A/N: This is a one shot I did a long time ago, but for some reason I never got around to posting it on this site.

Spoilers: Nothing really, just one vague mention of the S2 finale.

Characters: Mac, vague references to others.

The Casablancas Boy

My mother was worried when I told her I wanted to move in with him. I have never been this serious about a boy before. Sure, there was one that I thought I might love. He doesn't compare to this. This is real. I know that even if they don't.

I hear them whisper worriedly in the kitchen about 'the Casablancas boy'. They're worried about what happened that fateful night at the Grand all those years ago. They worry about something like that happening again. The weird thing is that I don't. I have no fears of this ending the same way. This is different. This is real.

I love him. He picked up the remains of my world and pieced them back together again. This is real. This will last.

They say they see too many similarities between the only two boys I have ever brought home. They don't, not really.

The two have nothing in common, except for a last name.