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Life Is For The Alive, My Dear

Mrs. Lovett looked at Sweeney, she was still very close to him, feeling his breath mingling with hers. She lightly brought her head closer to his and brushed her lips against his in a feather touch.

He closed his eyes as he allowed her to do this, his arms rising on their own accord to hold her back, pulling her slightly forward. He deepened the kiss and as her found her tongue his bit down with beyond human speed and felt the crimson rubies of her mouth flood his.

She pushed away from him then, shocked and covering her mouth. She brought her hand off her mouth and saw there was no blood at all. "What was that for?" She asked in outrage.

He smiled at her, coming closer to her and grabbing her shoulders and forcing her to look at him. "I was just binding us together in a contract of sorts. It's kind of like a marriage of sorts." He looked at her face, scared now, but beautiful. "Mrs. Lovett, isn't this what you wanted? Did you still want to be married to me?" His smiled turned into a sort of leer, "This is the only way the two of us could be married, so to speak."

She frowned at him, looking around the dark bake house with her eyes, her body still grasped by Sweeney. This wasn't what she wanted at all, this wasn't what she dreamed. She never thought she'd be dead when she was married. She glanced at his eyes, not finding the sparkle that was usually there when he wanted to kill, there was a different look, almost like longing, but for what, she didn't know.

He smiled widely at her, releasing one of her shoulders and began to walk around the dark bake house with her by his side, one of his arms around her waist. "I know this isn't what you dreamed, love. It isn't what I dreamed either, my wife is dead and so am I, but I cannot follow where she went." He sighed and looked at her, "but you, Mrs. Lovett, you love me and you're here with me in hell. I figure I may as well make the best of my eternity with you." His smile returned, sinister again, but she thought he was trying to look sincere for her.

She forced a small smile of her own and put her head on his shoulder. Looking up at the ceiling, she just realized what he had condemned her to with that bloody kiss. She had married the devil.

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