hilt first, and she graciously taking it in her hands like a child grabs his mothers hand after losing her in the supermarket.

"Well, that is a long story, and for now I wish to rest, so if you would please?" Ashurii didnt mean to sound so hasty but she felt the darkness creeping up again, as she closed her eyes to the world around her, and as the women walked out of the hut into the sunlight, Ashurii fell into darkness, Lady Masacre at her side... until she felt her pulsating once again.



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