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Chapter One: Inconclusive Theory

Kanda grumbled as he stuffed his books into the locker rather ungraciously. Lavi chuckled seeing his disgruntled friend's irritation. "Stop laughing, you idiot rabbit!" Kanda snapped. The redhead simply grinned wider. "Woops, my bad. He he, but you can't really be pissed at me, right?" The Japanese teen scowled further, thunder clouds gathering above his head.

"Of all places you had to choose an internship at, it has to be a loony house?! Do you need to check yourself in?!"

"Of course not, Yu! And don't be so mean! It's not a loony house; it's an institute for the mentally ill. Besides, who was the one who delayed internship applications until all other options were taken, hm?" Lavi raised his eyebrow pointedly at said person. At a loss of words, Kanda just backed down with a huff and nothing more was heard from him.

"Don't be so upset, Kanda. I'm sure it'll be an interesting place for you."

A female voice sounded from behind them. Lavi waved a little in greeting. "Yo, Lenalee. About time you got here." Lenalee smiled, nodding a bit. "Komui-niisan held me up for a while for a report. He's staying on the campus tonight to continue his research and asked me to tell Reever-san to take things over at the facility today."

Lavi graciously opened the door for Lenalee as she stepped into her car. He grinned when Kanda just climbed in and slammed the door close. He got into the driver seat and started the engine, beginning the short drive to the institute which was part of the extensive Black Order University.

"By the way Kanda, I'll brief you before we get to the facility. As an intern, your job is to make sure the patients have had their meds and their daily physical stats taken and most importantly to make sure they stay out of trouble. All of us interns only have one charge seeing that we're not trained,"

"Lavi and I already have our assigned patients since we started off earlier than you. Once inside, you will wear a blue lab coat which is to point out that you're an intern, regular workers wear grey. The doctors and those ranking higher wear white. You will be given a name tag, so never ever take it off," Lenalee listed. Kanda grumbled slightly under his breath, never one for complications.

Lavi looked up into the rear view mirror. "Don't forget to tell him about that special case."

Lenalee's mouth shaped an 'o'. Kanda hoped it was not a bad thing.

"Oh, right. Well, there is a new disorder, they say, being investigated at the facility. And the source, it seems, is a patient who's been there about three years ago. Not long after that patient arrived, majority of the other patients started having so-called past recollections which are related to each other. And rumour goes that the boy is cursed, though that is quite ridiculous for me," Lenalee dismissed firmly. She would rather trust the positive side of someone than think bad of others at first impression.

"…What's his name?" The older teen asked in a bored tone.

"His name is…" Lenalee was interrupted by Lavi, who exclaimed as he pulled to a stop, "We're here!" Kanda stepped out and scrutinized the tall white building. He hated the white, too bright for his tastes. While he had never been here, Kanda briefly wondered if it was all white inside with insane people tied up in straightjackets. He'd probably hate all the white inside.

Rikei was there already to greet them when they entered. "Hey there, Lenalee. Reever-san is a bit busy with the test results now, so I have to show to Kanda his patient."

"What about the test results?" Lenalee asked. Rikei frowned slightly, and said, "Nothing of it. It's just as normal as any other regular person's. Which brings me to you. Come on, Kanda. Brace yourself to meet your charge," Rikei chirped and led the way, not noticing apparently whether Kanda followed or not.

Kanda trailed after Rikei in a dark mood, not realizing Lenalee and Lavi had stayed rooted to their spots. No one needed to 'brace' themselves when they met patients here. Could it be…? Lavi and Lenalee threw each other a knowing glance before chasing after the duo that walked ahead. Rikei paused in front of a room, and both the Chinese girl and the bandanna boy stopped. It was as they expected.

"Meet your new friend, Allen Walker."

Kanda, who did not even particularly bother to look as Rikei pushed the door open, felt his jaw drop at the marginal glance he afforded. A young boy was seated inside the room, apparently unaware of the door being opened. With snow white hair falling down to frame his silver eyes and fair skin complementing the overall lighter colours, it was as if he was bathed in a soft glow. And slowly, he turned to the disturbance of his peace. He smiled.

The eyes gazed at Kanda as if they read right through him.

"I've been waiting, Yu."

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