Disclaimer: I don't own "Stargate: Atlantis." I am in no way trying to make a profit off this story, I am merely writing it and posting for my and other people's enjoyment.

Rating: K+

Warnings: None

Pairings: Ronon/Teyla

Spoilers: Runner; Condemned; Conversion; Lost Boys; Echoes; Submersion; and Be All My Sins Remember'd

Author's Note: I don't know if anyone's ever done SGA Haikus before. In case you don't know what a Haiku is, it's a "poem" that doesn't rhyme and has 5 syllables on the first line, 7 on the next, and 5 on the last. There's no real point.

One night, fyd818 and I were IMing (as we do often), and, just for fun, I wrote her these. Warning: some of them get very gushy. I almost barfed when writing them. Others are kinda dull and lame, but I kept them anyway. I hope you enjoy. I might add more later if you like them.

Haiku Hall



Haven't met before
Your eyes are so familiar
You were meant for me


Trapped you and tied you
I felt so strange, watching you
I was drawn to you


Thought something was wrong
That a piece of me was gone
That's when I met you

This is from a little part of "Condemned" when she throws him a cute little smile.

How she looks at me
It makes everything complete
I'm happy for life


The way he smiles at me
Brightens my day; makes me feel
That he's all I need

A discreet moment in "Conversion"

Teyla looks at him
She's wondering if he cares
He winks and she knows

"Lost Boys"

You took my lettuce
We fought and I punched hard
It was lots of fun

These are from "Echoes". The first is her POV, then is switched to his during and after her infirmary visit:

I'm lying here, dying.
But, somehow, I'm fine with that
Because you're with me


The things that kill me
You don't know how much I care
I can't save you


Came to say 'sorry'
She's meditating. She's pretty.
I won't sleep this time


Sitting with you here
I never want it to end
I'm yours forever


He sits there thinking
Thinking of his one true love
Her name is Teyla


Can't believe my eyes
She didn't die. She held on.
I won't let her go


These are from "Submersion" when she attacked him in the hall.

It nearly killed me
To watch myself cause you pain
My heart is dying


Your hand makes me warm,
Your smile, lights up my world
Your knee makes me hurt

These are from that one scene in Be All My Sins Remember'd that we all love. The first is a double Haiku (no, I don't think they actually exist, but I made it up).

Everything is wrong
Lately, I've really messed up
Then he takes my hand,

Tells me it's okay.
He smiles and I just know
Some things never change.


When you hold my hand,
Or wrap your arms around me,
The world just seems right.


I lost my people,
My boyfriend, the world I know,
You make it okay

Them in general:

Ronon's super strong
Rodney called him a caveman
His love is Teyla


Teyla's a leader,
Warrior, leader, strong and brave.
Her love is Ronon


She's short, he's real tall
The way that met was sure strange
They're both here for keeps

Their relationship in general:

So many memories
So many things we've been through
Memories I'll cherish


We work together,
You're my best friend in the world,
And so much more

Ronon's POV:

Love, purpose, laughter,
Warrior, friend and family
You're all this and more


She's my miracle
Never ceasing to amaze
She's my everything


All I'm asking for:
You by my side forever
That's all I need

Teyla's POV:

Friend, listener, joy
Protector, love, and future
He's all this to me

Stuff that hasn't happened, but I wish it had:

What I wouldn't give
To keep you here in my arms
As long as we live


It just feels so right
Being here with you right now
My head against yours


If you think this looks fun (it is), then PM some to me and I'll put them up in the Haiku Hall. (Of course I'll include your name and a note if you want. OH! And PLEASE keep it clean. I hate nasties.) Hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading!