Summary: Sakura looked at the sign once again before doing a double take. Uchiha Sasuke is in need of… a wife?. Great, she went from considerate tomboy to wanted wife. How pleasing, especially if your husband's a total beef jerky!!

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Sakura looked at herself in the window of the store that was currently closed and noticed her reflection in the mirror. She had pink hair that reached below her shoulders a few inches and had been put into a bun on the top left side of her head secured by a crème colored scrunchy and messy bangs and bright jade green eyes that she hated so much because it showed every single emotion she felt. She was like an open book with her eyes.

She sighed before walking around the streets again before deciding to visit her long time friend, Uchiha Sasuke. Just kidding, as if she would ever even be seen within a feet of the famous boy. He was practically a god and she was… she was a well, a pauper! The Prince and The Pauper! Yes that's it!

They'd be caught dead before being seen together, she knew that. Her looks weren't exactly 50 out of a 100, at least she though, she just didn't know how beautiful she actually was. She was at least 8 1/2 out of 10, not perfect but not bad either.

Sakura looked at the mansion ahead of her as she sighed. She looked at the sign and gaped as she looked at it once again. She did a double take, thinking that she must have seen wrong before seeing the exact same sign posted on the wall. She gaped again. Wow, who would know that Uchiha Sasuke was this desperate?



She didn't know why and how someone saw her standing behind a wall but one thing she saw was a girl about her age with a beautiful pale face as like all Uchiha were, she had stunning onyx eyes and long ravenous hair that reached her knees and was tied into a low, loose ponytail much like a certain Hyuuga man's and brought over her left shoulder, she had side bangs that were straightened and leaned on her shoulders.

She turned around and smiled when she saw Sakura, Sakura blushed when she saw the girl, she looked to be about 12, she smiled before taking Sakura's hand and pulling her inside the large mansion, "You must be here to apply to be my brother's wife! Oh I can't wait for him to pick the girl! My name is Uchiha Shina, in other words, your sister in law if you get chosen! Oh this'll be great!"

She was seemingly a hyper person as she led Sakura somewhere, Sakura protested, "O-OI! I'm not applying to be anybody's wife! I'm only 20 and I don't plan on marrying just yet! I still have a lot of-!" she was cut off when the girl dragged her through the door. She didn't know why but the girl suddenly bowed.

Sakura didn't know and she just froze as she stared the girl that was bowing down low to some man. Sakura didn't know why, but she just felt like dying when she heard the girl talk, "Konbonwa, Otou-sama! This is Sasu-Nii's new applicant! Her name is Haruno Sakura!" Sakura stared at the girl in awe, she hadn't even told her!

The man, looked at Sakura, nodded once at Shina before walking on, Shina smiled before looking at Sakura, "He likes you!" Sakura sweat dropped, how a man like that could like anybody was a miracle.

Shina led Sakura to Sasuke's office and knocked twice in the door before pushing her inside when it opened, she ran off. Sakura widened her eyes and eeped when her face came in contact with a broad chest, "Ow… what are you people nowadays? Training to become The Thing or something?" Sakura said unconsciously before looking up, gasping as she clamped a hand over her mouth.

The man in front of her smirked as she winced and turned around to leave when a hand grasped her shoulder, "Are you applying?" Sakura twitched as her ears took in what he said, 'Are you applying?' She mocked him in her head as she stood still before turning around, two veins popping on her forehead.

"Am I applying? Applying my ass! Go tell your sister not to grab people from the streets, she might get herself killed!" Sakura shouted before turning to walk away when his hand hung on tighter to her shoulder, she grimaced, "Uh, ouch!" he loosened his grip, "Listen here Mister Uchiha-what's-your-face! I did not apply to become such… such… such a thing as a wife! Just because YOU are so desperate! SO you better-!" she was cut off when he put one finger to silence her. She blushed before glaring at him.

He smirked wider and the next words he spoke, she knew would ruin her life forever.

"You're hired."


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