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She walked across the grass barefooted with brown boots in one hand. The sun penetrated against her porcelain face making the splash of green in her hazel eyes all the more evident. She set down her boots and smoothed out the few wrinkles present in her pleated plaid mini skirt as he followed close behind unknown to her. The minimal cool breeze persistent in the air tickled her skin lightly and swayed through the waves of her cinnamon hair. She turned around only to meet his alluring blue eyes, eyes of a soft creamy blue that stared back at her with an icy coldness. The smile on her pink glossed lips faltered as she took the moment to scrutinize his appearance. He was tall, lean, and muscular with striking features that could make any girl melt; his ebony hair gelled up to a perfection. She parted her lips ready to speak, but suddenly her throat ran dry. "What're you doing here?" she asked after a moment, averting her eyes from him to the ground.

"Lil," it had come out more forcefully then intended as he watched her head shoot up in rage.

She caught his stare, which had suddenly softened, but she merely shook her head, "don't."

"Lil," he repeated leaning forward to grab her wrist, which he was able to do so with success.

"I don't wanna hear it," she proclaimed trying her best to squirm free from his grasp, but his grip only tightened in response. He watched her struggle, wondering how long until she would finally give in and let it be. A smile formed across his lips, he loved the way her cinnamon locks cascaded down her back with only a few strands held together with a pink ribbon. He loved the way her skin was baby soft, the way her giggles and smiles were full of purity and innocence. He loved the fact that she had the ability to make him want to be different, to be better, and how he could always be himself around her.

"Lil," he said once more in a softer tone and simultaneously she stopped struggling to liberate her arm and looked up at him with a forlorn glance; he had broken her heart. Lil stared back at him with disappointment lingering within her tea colored eyes, eyes that were usually cheerful and even at times flirtatious. "I'm sorry."

He let her hand fall to her side as she took the opportunity to smooth out the wrinkle on the sleeve of her long sleeved pink shirt; she always had been a perfectionist. "That's going to make it all ok…what about everything we've been through, the knights we'd spend in the backyard staring at the stars, and how we'd tell each other everything, how we'd spend time together and act childish and goofy…"

"You think I've forgotten," he cut her off as he looked into her eyes with disappointment, eyes that had the capability of making his stomach flutter. She felt her throat scuttle to a dryness and her chest tighten as he stepped towards her, "How could I forget." His words hit her with an intriguing beat, despite their simplicity and unintentionally she felt her eyes well up. He gently took her hand, lacing his fingers through hers as he pointed to the tree that stood a few feet away from them, a cheery tree with its baby pink blossoms in full bloom. "You see that tree there, that's where we shared our first kiss."

"Only kiss," she interjected with a sigh full of grimace. Tommy shook his head, where had the bubbly Lil he had known gone?

"A kiss is a kiss," he stated with a tiny smile letting his other hand slide up her arm until it reached her soft rosy cheek, "it always means something."

"It always means something?" she said outraged, "Yet you're still in love with Kimi…how dare you even bring that up?" He let out a sigh and slid down until he was seated upon the lush grass suddenly questioning his choice of love. Kimi was beautiful with shoulder length sleek black hair and illuminating dark eyes. She dressed in the most elegant of outfits and never seemed afraid to express what she believed in. Kimi had been there almost his entire life as well; she loved adventure as did he. He looked up to spot Lil walking towards their tree, he watched her touch the bark with one slender hand…Lil and Kimi couldn't have been more different, but still they had the capability of being the best of friends. Where Kimi was an outgoing social butterfly, Lil was shy and reserved, but Tommy knew just how stubborn the female twin was and had a slight temper. Where Kimi liked to read, Lil liked to write. Where Kimi loved the color yellow, Lil loved pink just as much. The list went on and on, but of course the girls shared common girly interests such as make-up and boys. Kimi was captain of her field hockey team and Lil the captain of her cheerleading squad. Lil was more of a prep, she usually wore plaids and pinks, was a straight A student, and president of student council. She loved to write and sketch. She was an ambitious girl with certain pursuits and had told Tommy that one day she hoped to open up a children's hospital; she wanted to be a physician. Lillian Deville had the power to make him laugh she shared her most precious thoughts with him and in return he did the same. She turned her head and frowned when he caught her gaze, and quickly she tore her eyes away from him; she was his best friend didn't that come into account even the slightest? Tommy stood up and walked towards her, placing a hand to her petite waist as she closed her eyes, holding back the tears that threatened to fall. "Kimi, huh?"

"Kimi," he repeated in a hollow tone. She turned around to face him just as a tear escaped and suddenly she wanted to get away from it all, away from him, but as she stepped back her back met the bark of the tree; she was trapped. He hated seeing her like this, she was his most treasured friend, was all of this going to complicate their friendship further, ruin it? Tommy wiped away the tear with his thumb, but it was pointless and instead more fell. He slid his hand down to her neck and then down her arm until he was able to reach for her hand and give it a squeeze; the simple touches sending a chill up her spine. He thought about the name he had repeated; the name of the girl he was crushing out on as he stared into Lil's hazy eyes; his thoughts full of uncertainty, but then again had his feelings for the Finster's sister been so sure in the first place?

"I love you," the words slipped off her tongue before she had a chance to control their existence, but it was too late, she couldn't take them back.

"I know you do," he whispered to her in a soothing manner, "I know you do." She leaned her head back against the tree as a single blossom fell between the two and she let out a tiny sigh. What did she really expect that once those magical words were uttered he'd suddenly forget his love for the ebony haired girl that also happened to be her best friend? He released her hand and instead let his rest at her neck, leaning towards her to the point she could feel his breath tickling her neck. Her scent lingered off of her dangerously that same flowery scent he loved so much…Kimi smelled of vanilla. He met her caramel eyes, something he knew he shouldn't have done. Her eyes had the power to make his mind go blank, to forget everything, and indeed his mind was dripped to an emptiness. He leaned closer still until he was only inches apart from her lips, lips coated with a glossy strawberry flavor, her favorite lip gloss, he knew it all to well. Lil closed her eyes, getting lost in the moment herself and let her heart take over. He met her lips in the next moment and they were lost in an enchanting kiss only to be separated when reality had chosen to crash around them. The two pulled away, both bearing looks of surprise from the unexpected event that had taken place between them…this wasn't supposed to happen. Tommy stepped back clearly at a loss for words. "I…I…I gotta go." With that he turned around to take leave, without a glimpse, but if he had she would break, not that she hadn't already done so. She slid down the tree and sat, burying her crying face into her knees.

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