In the time needed to bandage Ziva up and assure that Tony was stabilized Gibbs had been able to arrange for a medevac airplane to fly them to the states. Ziva's wound had only grazed bone and had been fairly simple to patch up. Tony continued to slowly improve, sometimes suffering relapses of altered mental status that Ziva was sure were feigned.

During the flight back to Washington, D.C. Gibbs was forced to slap Ziva once and Tony three times, much to the chagrin of the medical personnel. Upon arrival Ziva and Tony were transported to Bethesda where Tony stayed under observation for one week and Ziva received frequent check-ups. Abby made a calendar marking of the days until Tony and Ziva's return to work, making sure to visit them as often as possible. She made sure to tell Tony cheerily that everything would soon be back to normal. But that's what worried him. Normal didn't treat him too well.

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