I feel extremely slack. I haven't written very much lately, since I've been focusing on one story in particular. But now I've decided to write another story, though I have no clue as to what direction it shall take. Meh, it'll go where I feel it'll go. Anyway…

Description: It has been five years since Sam was killed by the evil ghost Plasmius, and only now does Danny wake up from the slumber he was placed in a week before his best friend's death. Amnesia has clouded his brain, and now he must regain what he has lost. But first he must break free from the clutches of the man who says he is Danny's father – Vlad Master. But is there anyone waiting for Danny at his real home? A lot can be done in five years….

Vortex of Deception


Samantha Manson

I screamed as I scrambled behind a stone pillar, dodging the attack of the large red ghost who blocked the entrance to what I thought was the ghost zone. I panted as I tried to ignore my numerous wounds and rolled away from the pillar as it collapsed where I had been resting moments before.

"Die, mortal." The ghost rasped, appearing behind me.

I tried my hardest not to scream but failed, tears filling my eyes. How had things gotten so bad in only a week? Here I was, facing my death, all the people I had grown up with dying alongside me.

I ignored the painful throbbing in my chest as I turned to run from the ghost, but found that I was knocked off of my feet as I felt a searing pain in my back. I saw a large grey wall of stone approaching, and I clenched my eyes shut as I felt my body slam against it.

I felt various bones crunch and I screamed out in pain as I sunk to the ground. My head throbbed from where it had hit the wall, and I gasped painfully as my vision grew weak, bright white spots appearing and fading whenever I tried to look at something.

I felt myself slowly growing tireder, and the pain only seemed to get worse. Ahead of me I could see a great long hall, at the end of which was a large white room. I knew instantly that if I could make it there, I would be eternally happy. I knew that my wounds would be healed, both physically and mentally, and that I would see the people who I loved most in the entire world.

All I had to do was get on my knees and crawl. But I was too weak to even try, and found myself being carried away from the white room into a darkness that horrified me. I cried out for help, but no one could hear me.

Death, what a painful thing it was.

Danny Fenton

I watched in horror as Sam continued to try to enter the portal through which I was held captive. She screamed in pain and I bit back tears, struggling to go and save her. The ropes that bound me were unbreakable, but I continued to struggle anyway, knowing that it was pointless.

I tried to get her attention by calling to her, but over the previous week of screaming to try and indicate to someone that I was stuck in here, I found it impossible to do anything but whisper hoarsely.

I winced as I saw Sam's body smashing into a wall made from stone, and my stomach complained. I barely kept the small amount of food that I had digested down as I fought the tears that were streaming uncontrollably down my cheeks.

"Sam…" I whispered, my head sinking into my chest. I felt incredibly guilty – it was my fault that she was there in the first place. How could I live with the responsibility of the death of the girl I was in love with for the rest of my life? "No… you must not… die…. You can… survive…" I rasped.

"Daniel, Daniel, Daniel." My head snapped up as the red ghost who had been attacking Sam previously entered the room I was being kept in. "Samantha is now dead. And it's all your fault. Everyone hates you."

I whimpered as I tried not to listen to his words, telling myself that they weren't true. But what I had just witnessed on the other side of the vortex was proof enough. "I'll kill you." I hissed at him.

"They'll exile you; they won't want you as their companion, son, or student anymore. You'll be thrown in jail, and you'll have to live with the weight of Samantha's death on your shoulders." He told me sympathetically, placing his hand on my shoulder.

I tried to shrug it off but found that my body was too weak to do even that. I tried to keep my eyes open but found that my eyelids grew heavier with every passing second. What the ghost was saying was true, I knew that, but I didn't want to acknowledge the fact that Sam's death was my fault. I didn't want everyone thinking I was a murderer. I hadn't done it on purpose.

"But, if you want, we could fix all that. You could live a normal, happy life. No one would know of this, no one besides us. You'd be everything you dreamed of. We can do this for you." He informed me convincingly.

I was slightly suspicious at the way he said 'we', which hinted at there being more than one ghost in league with him. But that didn't matter to me, not at all. This life that he was speaking of was tempting. If I did not like it, I could always find a way to be killed in battle, or something heroic.

"Yes…" I whispered sluggishly. I could feel myself drifting into unconsciousness slowly, and only barely heard the footsteps of another creature approaching me.

"You have made a wise decision, my son."

I recognised the voice as Vlad Plasmius', my enemy, and shuddered. It was too late though – I was already under his control. I willingly sunk into the slumber that awaited me, one from which I didn't know when I'd wake.

There we go, that's the prologue. I completed the prologue. I doubt that I'll get very far in this story because now I feel like writing the story that I am focusing on – Eternal. I'll try and continue writing though. Ah well. The only reason I'm posting the prologue is because I feel like posting another story. Hopefully, knowing that this story needs updating will make me continue to write it.

Love Kirst…