Life Is For The Alive, My Dear

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The last thing she remembered was the flames and herself screaming, and his eyes, his eyes as he watched her burn.

She opened her eyes and found that she was no longer on fire. She looked around and saw that she was outside of the bake oven and looked down on the shadowed figure that was Sweeney Todd and his dead wife.

She blinked and Lucy began to fade from view. She had expected Sweeney to vanish too but his still body stirred and he looked up slowly, his dark eyes fixing on her.

He frowned deeply, looking from her to the locked oven. "What are you doing……..alive?" he asked, in shock of seeing her unharmed in front of him.

For the first time in a long time she laughed. She laughed long and hard, shaking her head and moving towards him. "Life is for the alive, my dear." She quoted his words and put her hands on his shoulders.

He reached to his razor and she saw the mad glint in his eyes as he slashed her throat open.

Her hand flew to her throat and she had a shocked look of pain on her face, which slowly melted into another smile as she took her hand away from her throat, revealing that it was completely unharmed.

He took a step backward as she took one forward. Matching him inch for inch as he shook his head, "No, you're dead! I killed you!"

She turned quickly and wrapped her thin hands around his throat from the back and went on her tip toes to whisper into his ear, "No, I'm alive, my dear. You killed me." At this she tightened her grip around his throat, her teeth grinding against each other as it mutated into a vicious smile, "You killed me, Sweeney!" She almost spat at his neck.

He turned and took his hands in hers, pulling her against him, looking down at her dark eyes. He noticed that little smile she had when he had held the butcher's knife to her throat returned. "What is this place?" He asked her, his breath hot on her face.

She looked up into his dark, evil eyes and moved even closer, her lips inches from his, her breath mingled with his, "This is hell, my love. This is your own personal hell, Sweeney Todd."

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