A/N: I finally got the inspiration to continue this story, so, i thought I'd give you guys a little snippet. Now, the chapter isn't complete for posting, but I'm hoping for it to be up by the end of the week. (keep your fingers crossed). I've decieded to add the minor character Zee (plz tell me that was his name) and he might be a little different then he was on the show.

Lil slipped into the Java Lava after her headache of a student body meeting. They were supposed to be planning some fund raiser to get the field hockey team new uniforms. She shook her head, dissolving the meeting into the back of her mind. It was sad to say that Dil had the brightest of ideas. What had the world come to?

"What will it be today?" the brunette looked up, catching no glimpse of red hair, glasses, or black hair. There was no nasal like tone, no Kimi's chirping voice. It was deeper sounding and she found herself kind of liking it.

She looked up from zipping her bag and met a pair of brilliant green eyes. Lil blushed, looking away. There was something piercing about his gaze, kind of intense like he was in deep thought. "I'm sorry," she stated with a shake of her head, "but do you work here."

He wiggled the name badge around his red apron, "just started today, Lil." Her surprise must have been easy to catch because he continued, "it's me Zee. I'm in your AP English class."

Zee? Desperate boy Zee who had a crush on Kimi Finsiter for God knew how long. He surely didn't look like the same Zee she had known back in middle school. His hair was dark almost black and arranged in neat spikes atop his head. He supported a t-shirt over another long sleeved one. Actually he was kind of cute. He's more than cute, you goof. "Right," she stated hesitantly, great some student council president she turned out to be, she didn't even know every person in her class. Now how would this look to him, he probably thought she won it by some scheme of popularity.

He grinned, staring back at her, his eyes expectant. "Oh," realization had finally sunk in, "I'll have a mocha hazelnut latte, extra foam."

"Coming right up," he stated turning around, "why does everyone always want extra foam." She laughed, despite the fact if she was meant to hear his little comment or not.

"Woa, C+!" Phil stated as they walked out of the classroom, "what'd you get?"

"How's an A- sound?" Kimi laughed as Tommy and Lil joined them.

"B+," Tommy smiled high-fiving Kimi. The three turned to Lil who was staring at her paper, frowning at it in disbelief.

"No, this isn't possible," she said with a shake of her head.

"Lillian," Phil stated in a rather soothing voice as he slipped his arm around his sister's shoulder, "Your first F, and its ok." He removed his arm turning so he was facing her. "I'm quite proud in fact, actually I'm quite proud to call you my sister." Lil looked at him as if he had just sprouted to heads.

"No, you goof. F? Are you freaken kidding me," she wailed, "I got an A-. That is just not possible."

"What's wrong with an A-?" Kimi asked innocently.

"Everything! I don't deserve this, I worked so hard on this paper," she was ranting now, and all Tommy, Phil, and Kimi could do was just stare, "…I know what I'll do, I'll go talk to her, this is some sort of mistake." She was about to stalk off when Tommy grabbed her by the shoulders and wheeled her around.

"How about you relax, and you know, talk to her when you cool down."

Phil shook his head, "and I had such high hopes for you," he sighed, turning to Kimi looking as if he was on the verge of tears, "my sister is nothing more then a grade grubber."

Kimi stared at him for a moment before speaking, "have you ever considered acting."